My Brief Experience in Eternity

And What I Saw

by Fanny Moisseieva


Translated from the Original Russian by Lino Copucio into Spanish
This English version is translated from the Spanish by Mrs. Marie Madeleine Keet
(Subheadings have been added for this electronic edition)


I. Comments on the Manuscripts by some distinguished Readers

II. About the Authoress

III. Preface from the Authoress

IV. My Brief Experience in Eternity and What I Saw

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I. Comments on the Manuscripts by some distinguished Readers

1.Archbishop David Cuiboff - Slevin - 8/21/1930.

Dear Lady Fanny, I pray you accept my sincere thanks for sending me your manuscript. This profound and moving work will undoubtedly assure those who read it, of the truths and we hope this will accomplish the conversion of an inestimable number of souls. We must welcome the appearance of this work, and hope with God's assistance to open the way of triumph and success. Permit me, dear Sister, to thank you for calling my attention to it and may God keep you well. Be assured of my sincere devotion and respect.

Archbishop David Cuiboff.

2.S. A. I. Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna. ( Sister of the Emperor Tsar Nicolas I. )

I thank you very much, amiable Fanny dear, for sending me your extraordinary manuscript. My husband read it aloud to me and my children and it impressed us very greatly. I wept tears of joy. My children are all young but they are attracted to anything spiritual and your work held their interest. We consider you to have been greatly favoured to be chosen to write what you have. Thank you once more for having thought of me. I wish you well.


3.His Royal Highness Prince Nikite Alexandrovic . ( nephew of his majesty Emperor Tsar Nicholas II. Paris 12/4/1930.

Distinguished Sister Fanny Moisseieva, I thank you heartily for your manuscript which my wife and I read with enthusiasm, we have felt its influence deeply of what you have seen. Pardon me for not thanking you sooner, we received it only this month. I was greatly impressed by it and could never have imagined Hell to be so terrible. My wife sends you her cordial salutations.

Your Nikite Alexandrovic

4.In the Service of Her Majesty Queen of Bulgaria. 3/9/1934.

Madame Fanny Moisseieva, Her Majesty requested me to express her She read it with great interest. Her Majesty requests that I let you know just how much it moved her and that you accept her grateful thanks.

Yours very devotedly

Helene Petroff

Lady of the Court of Her Majesty the Queen.

5.Monsignor Adrian Brumen

My esteemed Lady Fanny, I read your most interesting manuscript, full of true episodes. Your work will do much good for many souls, especially while society treats everything so lightly putting it under pseudo novelty such as death, judgement, Hell and Heaven. God has given you the grace to preach in this way to an incredulous and indifferent generation, the sublime truths of our religion. I hope you will distribute this work far and wide. With my most distinguished consideration,

Mgsr. Adrian Brumen

Volsa 6/10/1937

II. About the Authoress

Fanny Moisseieva was born on 1st January, 1895 of a family with patriotic leanings towards the Tsar and their dear country Russia. Fanny Efimovna Moisseieva was born in Celnocava and spent her childhood in the lovely healthy countryside in the province of Moscow in the village of Klin. Where the fresh and limpid birch trees grow surrounded by lilies of the Valley and perfumed by magnificent lilacs, which gave her a deep affection for nature. In this setting her heart and soul enjoyed a profound faith and piety which was also influenced by her mother who was tranquil in the frequent disposition of her prayer.

It happened while quite young that she was playing in the fields when she heard church music and thinking that there was a procession but she realized that the melody was coming from above in the clear blue sky. She ran home to tell her mother and it happened many times. She begged her parents often to allow her to enter a convent but each time it was refused. And seeing their daughter becoming more and more pious and insistent they decided to put an end to it by getting her married.

During the terrible days of Bolshevism, immediately after the death of her father, which look place at Kurok, the Bolsheviks threw boiling water over her mother in a bestial attack and her last words were, "God be praised."

The author's father was a strict and serious character and would passionately read aloud the lives of the Saints to his children and frequently sang psalms, obliging the children to listen and pray. The father's uncle was almost a fanatic in his attitude to religion. From his childhood, during the great feast days of the church, when the families were united to celebrate, he would leave the house and go to the nearby church or convent and spend the whole day fasting and praying. At the age of seventy years, still hale and hearty after his work in the forest, he told his wife to light all the candles before their home shrine and told her to prepare his clean clothes, then tell all their relatives and friends that he was dying that night. The word went round and the whole village came to see the holy man die. Dressed in his good suit he lay down before the statues surrounded by his family and friends. Present also was the father of the author. The old man was in complete possession of all his faculties, but he seemed to become visibly weaker and weaker and suddenly, he called out in a loud voice: "Christ has risen, Alleluia! " His wife interrupted, saying: "It is still Passion week and it is not correct to sing Alleluia." He raised his hands and said firmly: "Here is the risen Christ, I see Him surrounded by Angels". And continued his singing of the Easter hymn, and then became quiet. The venerable old man was dead. When his body was washed they discovered that he had been wearing heavy chains and a hair shirt and nobody knew of its existence.

His death was truly that of a saint, his whole life was one of goodness and he was as pure as a lily. And it was he who accompanied the author as her companion into the nether world. This is related when he said: "You are of our family."

She was then certain that her guide was the uncle of her father, who died such a saintly death. The author was undoubtedly influenced by her religious family since her childhood and this has enhanced her spiritual life. Having studied nursing she responded to the call of her country and enlisted as a Red Cross nurse because of her great love for her Fatherland and the poor suffering wounded who fought so bravely for the liberation of Russia and its Emperor. During the War years Sr. Fanny worked in the front lines and during the Civil War she worked under General Kolciak in Siberia in the White army that fought to protect the Kremlin and the churches against the sacrilegious Communists.

I recall her sad disposition during the retreat across the frozen Baikal river, where the temperature was 40 degrees below zero. During her hospitalization in a hospital in Hankow China, in the year 1928 she suffered a heart attack which put her into a nine day coma. The narration of what she was shown during this long coma was wrought through her immense faith and by the eternal truths that came direct from God. For this reason one should read her work with serious attention to its worthy contents.

Signed: (Colonel) N. Moisseieva.

III. Preface from the Authoress

To My Readers:

Five months passed after my experience and I was still undecided as to how to express my visions. I did not have the strength to relate the suffering that I went through during my sojourn in Hell. Having seen all the lost souls before me and then the beauty and excellence of Paradise that is incomparable to anything on earth. At the same time all these visions were before me and would not depart my memory. On the contrary, they seemed to grow clearer as the weeks followed the months. One night, I felt a presence near my pillow, I tried to call my sister, who was sleeping nearby and my arms would not move, then in terror I tried to call out, but all in vain, so I murmured a prayer. Then I heard the same gentle voice of my heavenly companion, who said, "Why don't you give witness to men of what you have seen? Fear God and do not provoke his anger. From today, you must start to write down everything so that the eternal existence may be made known."

IV. My Brief Experience in Eternity and What I Saw


Life of the Soul after the Death of the Body

On doctor Tastari's orders, I was obliged to be hospitalized during March 1928 in a Catholic Hospital in the township of Hankow to rest. On the fifth day of hospitalization I suffered a very painful heart attack and then fainted. When I revived, I begged the doctor for help. He calmed me with medication. But that evening the maid came to bring in my supper and found that I was immobile, as if dead. She reported this to the ward nurse who called the doctor on night duty and on his examination declared me dead and I was wheeled to the mortuary. After being washed, I was laid on a table and covered with a sheet. The Chinese attendant found some flowers and placed them by my side. The next day Dr. Tastari was informed of my death and he went to the morgue. He lifted my eyelids and concluded that I was not really dead and he ordered that I should be placed in a well heated room. Three days elapsed without my body showing any signs of change and this indicated that I was in a coma.

This state of coma lasted nine days during which time I had neither nourishment nor medication, I had no pulse nor heart beat and my breathing was inert.

At about seven in the evening of the 10th day, I awoke and stretched my arms and legs, I noticed that I was in a small room curiously being watched by the hospital staff. I did not feel any pain and just felt as though I had awakened from a normal sleep. However, I felt a certain weakness throughout my body. When the attendants saw me sit up, they ran out of the room in a scramble. Not knowing what was happening I thought perhaps there was a fire, So I ran after them into the corridor and being so very weak I had to support myself on the window sill. Then I made signs that I was thirsty because I had lost my voice, but nobody came to my aid, they just peeped at me from half closed doors. Being weak and shaky I could not understand why they had moved me from the large ward into this small room. I must have had a very deep sleep. By this time the news had reached the ward sister who arrived to find me sitting on the window sill in a feeble condition. Then the doctor was notified and put me into a warm bed to assist my condition. By the grace of God Almighty I was delivered from being buried alive.

Some time went by after the doctor, who attended me during my heart attack, left, when he ascertained that I was out of danger and resting. Then a strange somnolence seized me and I slept, but it could not be called a sleep. I felt a particular torpor of physical relaxation and a strange feeling of duplicity of my being. I cannot explain exactly how it was, but distinctly I felt this doubling of my being and I was scared.

Never have I experienced such a strange sensation, thoughts succeeded rapidly like the waves of a tempest moving on ever further. My body started to disobey me, my arms were paralyzed, despite all this I resisted and tried hard to fight for life. I could not move nor even breathe. This is the end I thought, when suddenly a strange chill ran down my back and I felt a separation and reduced to nothing, as though I did not exist any more.

I cannot say how long this lasted, when all of a sudden I found myself in the middle of the ward. Transformed by an unknown force into a light and ethereal being from what I was when a little earlier I was in bed. I sensed I had been liberated from a heavy clothing that I had been wearing. Involuntarily I lowered my eyes and saw myself standing completely naked. Then lifting my eyes I saw all the other patients asleep, I was ashamed and turned to my bed to lie down and cover myself, but to my uttermost stupor, I saw myself lying there immobile and presumably dead. This surprised me to see myself standing and at the same time lying immovable on the bed.

Immediately my conscience told me that I had started another existence and the word "death" sounded stupid and inconsequential. I felt clearly and know that death does not exist and that life continues and does not stop. My body seemed dead, but I did not lament it at all, only the pity and fear for myself of what I had been. Where will I go? How will I spend my eternity? I also felt my hearing sharper, sensitive to the least noise. My sight was keen and piercing. I saw everything in a new light very distinctly.

From the window I saw luminous young persons flying, clothed in white and their heads surrounded by a golden light. They surrounded me -- waiting for something. At the same time a multifude of malignant spirits, repulsive and ugly appeared in the ward. Their disagreeable faces reflected perversity with contortions filling the ward with their crude muttering. Then with horror I saw their piercing eyes glare at me as they advanced towards me. I screamed in terror. All at once the ward was filled with light and someone covered me with a habit that was light and scented. Then taking me by the hand, he said, "Fear not, while you are with me, they will not touch you." Wherefore, they had already disappeared as soon as the light entered -- not knowing how. The voice continued, "You are of our family, while they have none of ours. I have come to you to show you the truth of what exists and what will come to pass."

I. Satan rebelled against God.

Then as in a globe we started to ascend. In an instant the city disappeared and my companion said, "Now you have seen how life passes from the world to that of eternity, the souls of the just and those of sinners." I saw how the evil spirits fought for the souls of the poor miserable sinners who were trembling with fear, while the good Angels stood at a distance, the poor souls stretching out their miserable arms towards them, but it was in vain. On the contrary, I saw amidst jubilant hymns and canticles, the Angels conducting to Heaven the souls of the just.

"Why are these in the world, the good and the wicked spirits? I asked my companion. And he explained to me that in the beginning God created the Spirit world, with immortal Angels and gave them the free will to live happily with Him or to abandon Him if they willed. Some of them revolted against God with ingratitude for all He had done, which aroused God's anger and so they were driven out of His presence because they were not worthy to enjoy heavenly bliss with Him and He cursed the Archangel who started the revolt calling him, Devil, Satan".

Once driven out of Paradise, the fallen Angels lost their holiness and assumed an ugly and horrible nature and took refuge on different planets deprived of God's grace. Some fell on the earth, eternal enemies of God, they started to teach disobedience and all the wickedness to all God's creatures. I am telling you the Divine universal truth, God saw the difficulties of the men on earth, who were completely under the Satanic influence without hope of ever entering Heaven. Then for the salvation of the human race God sent upon earth, His only Begotten Son, (the Invisible God and the Holy Ghost, as the Sun renders invisible the light and the heat.)"

II. Sinners always fear death

As we spoke, we approached a big city and a little later we were in the house of a dying sinner. For three days he was tormented in his death agony and his soul would not separate from his body. Without any pity for the dying man in the adjoining room was a drunken party emitting blasphemies and sacrileges. I saw a group of sad Angels standing afar hoping that the dying man would call on the mercy of God. But alas, no, the hope of the Angels was in vain. They vanished, then the evil spirits took over completely and my companion said, "The hour of death of this sinner has arrived. Rooted in sin, as he is, he does not understand the terrible situation he is in and does not think where his soul will be, and thinks of himself only. Always in a hurry, always seeking something, pursuing his futile dreams and committing all kinds of sins. But if he considered his sinful life, he would know it would separate him from God and he would die in sin taking with him to eternity his disobedience and continuous revolt against God."

The sinner died murmuring horrible and insensible words. His eyes fixed far away, not knowing what he lived for in the world. Suddenly I saw a horrible evil spirit approach the dying man with a most malicious voice, who said, "You are mine." The dying man with a frightful cold shiver and convulsion breathed his last and became inanimate. He was dead and the devil departed with his soul.

Involuntarily, I thought at that moment if I resembled that soul which had just separated from his body. I looked at my hands and feet and they only had the corporal form, but of a substance inconceivable to the human being.

There was then complete silence, the drunkards within the house stopped rousing , approached the dead man, called to him, but he was dead. Their faces fell and with an air of terror, fled the house into the street, leaving the dead alone. I asked my companion, "Why are people afraid of the dead, even of a parent or loved one?" He answered, "Because death to all men means a terrible and impenetrable mystery, and they think at the moment of death, the dead is no more part of this world, also instinctively they sense his spirit might still be present near to his dead body and they fear the apparition of his soul might accuse them and consequently they fear death, which few people understand. Also if there is the existence of the immortality of one's soul, then they fear that they will have to face their own sins, and their own death, which will be inevitable and so deserve punishment. And the fear of death is the fear of God."

"On the contrary, the good do not fear death because they love God in their heart. Now you see the soul is immortal and continues to exist and how wrong are those who doubt the immortality of the soul. On the other hand, apparitions of the souls of dead persons are not rare. There have been many apparitions of Saints and miracles performed by them, for this reason they should believe in the immortality of the soul. Come, let us leave this house."

"Why is not everyone happy in the world?" I asked him, "And why are there very rich people and others in dire poverty?" and he answered, "The life on earth is only a temporary place and the aids given man are to help him in the world. God in His infinite wisdom has given man the intelligence and the will to profit as he wills by choosing the good or the bad, for which he will be responsible. The rich must not be troubled by the Gospel, in which is said, "It is more difficult for a rich man to enter into paradise than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle."

Undoubtedly the rich are forcibly tempted to sin by the pleasures and comforts surrounding him and so the Commandments of his Creator are more and more ignored, from which the poor are not tainted. Whether the rich are good or whether they are pious and practice their faith, it is certain that those who are grateful to God for his omnipotent generosity towards them, will be well received in Heaven. So it was with Abraham, who was blessed with opulence, servants and sheep and all the goods of his time. He enjoyed them and also was faithful to the commandments. God was pleased with him and blessed him, favoring him above other men, by showing him the apparition of the Holy Trinity in the form of three pilgrims.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, in one of his parables related how the Angels carried the poor and pious Lazarus to Abraham's bosom. God was very pleased with Abraham for he was a good and virtuous man and was received in the Kingdom of Heaven. Being poor does not merit paradise either, unless one practices charity towards one's neighbors. Then they can contemplate the joys of Heaven.

III. A true scientist is never an atheist

While we flew over a big city, I noticed people of different nationalities and also of different colors and races. "What was the origin of this diversity of humans?" and he answered, "After God created the three kingdoms of animals, birds and fish, he created in his own image and likeness Adam and Eve. From their descendants, different parts of the world were populated. Since the creation of the world, many changes took place by the will of God. Many continents went under water and certain sea beds rose to the surface. All these changes reflected on the people living in different parts, gradually, some thinking they were the only human beings on earth. Separated by seas and oceans they had forgotten others existed. The climate also changed and those living in torrid zones preserve them, God made their skins black, red or yellow according to the climatic conditions in which they lived, and also differences in their ideas and languages. God desired that they all know Him and obey Him."

Flying over a big cathedral I noticed a shaft of golden light emanating from the cupola. "What is it ?", I asked. He said, "It is the prayers offered during the elevation of the Consecrated Host and Sacred Wine. The most solemn moment of the Mass the prayers ascend direct to the Lord and bring down much good for the souls so dear to God. No action or words can compare with that solemn moment when glory and praise ascend to the Holy Trinity and benefit simultaneously, the living and the dead."

"If one person loves another she naturally desires all the goods for her friend. But we are imperfect, and no matter how much good we desire for our friend, especially if he or she is far away, we invoke God's grace, and God being all goodness and love will accord it to our friend, depending on the way we beg these graces. God grants them through prayers especially offered at the elevation of the sacred species. Prayer leads us to the right path, it encourages and saves us, in fact prayer is indispensable for the soul. It strengthens our faith and helps us in our battles against adversity. Prayer inspires hope and trust in God and the eyes of those who pray, see God's goodness in everything, everywhere."

"Those who do not pray and do not aspire to the necessity of prayer nor heavenly blessings, are deprived of the Holy Ghost. Then the spirit of evil takes possession of him, blinding him so that the goodness of grace does not penetrate him and he loses his own dignity, which brings him hatred and fear of an angry God. He forgets or never thinks of his death nor of the divine judgement. The evil spirit tempts men to his ways and the very mention of God is distasteful to him. In which case he thinks there is no God and the world is sufficient in itself. Do not believe the atheists, leave them to their own opinions, but know that they are the suggestions of the evil one."

"Actual cities have been unearthed, after being buried for thousands of years. This proves that God has punished them for their ingratitude, showing at the same time His almighty power. Scientists, while unearthing and studying the laws of nature, are astounded at the grandeur of creation, and with clarity at their disclosure are filled with awe by the greatness and power of God's omnipotence. That is why a true scientist is never an atheist, investigating with his genius all the findings, he recognizes the great Creator with all his heart and soul. Hence, God seeing the development and intelligence of these creatures who search for a better knowledge of things and an amelioration of their short existence, will aid their efforts with His grace. But God also wants the perfection of their souls, thus leading them to a greater recognition of Him. Therefore, man, arriving at a high degree of culture, sometimes believes himself wholly responsible for it. Ungrateful men who do not recognize the Divine assistance deserve God's anger and punishment. And God destroys all their undertakings and allows another generation to perfect it, hence in this way man must realize that nothing is achieved without God."

IV. Sufferings come from God

After a brief pause he continued, "Now for example, certain people undergo illnesses and sufferings, which God in his goodness allows for the purification of their souls, especially when their sojourn in this world comes to an end. Many are ignorant of the fact that their sufferings come from God. Providentially, however, if they would call on His mercy and His Holy Name He would show pity on them. He desires the salvation of all. Each sign and mention of the Lord's Name is a prayer and draws the soul nearer to God."

"We must be generous and charitable and give to the poor and needy, and also pray, because without prayer and good works there is no salvation for the soul. For this reason all those who torment the unfortunate will be punished. If you want to do something, do it, without tempting others and never blame God for any misfortune which He in His love for your salvation allows you. " I asked, "But, how can an atheist or agnostic be illumined to receive God's grace ?".He said, "By uniting to the Church which is the stairway to Heaven. In her they will find the grace, because she gives glory to the Lord in all she does. When an atheist enters a church and lifts his mind to God and says; "Lord, show me Thy will, give me faith and I will obey." For our Lord has said . "I will not will not send those who come to me away." And faith will enter his heart and he will revolt against his sins. The stronger he revolts the greater will be his faith and comprehension. Every soul on earth is endowed with the germ of faith and the atheist will encounter the spiritual without warning. He will find consolation in Jesus Christ and will rejoice the more when he searches the deeper. Preserve your faith, put God in your heart. Incredulity will come to harm, it is a moral disease, flee it like the pestilence. What is an existence without God's grace? For without God there is no consolation, and never complain about God's justice in His creation. Who are we to judge Almighty God. At every instance we should bow our heads in gratitude. The evil spirits know Gods existence but they wish to disobey and remain evil. Never blame everything on fate and destiny, these do not exist, for if your life has been predestined, how can God judge your good or reward you, or punish you for your transgressions. For man's actions are the product of his own will. Life is a battle and we must invoke God's help at every instant. How many difficult problems have been solved through God's intervention. Many have such experiences and should be grateful. When at other times man finds himself in disgrace he must make a better effort to invoke God's help to overcome it. He must never despair and help will come. Everything is governed by God's universal wisdom. All creation comes from the superior intelligence of God and for this reason man is given the intelligence to sense the great work of creation. Man is not deprived of this sensation."

"There are happenings in the lives of certain people that assume an extraordinary significance, when they can feel and see the hand of God. Let us remember the prophecy of the Anointed One, 'From the root of David the Savior of the world will be born.' Let us remember the prophecy of the earthly life of Jesus Christ. In the fulfillment of these prophecies is seen the great design of God, therefore it would be wrong to compare this with the human concept of destiny. Destiny does not exist, this word and this concept is an invention of man. The life of each one is designed according to his will and his good or bad actions. Man is the lord and master of his own life, and precisely for this reason he has been given intelligence. That is why he must answer to God for all he has done during his life on earth. If he is suffering for his sins, he must see that the fault is entirely within himself. Another great error is to attribute to destiny all the help God gives, when for example, God gives his grace to those who firmly believe that he loves them. The Divine grace always descends on mankind, but more especially is the most difficult and painful moments, as when one suffers or is in need of help, urgently. Life is a battle and therefore, in the decisive moments man must combat with his initiative and overcome the obstacles which are intended to help him reach the definite satisfaction of his desires. However when the will and intelligence of man are not capable of supporting the happenings of life, and when man is incapable of fighting or cannot defend himself, God comes to his aid in a wonderful manner, which is clear for all to see. In particular, when he experiences the horror of a situation which seems insurmountable. With some people this happens more than once in life."

"Many believe that marriages are fixed in heaven, I repeat, destiny does not exist, but certain marriages happen through the will of God. Some unions are the reward for a pious life and then the life of the couples are peaceful and happy. Other marriages are sent as a trial and God judges through them the firmness or weakness of man. Destiny then, does not exist, however, in the life of every man there are periods of happiness granted by heaven. Then, in his peace of soul, in his work, business, and relations with other men and in all things he is accompanied by success."

In some cases such happiness does not last long and changes for the worst, often when one least expects it. Man must adapt his will and accept it. Happiness exists, but in the life of each one there is also tragedy, and misfortune. Man must remember that these periods do not last forever. For this reason, in times of trial, man must force his will and his spirit to overcome the misfortune, not lose courage and become desperate or lose his peace of mind. Remember that the Divine Wisdom reigns over all the universe. Every tear, every disgrace, every suffering, every joy of your s is necessary to God for the realisation of man's desires and ideas. All the creations of God are the fruit of an infinitely higher intelligence, therefore,1ife of man cannot be deprived of meaning. They during their life, should realize the express Will of God and be grateful. See the genius of the world as created by God, so also is the life of man meaningful.


My Visions of The Coming Universal Judgment

Warning from the Authoress:

Before I begin the description of the visions of the Universal Judgement, I believe it necessary to bring to the mind of the readers that these visions took place during my lethargic sleep of nine days duration, during which these visions seemed realistic in effect, and this is how I describe them.

This sleep was inspired by a powerful force, and when I awoke during the dream, I realized that the episodes had been explained a little earlier by my companion, who is a citizen of Heaven. By not pretending to force my convictions on anyone, I do believe deeply that that which I have seen will come to pass. And if my descriptions serve to awaken at least one soul that is in doubt, I will be infinitely happy to how that this book was not written in vain.

I. Signs of approaching universal judgment

My companion turned to me and advised that the moment had come when I should see that which would undoubtedly happen within an undetermined number of years. After his words I fell into a wonderful deep sleep. Although I was already in the lethargic sleep, I slept deeper. During this sleep my companion was again present and he said, "The day of judgement is coming, you are a living witness, look again carefully, write everything down. That which will happen in the days of the Universal Judgment. The spirit of evil will take from the minds of mankind the last flicker of faith, and fill them with useless vanities and change their feelings into stony, heartlessness. The people without hope will be discontented , have no trust in one another, there will be no love and those who govern the world will perish. Lift up yourself and see!"

I saw a big city in which a great battle took place. The men broke everything, destroyed everything, and with ferocious hatred killed one another. All at once a terrible howling broke the air, while a great earthquake shook the earth. There was a tumult amongst the people. The tempest continued with sinister precision, the sky was darkened and all the noises mixed with the howling of wind. The people looked at the leaden sky with disturbance and in silence with hearts full of fear of the terrible happenings, whilst the hurricane destroyed everything in the streets and collected its victims. The terrible hour had arrived causing fear in all hearts, whilst the sky had become as red as blood, full of lightening flashes. Later the red color disappeared and black clouds enveloped everything. An impenetrable darkness descended, the stars lost their light. All was mystery and terror. Everyone remained immobile, the wind stopped and the darkness and a silence was fearful. However not one hour was passed when the people became familiar with this disturbance of nature. Again life on earth resumed its haste. The restaurants, theaters and all other places of amusement were filled with frivolous crowds. On the Stock Exchanges they speculated feverishly and acquired riches in order to lose them an hour later. The most degraded vices, the most perverse places and the Godless were everywhere. Only in the deserted cathedrals pious rituals were enacted. Victims of vain passions and occupations caused the people to forget their salvation. Thousands of noises were heard in the streets and a silent and pious atmosphere reigned only in the temples.

Suddenly a flash of lightening broke through the confusion and the whole sky filled with a million flames, everything was alight. Every building was burning in all places. The flames rose upwards and the whole world was an immense fire, the hurricane blasted the men about like feathers. The people looked in vain for help as the enormous mass of flame and wind snatched the children from their mother's arms while the latter screamed in terror as their children were carried into the clouds. I saw Christ Himself take those children into Heaven as they rose to the heights and were not seen again. They were children of every race and color and all sang hymns of glory to God. Then Christ closed the gates of Heaven and a torrent of blood fell upon the earth. Rivers and seas were covered in foaming waves of blood which smashed all boats and ships, they could not be saved. Palaces and houses fell down in all parts of the world and from them could be heard cries for help. From the sea huge waves broke all dykes and bridges and wharfs. All the people were swept together by the hurricane and brought to one place from all the continents into the place where God will descend from Heaven for the Great Judgment.

However, the great cataclysm did not mix the people and their languages. All were gathered into separate groups and nationalities each having its separate place.

II. The world immediately before the judgment

On the earth fell a great silence. Everyone was full of expectation of what was to come next. Those who had faith already, believed that the day of judgement had arrived. Amidst the darkness, which descended upon the whole earth, fires illumined the people as they gathered around in groups to discover for themselves what each person thought and whether or not they were the only people on earth waiting in this manner, but it was in vain because no one knew.

All over, amidst the ruins of shops, there were thieves who rummaged the abandoned goods. The wine ran like a river and the fires flared around like a hurricane. Those who had no fear of God continued in their lustful ways. Everywhere could be heard the piercing cries, howling, obscenities, and lamentations. At the back of a ruined cathedral another drunken crowd sang licentious impious songs and young charlatans, almost nude swayed to their rhythm. Wickedness reigned everywhere, but they gradually realized their fate. All felt the approach of something mysterious amidst so much folly, and suddenly became sad. Only those who were pious and just, in the eyes of God did not tremble with fear, but were filled with joy and relief. Then I heard the voice of my companion say, "Why are you so sad? I have been in Heaven all this time and there, everything is disposed for the supreme moment of Christ's Holy Decree. Now will you see the great mystery, but do not fear because this is just a vision and soon daylight will dispel the frightening and obscure night."

Meanwhile the orgies continued all over the place with screams of obscenities and swaying of bodies, yelling and howling and all sorts of noises made with improvised and stolen instruments inviting all to dance. Then disputes, blasphemies, laughter and howls. Few realized that this was their last hour. Suddenly, a Messenger from the Most High sounded the trumpet.

"Come all you just and rejoice, your reward has arrived," then to the others, "but you sinners who have wasted your lives, know that the hour of judgment is here."

A sharp quivering tightened their hearts which reaped repentance and sorrow, but alas, it was too late due to their lack of faith. All eyes turned towards heaven. The Archangel was majestic, terrible and frightening and the sound of his trumpet boomed forth, which silenced all other noises. The menacing Archangel then disappeared and the sky seemed suspended from the earth. A second Archangel appeared holding the Bible in his hand and he said, "It is accomplished." Then third Archangel appeared and between the two, a transparent chalice filled with precious blood, the apex of the luminous Dawn. The Redeeming Blood of the Savior of humanity. Then all doubts disappeared as the veil was lifted. It is the great mystery of God's providential love and redemption for mankind. From the resplendent Chalice three gleaming rays went forth in three different directions, and few knew what it meant. The third Archangel with the Bible was on one side and the first Archangel with the trumpet and outstretched wings hovered above. Suddenly a beautiful soft melody mysteriously floated into the hearts of men, thus announcing the coming of Christ. All stood trembling. Visages shining with sanctity appeared in the clouds. They were the Saints dressed in resplendent garments who had command of the pure sky. Sweet canticles of love resounded. Praises were sung to the Lord, so regal, gentle and holy and only few hearts were united in this spirit. On high appeared the Holy symbol of the Cross The instrument of salvation for the just, and eternal damnation for the rebels. Amidst the pitiful sighs, there were those who had the courage to lower their heads and await their judgment. The Angelic Choirs, as only they could sing, surrounded the brilliant Cross. What a beautiful sight. Thousands upon thousands, with a rustle of their wings, formed a great white halo as they sang the canticles.

At the sound of the trumpet, each heart beat forcibly in terror as the Cherubim chanted glories to the Most High, the God of all Creation. The celestial Choirs illuminated the heavens, and the immortal world descended upon humanity, to awaken little by little, all hearts. The sorrows melted and the sighs stopped. Suddenly the singing ceased along with the rustle of wings, even the atmosphere was dormant, and again, each and all were enveloped in terror. In the terrible silence, none dared to breathe. Then Christ Our Lord, descended in glory from the heavens, with resplendence, swiftly and lightly. He inflamed the hearts of all. Invocations in all languages came forth, and in one unique voice came forth new hymns from every lip. Christ our Lord shone resplendent as the sun high in the heavens and the hymns floated up to Him like waves. Then the good and worthy were swept up to meet Christ in the air and the risen dead will bear us company. (1 Thessalonians 4:17).

III. Resurrection of the dead

Christ was surrounded by the universal glory, while the people gaze upon his beautiful, tender countenance, comparing it with the many images they had known in the world. Their response was one of great love. His face was ineffably beautiful and His golden halo adorned the sky with his sacred presence.

The souls of the dead entered the bodies of their burial and those without tombs regained the image of their former selves before death. The seas and the oceans rendered forth their dead and inhabitants.

Christ gave each a rejuvenated being like the caress of the sun in spring gives life and vigour to fields and gardens, How beautiful and wonderful of God to extend his open arms to the world. At the express will of God all humanity is restored to life from the long sleep, even centuries. Looking upon Christ, they wept silently with joy. The mountains hills and dales were completely covered with the multitudes, so close were they that no one could move a step. When they beheld the grandiose apparition their lips opened and all joined with the celestial choirs in the hymns of praise to the supreme God of the universe. "Thanks and praise to the Redeemer for the salvation of mankind, today Christ is with us." Then there followed another silence, Christ said, "I am with you today, as I had promised, although you were not expecting me." As He cast a sweet and wonderful gaze upon the multitudes He stretched out His arms revealing the wounds of the nails in His hands. His voice descended upon all and He said, "I WILL CONDUCT YOU IN THE NAME OF PURE LOVE INTO THE EVER- LASTING KINGDOM OF HEAVEN."

The just then rose from the crowd and formed an immense white army, each in his proper place and mounted to Heaven. The sinners choked with sobs, tears and blasphemies, lowered their heads and knelt down before Christ. They were so numerous, such an immense multitude and their masks fell in anguish as they contemplated and awaited the Divine Will. I looked all around, what a grandiose spectacle side by side by side with the dead. They were all ages and nationalities, but no children. Following their death they were transferred to their proper destination. The immense crowd stretched to the horizon and seemed to emerge on the horizon. Christ in glory stood luminous in the center, those nearest Him, in the inner circles looked radiant and happy. Above all shone the Chalice emitting its treble rays. My companion explained, "See all of those gathered in the inner circles around our Lord, they have merited more by their deeds and virtues. There is no need of confession, since the all powerful and omniscient Holy Spirit has designated each to his proper place according to his merits. The purer and holier their lives on earth, the nearer they are to Christ. Know also that those who have attained their glory do not remember any of their past sins, just their love and contemplation of the Eternal God."

Now they await the justice of their Creator, and the sinners are riveted in their places envying those closest to Christ. They dare not lift their eyes towards Him whom they repulsed during their life on earth. Then Jesus said, "Open your eyes, you blind of heart and contemplate for the last time what you have lost for all eternity. Let this be imprinted in your memory forever. You will retain your eyes voice and hair, where as your bodies will assume the ugliest shapes and imperfections according to your wicked dispositions." Their tears and cries were in vain and as I looked I saw a cloud cover them and Christ was not visible to them any more. I asked my companion "How did all these divers persons understand what our Lord said to them ?" and he replied, " Independent of their nationality or mother tongue they all understood. In the Kingdom of Heaven no one recalls his native language, but everyone understands one language."

IV. Christ announced the judgment

When the multitudes lost the vision of Christ, each person looked around at the person beside him and recognized old acquaintances. It was a marvelous multicolored scene of divers people from different regions of the world who were wearing their garments and ornaments of earthly attire. They were old and young, some still in the flower of life, the rich wearing sumptuous robes, and kings, emperors, directors, governors, captains, soldiers, proud courtiers, ladies of rank, peasants, villagers, nuns, brothers and innumerable business people with beggars. The ministers with the servants and priests. The sick, covered with sores with the healthy. The hunchbacks and the lame, and no one distinguished them for their deformity, but rather for their virtues. Then the crowds saw white clouds which revealed the apostles, the prophets, and their white hair and beards. From heaven came two saints wearing the garments of their time and death. One was tall and gaunt with a bare torso, half covered with sheepskin. His long black hair, slightly gray, reached his shoulders. His flashing eyes and majestic bearing was most impressive. He held in his hand a long baton topped with a cross. The other was a Saint greatly venerated in the world for holiness and miracles. He was dressed in the vestments of an Archbishop and wore a mitre studded with precious stones, on his breast was a golden cross formed of diamonds. Just behind them in an ocean of light appeared the King of Kings, in the two Saints. He was acclaimed by all with shouts of victory and assumed the place amidst the Saints. The Savior turned towards the people and raised His illuminating hands in a blessing and said, "Throw away that which you have accumulated on earth, it is nothing but dust, already you have no need of them (Cf. Luke 12: 28). Turn with joy to the new life where there are no discords and existing wars. Live as brothers without hatred, meanness and sin. Henceforth you shall be happy, serene and gentle as the Angels. Death will be no more, nor sickness nor separation from those you love. You are always with your equals. Those of greater perfection will only be seen on great Feast Days. Henceforth there will not be deformities or sickness, the old will not be distinguishable from the young, because you will be of the same age as I was at my death, thirty three years. (Cf. Ephesians 4:13)."

"And from this moment you shall be maintained as my inheritance, since you have chosen to love what I love."

The Redeemer lifted up His arms and a dense cloud covered every thing and the earth changed, although no one had moved the renewal of their faces and bodies was complete. They were filled with life and joy and smiles of felicitation. The sick and the elderly could barely recognize themselves. There were innumerable Saints, their bodies were surrounded by luminous aura of many colors. All were dressed in large flowing gowns, altogether different from those of the world, they seemed light and looked like translucent figures, while their gaze was fixed upon the Savior. Meanwhile the Redeemer sent His angels to precede the Just, borne by air in large circles to Heaven. The sinners, meanwhile remained on the earth and in envy they stared at the multitude rising towards Heaven.

V. Intercession by the Virgin Mary and the Saints

Suddenly a great thunder rumbled from afar, a phalanx of evil spirits as thick as a red fog approached and the sinners were filled with fear and began to run, not knowing where, calling for help and in so doing, knocking each other down. From the opposite direction an enormous serpent appeared covered with luminous scales, lifting thousands of frightening heads. It represented the tenebrous forces of evil formed by sins in the dark regions of Hell. Shouting, howling wicked demons pushed the sinners against the eyes of the serpent who pierced them with spikes from its eyes. Fire came forth from its throat as well as a horrible odor and fumes. Hence the eternal torments for those sinners of the earth.

At that instant, descended from above the unexpected salvation, virgins, beautiful and white, surrounded the Holy Virgin singing harmoniously:

Thou art amongst us, O amiable Virgin,

of spiritual beauty and love,

Glory, praise, and blessed art thou,

Her features were an unspeakable spiritual beauty

never before known in time.

Embracing thine Infant Divine,

We implore thee listen to their distress,

By thy flowing tears at the foot of the cross,

We implore thee, abandon them not

O Divine Protectoress.

This apparition caused the sinners to be filled with hope.

Then She approached her Divine Son and looking at Him mournfully in Her soft voice said, "Tell me, O Lord, where are those of whom I begged pardon?" "They are here," Christ replied. The Angels called their names and the sinners opened their lips, having being already dumbfounded, they stretched out their arms towards Her. "And to you, who loved and implored my Mother for My Forgiveness I grant you pardon. " Scarcely had He concluded these words when the absolved ascended to Heaven, formed a circle around the beautiful Mother of Christ, following Her gesture of feeling before Her Divine Son and thanking Him.

The face of the Holy Protectoress was luminous and joyful as they ascended to the heights.

And the great Prophet of Christianity came forth and inclining his head towards the Redeemer, prayed thus: "O Lord, Thou knowest how much I condemned sin and vice during my life on earth. Now on this day of Final Judgement I plead pardon, through Thy bountiful mercy, for those who have offended Thee. These sinners, who fear Thy Divine Justice have made petitions and prayers, have honored me on earth and seek Thy pardon and clemency now."

The trembling Prophet turned to Christ, who replied, "They diverted My Commandments without restraint and conscious of their sins they have appealed to thee to ask for salvation, nevertheless, through prayers, those sinners are pardoned." Following this proclamation there was heard exuberant shouts of joy as the pardoned sinners ascended to Heaven. Then the great Saint fell on his knees pleading pardon to the Savior for the sinners who had never known Him yet lived just and good lives. And Christ said, "Yes, it will be for those of whom you plead. Meanwhile, for those who detest evil and perform good works, these I do not blame for not having the knowledge of Baptism, yet are the same with me, even though they were separated from the Christians. To each and all of you I concede pardon." Then a great number of non-Christian souls who had lived in justice and goodness entered Heaven through the intercession of the great Saint.

And again, the vault of Heaven lit up with the image of the Virgin Mary, who was richly adorned, yet bowed with a look of sadness and stillness. "For what dost thou request now?", inquired the Son of God. And She responded; "I have come again to plead for the children of those mothers who wept rivers of tears for their own off-spring." And again, huge numbers of saddened faces turned to joy as they were pardoned through their mothers' prayers and mounted to Heaven.

Meanwhile, a luminous galaxy of Saints, male and female surrounded Our Lord with delicate and beautiful countenances, one after the other interceding for the sinners who had prayed to them entrusting their souls to them while on earth. Each petition was considered and a greater multitude with jubilation and lightness mounted to the Eternal Kingdom.

The first chosen Apostles came forward feeling before Christ to ask pardon for those sinners who had invoked them while on earth. And Christ said, "I do not refuse this grace to my first chosen ones" and turning towards the sinners who had courageously followed the ancient customs and were devoted to their intercessors He said, "I also pardon you who have accepted the true faith." After these words the ancients who believed and accepted the new religion rose up with jubilation and followed the twelve Apostles towards Heaven.

There in the clear blue sky, remained our Lord Jesus Christ, radiant in an infinite light, when His Holy Mother appeared weeping as she beheld the remaining sinners. She then addressed Her Divine Son with trembling lips." Thou who art the almighty forgive them all. They know Thou art just, and this day of Judgment would be more beautiful if it were all joyful. Remember the day of Thy Resurrection, You did pardon even those in the deepest regions of Hell. Thou judgest with the tenderness of Thy soul, but can these wicked rebels remain side by side with the good and just in Paradise, whom I have rewarded?" The Virgin was silenced, only her countenance pleaded mercy. She remained exceedingly quiet, yet pleading. And her Divine Son gave in to His venerable Mother and pardoned the less evil amongst the rebels. He rose with His Mother beside Him, followed by an immense spiral jubilant souls like the suave perfume of the incense elevating from the altar with the brilliance of the sky right to the horizon as only Christ and His Holy Mother could pour forth.


Among The Stars

After the Last Judgment, when Christ mounted to Heaven. The remaining wicked sinners were driven by the infernal spirits into Hell. The earth was devastated, we looked around; formally adorned in beautiful nature, it was now in complete ruin. Not a sound, neither the singing of a bird nor the sound of anything mechanic could be heard. The noises of industry, trains, automobiles and aircraft had ceased. Nowhere was there life of any kind, just dead silence. We entered a ruined castle which was splendid once and now there were broken statues and colonnades, jewelry and money scattered willy nilly. My companion said, "Up above, none of these are necessary except the beauty of the soul!" Then I saw millions of human beings, animals and birds, all dead, piled one on top of the other, all decomposed and smelling so horribly, we could not remain any longer; then we rose up and departed the earth.

At this point, I woke up. I still had the magnificent visions of a while ago, yet serene and calm was my companion. "Do you recall what you just dreamed of ?", "Yes", I answered, with profound intimate emotion. "Then I shall show you the marvels of outer space."

It was a brilliant day. We rose slowly till the earth disappeared into a dark spot. Suddenly an unhown force took us and we whirled so rapidly I was dizzy. I shivered and in an inestimable brief moment we were amongst the galaxy of stars. "O, Lord," I murmured, "what a rapid flight." And my companion answered, "It will be thus when from time to time we journey from one planet to another."

The sun's brilliance faded and all around us was a strange luminosity which permitted us to distinguish everything. So we observed all the stars, but not with human eyes, but rather a spiritual vision. I observed that instead of being disorderly scattered into space the stars were neatly arranged in groups in the vaults of space; I also noticed a fiery vapor around some stars which gave forth an immense heat. Some of the stars had well defined movements, while others stayed immobile and bright.

While we flew amongst these great splendid planets, my companion said, "Behold, the whole of the Universe! Without the almighty, powerful mind of God, none of this could exist, nor whatever we may imagine. And man, after his mortal existence having entered Heaven, will be able to visit the planets on feast days of joy." There in the distance, was a silvery globe, but as we approached it the atmosphere became very cold. Sad and deserted was its surface and nothing was growing, all looked dead since time immemorial. The seas, the rivers and lakes, everything was frozen with brilliant and highest were pyramids of ice.

We perched on a high pinnacle and I enquired, "Doesn't the snow and ice melt here?" , "Never," he answered, "it is the Will of God that everything here be eternal ice." All around us was desolation. The sparkling brilliance hurt my eyes in the sad and silent tragedy without name.

Advice from the authoress:

Some people say, "If God is truly merciful He will not martyr souls of human beings in Hell for all eternity. Frequently, dear reader, you have voiced these words if not thought them, forgetting that God Himself descended from Heaven to save souls from this disaster. He came to show us the way to the glorious reign of His Kingdom with the Sign of the Cross to confound Satan. We could further question, "Why does God allow the existence of Satan and why did He create him?" One recalls that Satan was created as a pure Angel, but only later on he separated himself from God on his own initiative. As a pure spirit he is immortal. So also man, when he was born was pure and without sin. As he grew he also shifted further from God's commandments and refused to do His will. Voluntarily becoming wicked and rebellious. Such a being, inevitably, after his death must be I punished. It is noted in Matthew 25: 41 "Then He will say to those who are on His left hand, in their turn, go far from Me, you that are accursed into the eternal fire that was created for the devil and his angels." Despite these inspired words of the Gospel, the wicked do not believe in the existence of Hell, contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ, which was given to prevent human beings suffering the martyrdom of Hell. According to some skeptics this martyrdom will not be eternal. We recall the Gospel to the Hebrews 1: 8 'And what of the Son? Thy throne O Lord stands firm forever and ever. The sceptre of thy kingship is a rod that rules true.' Again in the Apocalypse 20: 10 'Where like himself the beast and the false prophet will be tormented day and night eternally.'



Hell is horrible! The separation from God is frightening and this separation is a conscious and physical suffering. "The worm that eats them there never dies, the fire is never extinguished." (Mark 9: 48). And in St. Matthew Gospel one reads : "While that kingdom's own sons are cast into the darkness without, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth." From St. Luke 16: 26: "There is a great gulf fixed between us and you, so that there is no passing from our side of it to you, no crossing over to us from yours." St. Luke 16: 19-23: "There was a rich man once, who was clothed in purple and lawn and feasted sumptuously every day. There was a beggar called Lazarus, who lay at his gate covered in sores, wishing that he could be fed with the crumbs that fell from the rich man's table but none was ready to give them to him. The very dogs came and licked his sores. Time went on and the beggar died, and was carried by the angels to the bosom of Abraham. The rich man died too and found his grave in Hell." No where in the Gospels is it mentioned that after the resurrection of Christ, a certain transformation took place in Hell.

I. How demons torment sinners in Hell

Then we left the cold and frozen planet and were transported into the heights towards another brilliant planet which produced an unknown phenomena. I did not understand why, but I was disturbed. As we approached it the distance diminished, while the brilliance blinded my eyes. I felt hotter and hotter to almost unbearable heat. Finally, we arrived and stood on the pinnacle of a mountain. It commanded a broad and ample horizon. We could see volcanoes throwing out fierce fire in great quantities. Black smoke and fire emanated from the cracks which also emitted red hot incandescent lava. From the centre of the earth luminous liquid metal flowed down the sides into the valleys below. We were surrounded and immersed in obscurity. For some hours there was visible, a disc-like heavenly body covered with a thick veil which gave forth a feeble declining light. Following a brief period there was a long night. One could see here and there little luminous jets with extraordinary terminence, then suddenly disappearing completely. I felt very sad and disappointed. I could not see any vegetation of any kind, except dried shrubs without leaves, (they were of an unusual shape) here and there in the gorges and valleys. On the other side I saw muddy streams wending slowly as if regrettably. From every point everything was obscure and desolate, it seemed like a desert. Then my companion, stretching out his arm pointed to a deeper ravine and said, "Look," I turned my gaze to where he was pointing and I saw figures moving rapidly in the middle of the almost impenetrable darkness. We descended towards the ravine until we reached a rocky point. "All these people are sinners," said my companion. "Now you must be on your own among them, without me. If something should happen to you, even if you are frightened, do not pray, because you will be severely punished. Be wise and do not invoke God's name, because in this region your prayers are not heard." "Why, why never?" I said "I can't understand how prayers can be an obstacle" My companion replied. " The obstacle consists in the grace of God which does not penetrate sinners, for instance, people on earth cannot talk to others from a distance without the aid of the telephone or radio. So, also prayer without the grace of the Holy Spirit does not reach God." Suddenly he disappeared.

I went down closer so that I could see better what was going on. The sinners were madly and savagely dancing. They danced desperately as if they could not stop. Demons drove the men, women and elderly to dance more and more, driving them into an open space. Those who fell exhausted, were kicked and thrown down into a very muddy cesspool. I left this scene and descended lower down the plain. There saw a vast and torrid desert and also the horrible dancing of the miserable sinners, who did not seem to stop for an instant, while they cried with abundant tears. Observing more closely, I noticed evil spirits dancing among them, mocking and yelling savagely and ceaselessly. They forced the poor souls at every turn , shouting "Be happy, happier." How terribly wicked and powerful were those evil spirits! Completely hopeless were the poor sinners. They were tied together with thorny branches and were kicked, punched, had stones thrown at them then pushed down into the burning lava and their mouths were forced open at tearing point while burning lava was poured in. They were blinded with gravel thrown in their faces while they were whipped to make them go faster upon stones as sharp as razor blades, and other atrocities too horrible to describe. Then these malignant spirits jumped onto their backs pulling and tearing their dirty matted hair which had not been washed for ages. If anyone tried to dislodge the demon that he carried, it was replaced by another, which was worse than the first. Oh, what intolerable sufferings! Sometimes these horrible demons showed the sinners their parents and loved ones, who also were suffering Hell, and they showed them their misdeeds on earth for which they were suffering, and in such a way as to cause them to suffer more.

I left this dreadful scene amidst the sarcastic jeering of the demons in this torrid desert, to investigate more further. I arrived in a valley full of stones, where intermittently a strong tornado and whirlwind blew clouds of dust, lifting with them even the stones. The evil spirits were chasing a great multitude of sinners who barely looked human. They were extremely skinny and their arms dangled inertly. Their faces showed their inexplicable suffering. Tortured by thirst, they dragged themselves slowly in silence with the dust. All around was a horrible stench with black clouds of dust covering everything. Some sinners were fighting fiercely among themselves, although they knew the terrible punishment they would receive. They were already indifferent to all, knowing that in Hell there was no more hope whatsoever.

I was unable to bear the hot scorching dusty wind any longer so I went my way downwards and reached a muddy pool where unearthly looking beings splashed, paddled and lapped thirstily its thick fetid waters. It filled me with horror to see these poor sinners continuously tortured by the furious and perverse demons around them. With much fear in every step midst the sharp stones, I finally reached a rocky projection and sat down hoping to be rescued my companion. Suddenly a mysterious uproar startled me. It did not sound far away. Cupping my ears I heard sorrowful sighs and lamentations. I turned towards it and there, at the bottom of a great chasm, were stretched worn out sinners with their eyes fixed on impenetrable darkness. They lamented, "Always the night darkness, when ever will we see the light? Is it possible that there is never any dawn?" They remembered the sun and springtime, and as well, the wonderful times they had had been lazing in the sun without a care in the world. This roused the others to think likewise, however short the time allowed them to lament what had been, which actually lightened their eternal suffering. One detected from their conversation that the past was always with them, vividly present, but the malign spirits never allowed them a respite from their sufferings. Quite suddenly, behind the high rocks a great red flame burned preventing those there from having any rest. In Hell there is no peace. I am one who loves peace and quiet and I could not stand it any longer. Such horrible scenes. I transported myself out into a dark plain, where I walked, encountering again the evil spirits who were watchful of anyone passing and they would whip them ferociously. From time to time, colored tongues of fire illumined the sinister darkness. Then I heard a plaintiff and melancholy singing, approaching it I saw a group on the other side of the rocks with their faces gray and pallid. Their skinny arms without any strength, were pushing an enormous rock of several tons. It was a useless task, forced upon them more. Upon their heads showers of burning cinders continuously fell from the dark clouds of smoke. I had a terrifying desire to leave this place of horror. Next I heard a rumbling that came from beneath the earth. Ahead of me was a great inclining wall and I carefully stepped downwards. The strong smell of sulphur and the hot wind whipping up burning red cinders made breathing almost impossible. Here I saw other unfortunate sinners hurrying in search of a drop of water to cool their burning mouths. The infernal spirits drove them to run ever faster and if one fell, he was mercilessly whipped till he got up and followed the rest. As I watched this pitiful scene, my companion appeared before me with his fascinating and marvelous voice, "Were you scared?" he asked and all I could answer was, "It is terrible." Then he said "We shall leave this place and visit the other planets!" We started to mount ever so rapidly. The atmosphere became hotter as we approached an incandescent star and alighted. On this sphere it was very thick, hazy and indescribably suffocating. Neither was it any better. The demons were pulling and tugging the sinners to more refined tortures merited by them. Chaos reigned everywhere and indescribably frightful looking insects tormented the poor souls who tried to hide in the rocky caverns. As soon as they were out again, they were whipped and chased to the fiery lake where they cried "O death, where art thou? O friendly death art thou not known?" There is no death, but existence. Eternal joy for the good and pious but an everlasting torment for the wicked.

II. Annual celebration of demons in commemoration of Satan's revolt against God

Having seen all this we descended into an enormous cavern with mighty rocks at the opening, from which came forth the most frightful noises with a horrible stench emanating from he-goats. There were a few leafless trees and overhead flew unknown monsters making the panorama more sinister. "Satan is celebrating his annual feast tonight. Keep in mind what you see," said my companion. I saw how the caverns opened up slowly. From the inside tongues of fire protruded. Demons dragged out some sinners from within, they were the most violent while on earth. Satan commanded only certain sinners to participate while others had to wait for centuries to be able for admission. This festival is celebrated once a year to commemorate the time when Satan, formerly a good Archangel, had the temerity to contradict and revolt against God. It is a way of distracting him from the tortures of his somber infernal kingdom. But nothing will subdue his pride as he recalls the loss of the eternal bliss of Heaven. A beautiful woman was thrown out by an unknown force from one of the caverns, with her arms extended in front of her and her hair in flames. Her dark blue eyes, like sapphires shone with inhuman wickedness. Her burning red hair was piled on top of her head in the shape of an egg. She slithered like a snake and with her head on one side, hid herself behind a rock. From the flames came another woman. She stepped forth, her hair was jet black, her eyes like burning coals. Majestically and slowly she came towards the first woman, putting her hand on her head. The first woman was crouched near the rock and was shaking with sobs and remained there. From another burning cavern emerged an old man with a hunched back and with white hair, beard and shaggy eyebrows. He walked slowly towards the two women and I was surprised that the evil spirits stayed away from him. He lifted his head and looked around with a strong will and his eyes expressed an intelligence far above the normal. He inclined his head in silence his white beard covered his whole chest. Later, a circle of demons, all furious with clenched fists came forth, punching in the back an elderly man. He was short, fat, bald headed and quite robust. The evil spirits whipped and kicked him furiously, shouting out to him, "You who did not believe in anything, you who thought that the life on earth was the only one, you who ruined your country and tortured and killed whom ever you wanted not considering the fact that you would have to render account of it. Now you see it was not so. Satan himself will invent for you the most atrocious suffering, now we will take you to his presence." Then he was forced into a large cavern from whence came loud cries and much noise. I fixed my gaze on this entrance as did also the sinners. Another came to join them and stood beside the bald headed one. He was taller than normal, with a long thin face and a very fine nose, his cheeks were drooping. Out of the noisy cavern proceeded a multitude of unearthly and horrible looking creatures. They writhed and tumbled in contortions, driven by kicks and punches. The old man raised his head and shuddered, whereas the other two sinners disdainfully turned their backs.

At this point I heard a faint noise, becoming louder and louder, and it then changed to the flapping of wings. A great flock of winged demons flew towards the sinners like an entangled knot. All were transported in the air for a while, then precipitated into the gaping cavern and all around us became a desert. We walked a while and suddenly a high column of fire confronted us. I thought this illumination would afford some peace, forgetting there is no peace and tranquility in Hell. We saw a chasm emitting sulphurous clouds of red and black smoke with hardly discernable shadows jumping here and there as the demons provoked them. "Now you shall have to be alone again," said my companion. "Be courageous, but if anything unpredictable should happen to you, I shall be on hand." With these words he disappeared.

III. Satan announced special torments for some great sinners

I observed the sinners burning continually in flames yet not destroying them. The fire in Hell burns and tortures without killing the being. From the distance, I heard a mountaineer choir chanting and from below there appeared before me a hole with a rocky descent which was very deep and dark. At the bottom I saw gleaming lights. As I descended the singing became louder. It seemed to be many voices but very out of tune. The fire burned brighter and more intense. After an interminable descent I arrived at a deserted plain with fantastic rock formations. All around it were silhouettes. Humanly, one cannot conceive it. At the foot of these mountains were thorny brambles like tentacles. At the left was a tuft of black moss which seemed to move and sway as though it were breathing. Then, not too far away, a crack appeared showing some light. I went to investigate and discovered another mysterious descent, almost interminable. As I kept on descending the steps seemed to broaden onto a wide street at the end of which there was a door. Here the singing was louder as I approached, interrupted periodically with deafening shouts. I walked quickly towards the light. I arrived in what seemed like an immense hall with hundreds of doors. In the center was a great arena, like a circus. In the center of that was a magnificent throne, but very dark and sombre, with a black cupola and what seemed like metallic plates on the ceiling. Around the throne, jogging noisily, were indescribably ugly inhuman diabolic creatures. All around was a great amphitheater for the immense gathering of sinners who could look onto the throne of the arena. There were also great columns of light illuminating the sinister surroundings.

At the left of the black throne, half leaning at its foot was a very beautiful woman with gleaming copper red hair. She was delicate and her beauty resembled a statute created by a very able artist. At the right of the throne was another woman with black eyes and proud bearing, her dark hair harmonizing with the black throne, while her eyes seemed to throw out flames of hate and wickedness in her disdain for the thousands of eyes upon her. She did not resemble a statute but was the effigy of a woman of royal blood created by an immortal artist. I recognized the woman whom I saw pulled out of the caverns for Satan's festival. The front of the amphitheater was crowded with sinners, not normal sinners, but those who had sullied their existence with the most infamous sins, there was no distinction to their ranks because their sins made them equal. I also saw the repugnant bald headed one and his disciple, who was a typical Pole and a real human beast. Then there was the old white haired and bearded one who looked exceedingly sad. It seemed to me that he recalled the words of the Gospel, "Beware of those who scandalize the little ones, it were better that a millstone be hung around their necks and be thrown into the sea." And it seemed only now, in Hell, just what those words meant. Suddenly there was a great earth tremor, followed by lightning and thunders which made the columns of light more brilliant. Amidst the lamentations, groans and clapping of the demons, and their blood thirsty cries, there suddenly appeared Satan, who acknowledged the cries with a malicious smile.

Before the throne amidst the rows and rows of sinners, were those who had sinned grievously, being famous and great scholars but who had now no distinction in Hell and were trembling like the others as all eyes were fixed on Satan. Satan ceased to smile, and I wondered if he looked human. He did, and at the same time completely different and mysterious. His whole countenance showed his self-reliance and strength, but his face was not in any way contented. He was like a gigantic statue, bronzed, he had a crooked nose between two big black eyes that were bright and emitted fire under his thin obliquely arched eyebrows. Severe and roguish, he sat silently on his throne topped by a red five pointed star. He sat immobile like a statute of bronze with his huge wings spread out resembling black velvet. They looked menacing behind his back. His beautiful eyelids lowered hiding his eyes, but his classical profile denoted his tormented thoughts. On this anniversary day which recalled over thousands of years ago, when God punished Satan by casting him out of Heaven, his expression was one of torment. He recalled himself as a good Archangel and a deep frown crossed his forehead, of a permanent nature, while his wings drooped slowly until they folded behind him, like a flag does after a thunderstorm. Then Satan lifted his eyelids and I saw his menacing look, of oceans of wickedness and hate as he fixed his eyes on the multitude of spectators. What a gaze! What perverse hatred! He then stood in his gigantic height full of hate and treachery in his mysterious essence of sin and wickedness. From all quarters reigned the silence of the tomb. Satan then started his speech which reached every corner of the great hall.

"I have come to announce to you greater torments" he said, with hatred in his booming voice that deafened every ear. "I shall make you suffer so much that what has passed will seem like nothing and every year it will be more severe and eternal." Again, his great rumbling black wings were spread out. How immensely terrifying was the great Satan!

All the demons who heard him laughed and jeered as they promised more severe pains and tortures but the poor sinners, on hearing this delivery cowered in trembling fright and lamentation. The flames became like torrents of blood red and even the five pronged star was red along with everything else. Satan sat down again and I saw a multitude of evil spirits precipitated towards the beautiful woman with the black hair, causing her to rise, which she did with the ferocity of a wounded animal. Her eyes were full of hate but she suddenly changed her expression as she walked in front of Satan's throne, her hips swaying and her breasts exposed with all the grace of movement and personal charm. Satan laughed in mockery and contempt, saying to her, "On earth you tempted and subdued men with your voice, your looks and your enchantment and you gave them all the joys they sought in you, offering you gold jewelry and even power. You sang to them as no other woman could sing to them and you gave them so much pleasure. You squandered gold and riches without a thought and you boasted of your ephemeral beauty and glory while living in splendid palaces. You conquered those on whom you set your heart, and killed those whom you had grown tired of without mercy."

With a gesture of his huge hands, Satan called the most disgusting of his demons saying, "Take her, caress her as much as you want." And to the woman, he said, "Go with them, I have no need of you, but I would like the feeling of your loving kiss, once more. For this here are my feet." And Satan laughed with bitter hate, "Never" Even in her angry attitude she was beautiful. "Never?" replied Satan, who was livid with rage. "Don't you know that my will overcomes the greatest pride?" Following these words the evil spirits carried her away and threw her at Satan's feet forcing her to kiss them, then taking her to the burning they pressed her against it. She was burnt black with the insupportable heat and her rebellious eyes were fixed in hate upon Satan. Meanwhile other demons around the throne pinched the two sinners of such bad repute, the bald one and the Polish one. They forced them on their knees before Satan's feet. Looking at them with frightful viciousness. Satan said, "Do you see the great gathering of sinners around my throne? before us your criminal life will be re-enacted and it gives me pleasure on this my feast day. Satan gesticulated and all was darkness. Then a screen appeared I and all saw a great battle going on. One heard the explosion of bombs, the whistling of projectiles and the spattering of machine guns. Generals and officers were leading their troops in the battle with determined courage. And there was the bald sinner. Satan boomed forth, "Now you shall all see the numberless misdeeds he committed." The scene changed suddenly but the noise of the battle could still be heard. It became an open space in front of a palace built of red bricks and in the center on the top of a slender column was the statue of an angel. The whole square was filled with people assailing the palace. Again the scene changed, showing the inside of the palace which was splendid and serene. The rioters broke into the palace. One of the doors was guarded by young girls dressed in armor and carrying pistols. They fought with splendid courage defending their sovereigns within. Ferocious men in uniforms, both marine and army wearing red bands and belts to denote their rank, broke into the palace and with horrible blasphemies snatched the rifles from the delicate hands of the brave young heroic guards, and violating them mortally cried in an orgy, "Long live liberty, long live our chief." On seeing all this horror and hearing the blood curdling cries, the bald headed sinner wept lamentably at Satan's feet. Then darkness descended onto the screen and the scene changed, showing a group of prisoners amongst whom was a distinguished looking woman of nobility, followed by young girls in front of a man seated on a chair with a young lad of about 14 years on his lap. He wore a military outfit and high leather boots. His soft kindly, dreamy look reminded me of having seen him before. I looked more carefully and recognized him as my Emperor. Then this scene disappeared from view. Next on the screen was a very poor woman, thin as a skeleton, standing in a cottage with matted hair and madness in her eyes. She was searching here and there with her trembling hands for something when suddenly a baby cried in its cradle and the woman with a savage laugh picked up the child, still laughing, she strangled it then threw the dead body into a boiling pot on the fire, I was terrified by this horrible scene, but I realized that she was a cannibal as famine struck Russia.

This horrible scene was followed by another, that reminded me of what I had seen in Hell a little earlier. Young and old coal miners, with infinitely sad eyes were driven to inhuman hard labor, forced upon them by fierce whip-cracking robust bestial guards. Again I realized that these were the best officers and captains of the Russian Army who were being severely punished for their great patriotic love for their country. This scene also disappeared.

Satan, meanwhile was sitting on his throne, while the bald headed sinner, trembling with terror murmured feeble incomprehensive nonsense. "Did you see what you did during your life on earth ?" said Satan, and the sinner replied in a low voice "I did". Satan cried out furiously, "Punch him and keep him close to me and find out his accomplices". Whereupon the demons lifted him bodily and threw him at Satan's feet, who immediately jumped and stamped on him. Then turning to the Polish man, who by now had his eyes closed, with not the temerity to sob or cry, Satan called at him, "Lift your head and look. I'll show you a scene to remind you of your deeds." Then he projected a long wide road which seemed to have no end.

Along this road came thousands of men, women and children from all walks of life, including bishops, priests, nuns, generals, professors and young officers. All walking very slowly along with workers, soldiers and peasants. Some had ropes around their necks and all the shadows of these martyrs walked in silence towards an unknown destination. Suddenly an extraordinary thing happened, all those sad looking shadows changed from the weight of their death and passed into light ephemeral spirits, each holding a lighted candle. A curious blue light enveloped them and their faces lit up with happiness and their bodies became luminous. The entire road was covered with beautiful extraordinary flowers and these tens of thousands of souls, with their arms outstretched before them were beckoned to the celestial lights above them. The scene disappeared and Satan shouted, "All this was done by your own hands, the tortures and sufferings you inflicted were the means by which they went to Heaven. Whereas had you not killed them, many would have entered my kingdom. For this I shall mete out to you my vengeance." From the throne a repugnant monster with numberless tentacles, going in all directions, seized the bald headed sinner and his Polish accomplice like a huge merciless spider pounding on to a helpless little both disappeared out of sight. The other sinners awaited their sentences with secret fear while trembling. The horrific noise of the, departure of the monster ceased and the beautiful woman with the burnished copper colored hair spontaneously stood before the throne of Satan, throwing back her head of hair, she looked at him with eyes with an ardent plea. Satan, full of wicked irony looked at her and said, "I know your past, you were a famous whore, whose beauty and intelligence attracted young and old, without distinction. You were rich in your palace where roamed the most distinguished aristocracy of your epoch. You only believed and lived for material affluence and comfort. Your only occupation was seducing men with your wickedness, destroying their lives and subjugate them as your slaves. This was your only preoccupation. You were sly as a snake. Your debauchery, waywardness and destruction of many lives was your greatest pleasure. But alas, now for your sins you shall crawl on your belly like a snake. Demons will forever torment you, never will you be able to revolt or complain." "Be merciful to me," she cried with outstretched arms as she prostrated before Satan, who laughed with mockery and ordered a multitude of demons to drag her away, delighting in the suffering they gave her.

IV. Satan described how he would send the Anti-Christ

During this time the old man with the white beard was on his own, but suddenly he heard cries of lamentation coming from those whom he had seduced by his false doctrines. His looks darkened, the furrows between his eyes deepened as one could see him thinking deeply of his most serious crimes, which he seemed to recall with his keen intelligence, of his past. Now, as he recalled with despair all those whom he had lured away from the path of truth and goodness and the love of God, his suffering was indescribable. Satan fixed his gaze upon him and the old man lifted his head with some courage and temerity. Looking straight at Satan and moving himself some steps toward his throne, he addressed Satan thus, "Is this really the way you exist ?" and Satan answered, "Yes," with an ironic sneer. The old man continued, "Why are you always in these eternal flames from century to century, vainly hostile to all the universe and cruelly tormenting those who have served you with diabolical wickedness?" Everyone was silent, not knowing what to expect next. The old man continued, "Why don't you repent do the right thing and stop your wickedness and become good again?"

Fixing his dismal gaze at a distance Satan answered "Because I have been cursed." During a slight pause, while Satan meditated, the old man continued, "Now I believe not only in your existence, but also that you have been cursed. For you, all the stars are darkened, there is no sun in your sky. You have defamed the earth by tempting its inhabitants to sin. What do you want to do in the future? Continue to destroy, or create something better and more respectable?"

Satan's look brightened with sinister hate and he murmured with a menacing voice; "I will send to earth the Antichrist, and forever more I shall fight against Him who cursed me!"

"Antichrist?" exclaimed the old man in surprise.

"Yes, the Antichrist" answered Satan, who looked illumined with determined hatred as he continued, "There shall come a time at a certain place which I have already designated. There shall live a whore who shall beget a daughter more perverse than herself, who in her turn will beget another whore and so on for several consecutive generations. At the final generation there shall be born a woman so perverse as to reach the immortal. From this one shall come forth he who will be the perdition of the whole human race. He will be the Antichrist. No one will know his father because he will be conceived in an unearthly drunkenness. At his birth I shall be with him. His mother will notice many unusual and incomprehensible signs during her pregnancy but I shall silence her. He will be a man of extraordinary intelligence and of great culture. When he attains adulthood, he will acquire an avid and unbridled commandment and will be supported by people of his choice. I shall endow him with immense richness and by this means he will be great and powerful. During a great war which shall involve every nation in the world, the Antichrist will be a simple officer. Due to his capacity for courage and bravery he will be in a a short time earn a brilliant career and attain the highest post. He will go from victory to victory and shall create a popularity without limit and shall win the sympathy and confidence of the entire world. No weapons will ever hurt him. Everything, boats, planes, armies, etc. under his orders shall be victorious. I shall give him the power even over the waters, fires and all natural elements. He will destroy the powers of all those against him and put them under his subjection."

"He shall dethrone monarchs, dictatorships and presidents and whoever is against him he shall subjugate. He shall reign over the world as its lord and sovereign. (St. John 5: 43: "But I came in My Father's name and no one received me, but if another comes in his own name you will receive him.") I shall give him the power to work miracles in such a way as to make everyone believe that he is Christ himself. (2 Thessalonians 2: 9-10: "He will come, when he comes, with all Satan's influence to aid him; there will be no lack of power, of counterfeit signs and wonders, and his wickedness will deceive the souls that are doomed, to punish them for refusing that fellowship in the truth which would have saved them. That is why God is letting loose among them a deceiving influence, so that they give credit to falsehood . He will single out for judgment all those who refused credence the truth, and took their pleasure in wrong doing."') Although they cannot understand his works, no one will dare to criticize him, and so by his deeds I will confuse the whole human race by introducing new concepts and new philosophies that will contradict the True Faith. We shall destroy all the laws of morality and together with mockery, sacrilege and blasphemy, we shall cause extreme changes in new and advanced ideas which will draw men and women causing them to eagerly search for the most refined depravity. We shall acquire riches in all wickedness."

"During the Antichrist reign my faithful servants will not even think all this is caused by demons, who will impose temptation on humanity that they will lose their personality to control their own instincts and for this reason wickedness will reign and we have to work very hard in this period, because each invocation of prayer addressed to Jesus Christ would save a soul. But our demons shall attack with enforced effort and with a fearful advance we shall create an absurd and brutal life and we shall control all the people and compel them to destroy all, especially the temples and the churches. We shall extinguish all the lights in honor of the Almighty."

"How I detest those who pray in churches, and I loath the Masses and the liturgical chants. During my reign as Antichrist there will only be wickedness and suffering in such a way as the world had never seen since its existence. Then in desperation of the suffering, madness and vain hope, they will murmur and blame God for all the happenings. This will be the culmination of my desires. This will be my reign of eternal hatred and wickedness." So thundered Satan in his fury as he glowered.

The old man frowned deeply as his eyes shone with a strange light. "Never, never will you understand! " he said to Satan with an impulsive impetuous violence,"Never will evil triumph over the Light. Wickedness will never win over goodness. I was fooled during the course of my life but now I believe with all my heart and soul that Jesus Christ will conquer and shall crush you who is the son of these tenebrous regions."

Hearing these words Satan stood up and shouted furiously: "For your temerity and fearlessness and insulting words in my presence and kingdom you shall suffer the most horrific tortures that ever was in Hell. But know my laws, the evil laws are as exacting as the laws of God. What I have said will come to pass just as I predicted." Then he said, with a sweeping gesture of his hand towards the great hall, "Look how many sinners are here gathered now. After the arrival of the Antichrist the numbers will be multiplied by millions. I have already invented new tortures suitable for each sinner."

At this moment a dark figure appeared near the old man. Satan sat down. "I shall not torture you physically at the moment, but I shall send you back to earth with a companion who will take you to all the reunions. You will listen to their sacrilegious blasphemies and their errors which you have inspired yourself and only now have repented. You shall try to argue and convince them of the errors you sowed amongst them and try as you will do your utmost to turn them on to the right path, your voice will not be heard, nor will you have any results, this will cause you the greatest remorse. You shall go for a long period and when you have completely failed, I shall send you to a planet all covered with an eternal sea, in the center of which is one high solid rock from under which you will see the sinners, my faithful servants, your adepts. There you shall watch them continuously fill my kingdom by droves, thanks to your errors. Go!" He extended his hand majestically.

The old man silently accompanied by his dark shadow turned towards the exit with dignified and slow steps and all eyes were fixed upon him in that infernal hall. Barely had he disappeared when a small and agile demon climbed the throne of Satan and whispered in his ear. Then Satan said, "Proceed." Instantly the demon tumbled into the sand of the arena towards the group of sinners before the throne and in one gesture, called the other demons as they pushed the sinners into the center of the arena with shouts and shrieks. Then innumerable flames shot out of the earth in all directions interlacing with each other. Thousands of colored bright globes flew into the air. It was all so brightly illuminated and beautiful to the eyes. The rest of the spectator sinners and demons let out a deafening shout and shrill whistle as a corps de ballet of thousands of ballerinas entered the arena. All were identically dressed in very short skirts, their backs naked and adorned with garlands of thorns, which caused them excruciating pain at every movement.

Sadly they encircled Satan's throne and performed a solemn and ancient dance, learned meticulously. It was impossible for me to understand the significance of these complicated steps. On earth, they were ballerinas who only lived for the pleasures of life forgetting that there was a spiritual and eternal life where one renders an account of one's sins. Then came hundreds of ballerinas of a higher category, they were the very best ballerinas that the world had produced. They were in Hell because of the greater licence they enjoyed and they were from all nations. They wore such saddened looks that showed in their eyes and the folds round their mouths, hiding a profound bitterness which revealed more than words the sufferings they were enduring. They had not forgotten, however, their art. They danced, floating lightly and graciously like ethereal apparitions barely touching the floor with their pointed toes to the accompaniment of the infernal din. Some recalled their past successes with their heads held high and haughtily, others to the contrary, wept tears as they recalled the good times that were no more. From time to time they formed picturesque attitudes before the throne of their tenebrous sovereign who watched with a wicked sneer without showing any joy, while all the other demons present joined in this attitude. On the contrary, the sinner spectators were exhausted at what they saw. Some weaker ballerinas fell exhausted in the middle of the dance and then the ferocious demons fell upon them slapping their disfigured faces, they knelt in supplication for pity, but in vain. Satan had no pity on them and continued to glare and sneer, as his demons with impetuosity drove the them out of his sight as they wept limping away. Satan shouted loudly, "There is no joy, I feel sad!" Then he stood up batting his enormous wings and glaring all around him with sinister frenzy. He frowned deeply. Next, insects buzzed in to distract and amuse him. These were replaced by a beautiful choir but Satan was immersed in some sad thoughts and did not pay any attention to the singing. His gaze was absorbed in distance. Then the choir rose, hoping to be applauded by the terrible Satan, but instead darts of fire pierced their chests. Then came more ballerinas, magicians and clowns and acrobats gave their best comical and prodigious performance. One little clown with red fuzzy hair drew my attention, he executed intricate acts and tumbling with his contorted face causing laughter, but I could see his tragic interior sufferings and I felt such pity for him, he was ushered out with the rest by a grayish demon.

There was no joy to be had, only terror reigned with the chanting and dancing. Amidst sobs and lamentations, everything was so fearsome and violent. All of this strange spectacle was mixed with terrible sufferings that had to be borne. Suddenly strange transparent creatures, like cobwebs with luminous green eyes darted here and there to bite the sinners, inflicting upon them unbearable pain. The hall was filled with their cries and sufferings, it was not sufficient Satan desired more. With an imperial gesture of his hand he commanded the demons with the flames of his eyes and at once they jumped into the midst of the sinners, punching them, men and women alike into a frivolous mad dance. Everything was so bright and glary, as to blind the eyes. The fiery globes then descended amongst the i multitude of mad dancers and fell on their bodies like red hot metal sizzling them. From the earth emitted flames to envelope the sinners, like serpents twirling around their bodies in belts of fire. I was literally deafened by the noise, then from an invisible crack in the great hall sulphurous clouds of smoke poured in filling the great hall like a thick fog. The lights went out and I heard a rustling which made me tremble. It was Satan who had spread out his wings, so gigantic, and flew over the top of all the sinners and demons in the green thick fog. He flew haughtily while muttering and triumphantly laughing, but r could not hear what it was he was saying.

Finally, the thick fog lifted and I could see clearly what happened next. The sinners goaded by extreme tortures turned on the demons and there ensued a terrible battle, but the unpitiable demons won and the sinners were again chained and bound, while the demons rejoiced and revenged themselves mercilessly on their captives.

This is how Satan celebrates his annual feast. My sight was dimmed as I heard a terrible rumble in my head, then a whirlwind blew me out of the cavern, it was an unknown force.

V. What does Purgatory look like?

Not knowing how, I found myself in the middle of a plain, with no trees, but here and there some strange looking shrubs and stones of different sizes scattered about. The sky was also overcast like the I surroundings. There were neither hills nor rivers, as far as the horizon, nor were there any birds, animals or insects, just a lot of people, some strolled, some sat and all looked apathetic with deep nostalgia for the destiny of a slow death and each of them had a secret sense of longing. I recognized in all of those there a particular courage and different melancholy and a strange sighing for something unattainable. This nostalgia was for God. All about them was a deadly silence. The atmosphere was very hot, yet easier to breathe than it was in Hell. From time to time, a gust of fresh air descended from the sky.

Suddenly, I saw a pale light above and it dawned on me that this light was from God. It illumined everyone, even the most distant, O what infinite joy and love lit up every countenance of the anguished and oppressed on this planet. Their raised high as they contemplated the light with great hope. I understood that this ray of light was the prayers offered for the departed souls. My companion told me of it in the beginning, when we flew over the Cathedral during the elevation of the Canon of the Mass. Wherever a Mass was being celebrated the faithful on earth prayed for their dear departed. This blessed ray of light did not last long. However, even at that brief moment the poor suffering souls benefitted with hope. Then it was all dark again. The poor souls however, lowered their heads and all around them were strange tongues of fire sprung up from the ground.

I looked around me and then my companion appeared beside me. He was serene, gentle and affable as I usually see him. Impulsively, I dropped down on my knees, trembling with inexplicable joy and I exclaimed, "If you only knew the anguish and fright that I endured without you! " And he said, "Yes, I know all, but do not talk now, be quiet and have faith in me, your protector, I have been near you all the time. Keep in mind all that you have witnessed. It must come to pass. It is sometimes necessary that you be alone, to impress upon you the more profoundly.

"We are now far from Hell and the horrible spectacles will not terrorize you anymore." "And now," I replied, "May I give glory to God?" "Yes, you may," he replied. "Oh what anguish I felt when I was down in Hell. How can I not want to believe what I actually saw?" He said, "What you saw is a frightening reality."

Then appeared before me the Saint whom I saw at the Last Judgment wearing the brilliant adorned mitre. He was dressed differently and his face beamed with goodness and mercy. He was bending towards a woman who was deeply absorbed in sad thoughts, and in a gentle caressing voice he said, "Courage, my child, I have come to help you. Did you not hear during the ray of light which descended upon you the prayer addressed to me in your favor, and you know who prayed for you. Consequently the Lord has permitted me to deliver you. Come follow me to your splendid dwelling in Paradise." The eyes of the sinner brightened with gratitude and with a last trembling tear on her cheeks she knelt before him and blessed herself with the sign of the Cross and said, "How merciful is God's goodness to pardon me, a most miserable sinner" and the Saint blessed her saying, "God's mercy is limitless." He began to rise and the pardoned sinner rose with him, like a small cloud that disappears after a burst. Then I saw a golden ray of prayers and a man kneeling with his ear cupped to the ground as he heard his friends praying for him.

Then we were transported to the other hemisphere of this planet and we saw a translucent sea of fire. This fire was so strange that it could not be compared to any fire that we knew on earth and it greatly impressed me. I saw entire rows of evil spirits flying in the air with the souls of sinners dangling perpendicular from their claws. Some of them fell from their clutches on to the ground, not knowing the reason why. The demons returned in search of them and not finding them, went away seeking other victims. I asked my companion what this meant, and he replied, "Some of these souls who are left on the surface of this planet are those who are not wicked enough for Hell and not good enough for Heaven. The demons arrive here directly from earth on their way to Hell. They carry the souls of the sinners, hardly dead, and so some escape Hell and are left here on this planet." I was surprised that these souls do not realize, nor see the evil spirits flying over their planet. I did not hear any heart-rending lamentations or cries, nor did they suffer very much from the fire. One could hear only sighs and longing and sorrow for their past sins in the hope of God's mercy.

We continued to fly over the enigmatic planet, half of which was formally enveloped in a transparent fire, the other half was dominated by sorrow. The stone gray and arid desert gave one mortal disgust of ever wanting to be here, Then in the midst of serene and solemn singing, I saw the Holy Virgin Mary coming, so pure and bright, with a smile of celestial beauty, surrounded by the Archangels holding light precious veils, whose brilliant light purified all the souls. A sinner who was delivered through Her intercession appeared in front of Her and She said to him, "Your soul has been purified by the tears of your mother. I have come for you to conduct you to paradise, where God reigns in all His Majesty."

My soul began to vibrate with force as I approached Her; I dropped on my knees, and forgetting all fear and sorrow, I said, "O Holy Mother, take me with you." I murmured in ecstasy. She consented, and I understood all Her words as She said to me,"Be calm, and sleep. You shall awake in the infinite reign of eternal glory." I slept at Her feet, dreaming that the angels bore my soul from this sad place to Heaven with chants and hymns, to the Celestial Kingdom, where the Lord reigns gloriously and eternally.


The Resplendent Paradise

Matthew 23: 13. "Woe upon you scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites that shut the door of the kingdom of Heaven in mens' faces; you will neither enter yourselves, nor let others enter when they would."

Observations from the authoress:

Many people say that after death there is nothing, neither spirit, body hands, eyes, mouth, etc. If it be so, then darkness and obscurity is in our midst. But I found nothing the sort in the Holy Scripture, so I shout out, "away with error." I reopened the New Testament and there before me in Luke 20:34. "And Jesus answered them saying, 'Men of this earth marry but those who have merited eternal life after the resurrection will neither take wife nor husband, they will be mortals no longer but will be like the angels in Heaven.'" "Equal to angels," Christ said. And the angels as we how them have bodies and faces and have been seen by men with their corporal eyes and have been heard to speak. I quote a few instances from the New Testament; St. Luke 1:11-19 which says "Suddenly he saw an angel of the Lord standing at the right of the altar where incense was burnt. Zachary was bewildered at the sight and overcome with fear, but the angel said Zachary, do not be afraid, thy prayer has been heard, and thy wife Elizabeth is to bear thee a son to whom thou shalt give the name of John." "By what sign am I to be assured of this? I am an old man now and my wife is far advanced in age." The angel answered "My name is Gabriel, and my place is in God's presence; I have been sent to speak to thee and to bring thee this good news." In the same chapter (v. 28) "Into her presence an angel came and said, 'Hail thou who art full of grace. The Lord is with thee, blessed art thou among women.'" And the same angel Gabriel announced to the shepherds guarding their sheep; St. Luke 2:9-12. "And all at once the angel of the Lord came and stood by them and the glory of the Lord shone about them and they were overcome with fear. But the angel said to them, 'Do not be afraid, behold I bring you good news of a great rejoicing for all the people. This day in the City of David a Savior has been born for you. The Lord Christ Himself. This is the sign by which you are to know him. You will find a child lying in a manger in swaddling clothes.'"

Then in Matthew 28: 2. "And suddenly there was a great trembling of the earth, because an angel of the Lord came to the place descending from Heaven, and rolled away the stone and sat upon it. His face shone like lightning and his garments were white as snow so that the guards trembled with fear of him and were like dead men. But then the angel said openly to the women, 'you need not be afraid, I know well that you have come to look for Jesus of Nazareth, the man who was crucified . He is not here. He is risen as he told you. Come and see the place where the Lord was buried. You must go in haste and tell his disciples that he has risen from the dead and now he is going before you into Galilee where you shall have sight of Him.'"

The form and shape and silhouettes of Angels were seen and known, as also the form and shape of men who have died and gone into eternity for centuries can also be confirmed by two great prophets, Moses and Elias who appeared with Jesus Christ on Mt. Tabor and who were speaking with him of his approaching death in Jerusalem. (Luke 9:31). Therefore men who insist that after death there is no life, what is the soul ? They ask. After death there is nothing -- where is Paradise? It is on this earth, they say.

"In the Kingdom of My Father there are many mansions" (John 14: 2). And to the repentant thief crucified with Him He said, "Verily I say to thee, this day thou shalt be in Paradise with me." (Luke 23: 43). Then in the sermon on the mount He said, "Blessed are the poor in spirit for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs" ( Matthew 5: 3). Again, our Lord, speaking of the soul said thus, "What doth it profit a man if he gains the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul?" ( Mark 8: 36-37). And in St. Paul's letters to the Corinthians 5: 35-36, also 15: 47-49. And so dear readers can you still doubt after all these testimonies in Holy Scripture that the soul does not exist?

I. Planets of the Souls of other religions

A voice from somewhere said to me,"Wake up. Stand up, Fanny, and carefully write all that you see. No one knows except the Lord the fate of each man. But the time has arrived to awaken all hearts who are wallowing in the cesspool of sin. You have been designated and chosen to see that all that has been revealed to you was not a deep dream. To you the veil has been lifted to show you the eternal mysteries." Then I murmured, "At times I may not remember all," and the voice said, "I will help you in every way." I awoke and opened my eyes and beheld a beautiful blue sky which was inexplicably vast. The time I had spent in Hell stinted my eyes with its dark and tenebrious sights. Here, on the contrary, the bright rays illumined all. I turned around, thinking aloud, "How beautiful. What perfumed air. What a garden." What lovely multicolored habits the souls wore as they walked. While the angels floated in the pure sky, appearing and disappearing at will. The grass all around was fine green deliciously fresh denoting an eternal spring. The flowers, sweet smelling and never crushed under foot with such delightful little paths to walk along.

Where am I ? Is this the glorious Kingdom of Heaven ? Is this the Kingdom of Angelic Choirs of infinitesimal Saints and Cherubim and Seraphim inclining towards the Royal Throne?

Here is the realization of all my hopes. Beautiful roses in immense quantities formed carpets to walk on and garlands of them suspended all around me. My arms brushed with their delicate petals and sweet perfume. Little by little my thoughts cleared although I could not forget my frightful experience of Hell. When I awoke, souls whom I did not recognize welcomed me. They were as light as butterflies. They were clothed in multicolored robes and their countenances reflected happiness and goodness. They said to me, "Sister, stand up, the Kingdom of the Heavenly Father welcomes you, here His Spirit rules over all things. You are here by His Holy Will so that man will not look for useless things and when you return to earth you must relate all you have seen."

This celestial language was new to me, but I understood it as well as though it were my maternal tongue. I stood up trembling with emotion having left Hell and then been given the grace to announce the ecstasy of the celestial creation. I drank with these souls who accompanied me to a fountain. I soon forgot my fear and the horrible nightmare of Hell gradually receded from my mind. It was like waking from a frightful dream which one forgets as soon as one becomes fully awake. I began to talk. "I have just come from Hell. It is an eternal night there, no dawn, no light or dusk, no sun , no blue sky or white clouds. The earth has neither trees nor fruit; everything is vacant except for the tenebrious fires and so much suffering. Then there is the boast of Satan to send to earth the Antichrist to reduce men to slavery." They said, "We pray continuously to the Lord God to discontinue life on earth and His answer is this: the time is not yet ripe, let man continue to live." I continued, "Down there in Hell I saw ... " and I was interrupted, "Say no more, we know all that goes on in Hell, the torments and suffering that the sinners go through. Here to the contrary is paradise, filled with perfection. where God reigns gloriously amidst the sweet chanting of the Seraphim and on all sides blooms and fruit ripen. Only very pious souls live here. The place where the source of light produces sublime thoughts where the spring water is so pure that the angels wings are actually silvery. Here the Just are not obliged to do anything except enjoy the delights of creation."

By the water spring was a precious stone, different from any that I had ever seen on earth. It was so heavy I could barely lift it. I asked "Whose precious stone is this? is it worth a lot? " "Certainly" was the reply. "It is of considerable worth, your earth does not possess such a treasure, nor the riches to acquire it. Here in Heaven, the Lord gives them to those who live with Him. If you feel weak, leave it on the ground, no one will touch it. You have just awakened. Look further and you will see far more beautiful stones than this one. Here no one sells or buys them because they are innumerable treasures and in such quantity, when you have been here longer you will not even notice them. Our greatest joys are the Feast Days which gives us the opportunity of flying to the different planets where we can admire God's glorious creation. On these days we may visit our loved ones. Only on Feast Days do we see our parents and friends."

Then I heard very sweet music. Dropping the precious stone I followed further. Surrounding me was a Divine odour of perfume. We stopped near a waterfall to gaze at the splendid panorama, and my companion joined our group. He placed a crown of flowers on my head , saying, "Here is Eternal Springtime" Around were majestic palms waving in the gentle breeze. My companion pointed out to me the intricate paths and divers objects which I cannot name in our limited earthly language. "Come " he said, "I shall take you to the other planets now. These are the planets where the souls of the other religions are. Those who have lived just and good lives, believed in the Supreme Being and practiced the Law of God. Also pagans who have lived according to the natural law and maintained a just and good life!" As he said this, we reached another planet, truly beautiful but not as beautiful as the planet of the Christians. There was more desert and the music of the birds was noticeable. At times the angels flew aloft singing canticles to the Creator.

(Note by The End Days: according to the authoress's vision, non-Christians who believe in a Supreme Being and practice the Law of God are also rewarded accordingly. This does not contradict the Dogma of the Roman Catholic Church. Dogma 16.6 says, "The souls of those who die in the condition of personal grievous sin enter Hell." Thus, it is supposed here that the non-Christians who are rewarded did not commit any mortal sin. To avoid mortal sin or even know the truths of the natural order, for man in fallen nature subject to the inclination to sin, is not easy. Just look at the following dogmas. Dogma 5.5: "Without the special help of God, the justified cannot persevere to the end in justification." Dogma 5.6: "The justified person is not able for his whole life long to avoid sins, even venial sins, without the special privilege of the grace of God." Dogma 5.9: "In the state of fallen nature, it is morally impossible for man without supernatural Revelation, to know easily, with absolute certainty, and without admixture of error, all religious and moral truths of the natural order." Note that dogmas 5.5 and 5.6 refer to the Just or those Christians with Sanctifying Grace who have the Holy Ghost assisting them and yet they cannot persevere in Sanctifying Grace or avoid sins without the special help from God. Our Lady told Veronica Lueken on August 14, 1979: "Do not judge your brothers and sisters who have not been converted. For My Father's House, My Son has repeated over and over: remember always, that My Father's House -- there are many rooms in the Mansion, signifying faiths and creeds. However, the Eternal Father, the beatific vision, is reserved for the Roman Catholic following. This -- it has been deemed by the Eternal Father since the beginning of time." [Roses From Heaven 1977-1986, Vol. 2, Children of Mary, Inc., Orange, Texas, 77630, 1982, p. 241.] Thus, it is clear that Christians who are saved will be able to see God at the supernatural level, whereas non-Christians who satisfy the conditions above will not be able to see God but have at least a natural happy life after death. This difference can be discerned in Fanny's visions.)

II. Planets of the souls of the Just (Christians died with the Sanctifying Grace)

During the flight I admired the different aspects of celestial marvels. We saw great comets with long flaming tails. Some with even two or three tails. Some going slowly and others so fast that they left a trail of golden sparks behind them. In the profound depths of the heavens we saw stars suddenly dislodge themselves from space and then shoot out into the infinite. Some solo, some in groups, and thousands forming a golden shower. Amidst these, some were so bright that they blinded our eyes. All this spectacle was so grandiose and so inconceivable that I felt like a tiny speck in this immense universe of God's creation. My companion said, "There is nothing on earth comparable to what is to be seen after life. Man can subjugate all the forces of nature but will never unravel or conceive any idea of the mysteries of the hereafter. Do you see those specks of light? They are the planets on which life everlasting exists. Now we shall fly to the worlds where the souls of the Christians live. They are separated immense space and are inaccessible. "We continued our flight in space until we approached a planet similar in shape to earth but much smaller. When we alighted, I observed that the soil was neither brown nor gray, but clearly red. Streams of water went in all directions in the plains, and also many lakes. Everything was different again, even the air was light and wholesome and I could breathe very freely. The waters of the streams and lakes were a beautiful turquoise color. On the horizon were purple colored mountains. We came closer to the blessed inhabitants of this region. They spoke of a new representative from Paradise who had told them of the grandeur and glory of the Lord, God Almighty, whose omniscience and majesty accorded them the joy and gifts of this heavenly life. No distance was too great and all was accessible. They enjoyed everything to their great satisfaction and no one was ever frightened as enemies are non existent here. "Because of His promise, we await the new Heaven and the new earth where live the just." ( Peter 2: 3-13).

When they ceased talking we heard a melodious sacred hymn. I looked with great admiration at these holy souls, who were in fact, very simple. When I asked my companion how one attains this bliss he said, "They showed appreciation for everything that happened to them on earth." We ascended to the top of the mountain where we admired the panorama before us. What a grandiose spectacle! Spacious prairies adorned with divers flower and fruit trees whose branches bent to the ground, they were so laden with the most delicious fruit. Golden rays of light penetrated the palms in the forests; their soft murmuring branches moved in the gentle breeze. These fruits were unknown on earth. They tasted like mellowed wine. As I gazed around me nature seemed to chant "All this is God's reward for the just."

My companion said, "Now that I have shown you the region where the just live, you must also know that their souls often descend to earth invisibly on Feast Days and visit their families and friends or their own burial places. Because no sooner are they buried and pass on to eternity, they are often forgotten by their indifferent relatives who cease to even pray or visit their tombs. Now I shall take you to the eternal dwelling that your mother enjoys."

III. The place where mother of the authoress dwells

After admiring the panorama we flew to the place where my mother dwells. We reached it so quickly and it seemed bigger than the earth. The time was midday, the sky was pure blue with little white clouds floating about. The tops of the mountains reflected silver and gold from the sunlight and there were precious stones of divers colors and brilliance scattered among the rocks by a prodigious Hand. I heard the gentle murmur of cascading waterfalls and trickling streams with rivers flowing into numerous lakes, serenely reflecting the sly and the clouds. The surroundings were marvelous. Here there was an uninterrupted light. The sun shone all day followed luminous and brilliant stars giving a wonderful blue light. We went along a wide path which led to a splendid garden surrounded by a wall of thick leafed cyprus trees. In this perfumed region, I was impressed with the beauty of the divers colors of the flowers. They were different again, some plain and modest, others magnificently beautiful. No earthly painter could ever capture the image, they were glorious, and their soft perfume filled the air as I breathed in exultant joy. It was clear to me that the Holy Ghost gave this harmony and ineffable pleasure to those who had attained this eternal bliss. There was beauty, peace and angels floating about like butter flies. From a thicket I heard the familiar voice of my mother. I approached it. On hearing it I had a desire for nothing else other than to meet her. In front of us was like that of a turquoise. Through it I saw my mother, more beautiful than ever, tall and slim, enveloped in vaporous veils. Her eyes were the same as on earth but her face had a different expression. Moreover she looked more suave and refined. Her hair was shining and combed in a different manner. Her skin was smooth and she had a bright halo above her head. An aura shone around her and also those who were with her. As she spoke with them, I eagerly listened to each of her words. Oh! It was so wonderful to see my own mother after her savage death in the hands of the assassins. How wonderful to see her in Paradise full of this ecstasy and beatitude. My soul was inflamed with joy as I watched her every movement. I noticed how her eyes were fixed on a large lake that looked like the pallette of an artist as it reflected all the colors of the flowers. Finally, I went towards her, overwhelmed with admiration and expectation. I called her "Mummy" as in my childhood and while weeping tears of joy, I kissed her hands and my heart stopped beating. But she did not seem to notice my anguish, nor my presence, but kept on looking at the lake with a serene smile. I came close to her resting my face on her chest and said, "Mummy , why are you so indifferent to my loving caress? say one word to your daughter." But she was silent. "Don't you remember me?" I said, and kissed the hem of her garment and held her in my embrace, but like a vapor she disappeared. I felt very sad and asked my companion, "Perhaps she doesn't recognize me any more?" He replied, "You are an earthling, whereas she is beatified in Paradise." We journeyed further into the azure twilight amidst the brilliant flowers that were lit up by the presence of God. The sun does not shine here, on1y God's brightness. As we traveled further I was sad to leave the planet where my mother was. My companion said. "Do not be so sad, you saw how she attained her reward. We shall see her again with your father when we assist at the great festival of Easter. I shall now show you another planet, of whose splendor you will be more astonished. Because God in his infinite love reigns over all creatures, He has also thought of the animals for whom He has reserved a place after their death. This is the planet towards which we are going."

IV. Planets of the animals

Gradually we reached this planet. From a high vantage point just before alighting we saw the green prairies, thick forests, mountains lakes and rivers. The sun shone brightly and choirs of birds sang to the glory of their Creator. It was such a peaceful dwelling for all the animals. We saw cocks crowing and large eagles with wings spread out and numerous other varieties of birds. On the lawns were cats of all breeds. The air rebounded with the croaking of frogs and butterflies flitted from flower to flower with the bees. On the golden sand there were huge crocodiles and in the clearing of the forests stood the king of all the animals, the lions. Dogs barked and chased each other in their contentment. With their solemn slow pace, were the huge elephants. What an assortment and variety of animals. All very happy, basking in the glory of God. Such is prepared for them after their death.

V. Planets of the Saints

There were other planets to visit so we moved off again. Just above was a very beautiful star. towards which we directed out flight. Just as we neared it it disappeared. We penetrated through a dense vapor that cooled the atmosphere with its shade, and then we saw very tall palm trees with thick foliage that created a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. On the palms were large bunches of strange fruit, perfumed and juicy hanging heavily. Periodically the blue sky adorned itself with multicolored rays that reflected upon everything. This planet was more dignified than the others and treasures were abundant. The mountains were golden and precious stones spread over them sparkled so much as to blind the eyes. The azure lakes were as mirrors reflecting the multicolored flowers. We descended on to the plain of flowers and I observed how the golden branches of the fruit trees touched the ground with their load of golden ripe fruit. I tasted some of the fruit which melted in the mouth and I could not match the flavor with any earthly fruit nor even the texture. Then I saw shafts of multicolored rays reflecting on silvery cascades of crystalline water falls. "This is the dwelling for Saints," said my companion. I asked, "Are different degrees of sanctity given different rewards?" He replied, "Yes, life here differs in as much as the difference from planet to planet. Everyone gets what he deserves which becomes eternal. Those who spend their eternity here are the Saints who lived spiritual lives while on earth and made great sacrifices, giving glory to God by converting many souls and doing much good by their example and their deeds, despising all earthly pleasures and comforts. Through them, the Lord grants pardon and works miracles of grace to all who invoke His Will. To those on earth who pray to them, implore them to obtain graces and benefits, who remember their Feast Days, they impart their marvelous intercession." Surrounding us was soft music from invisible harps, and the Saints moved about leaving no footprints. Their movements, gesticulations and chanting were unforgettable. And again, the Angels drifted above them. Oh, this is Heaven with its sweet music. I entered a dwelling and saw a Saint deep in thought, his eyes were fixed in space and my companion explained that this Saint was transferring his thoughts to a friend in another world.

We slowed down and reached the summit of a mountain. From this vantage point we heard church bells chiming all around us, even right into one's being. I sensed these sounds even in my soul. It was announcing the great Feast of early Easter Dawn, to all the Angels and Saints and the whole Universe. I looked around and my companion said, "I will have to go with the others, you will have to look after yourself." Suddenly I was provided with a pair of wings. I unfolded them gently and started to fly enjoying the goodness of immortal life. The Heavenly Choir sang the Gospel of the Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Resurrection.

VI. The Authoress entered Heaven

And thus I entered Heaven, where each murmur was a prayer and the whole atmosphere was filled with incense. How splendid, vast and luminous it was. From all directions bright lights illumined by the power of God shone upon the worthy inhabitants of Paradise reunited to celebrate the grandiose feast.

I was greatly impressed by the garlands of flowers that adorned the altars, before which incense mounted agreeable to God the Creator. What a marvelous feast. The heads of the female Saints were combed in different styles unlike anything on earth, but they were suave and perfumed. Their clothing was not of material, but of large scented leaves which glistened with the dew still on them. I heard the rustle of these leaves which even emitted tiny drops of dew, Others were. dressed in velvet , not unlike the wings of gigantic butterflies. Each color denoting their different merits from different planets. Some were wearing light blue, others light green, pink and pale primrose, lavender, etc. The effect was stupendous as each Saint was surrounded by an aura of its own coloring. Then I saw the beautiful angels dressed in pale blue with white wings as they looked in their eternal youthful and joyous state.

The night fell around and over us like a sombre veil. All eyes lifted with luminous expectancy as the choir chanted gently. "All is in Christ and Christ is in all." The singing was so harmonious, it was, indescribable. All waited in silence with their arms crossed over their hearts. In the distance was heard the rustling of wings and thousands of angels began to sing, "Christ is risen." All those present wept silently as the hymn increased in volume recalling the Passion of Christ. The Universal Church sounded the Easter Hymn and all awaited with quiet emotion for the approach of Christ.

The singing of the birds ceased and the angel choir also. The thousands of murmurs in the forest were suspended. Everything natural and of nature waited with bated breath for the Risen Christ. The joyous choir of the Cherubim from on high in the heavens chanted marvelously the first melody of Easter. Their little golden wings fluttered like petals with their delicate little heads slightly inclined while they surrounded the Risen Christ. Their voices were so gentle and lovely, they could only be classed as heavenly. There were myriads of these Cherubs, their fluttering wings and voices, so splendid it was impossible to describe. They filled the soul with such emotion that one wanted to weep and sing at the same time.

Then Christ, more resplendent and more brilliant than the sun, seemed to illuminate the whole environment. Roses surrounded the Cherubim who extended their little arms from behind their wings towards Christ and the roses were in profusion. Our Lord's blue eyes reflected such tender love with their radiance and His garments gave forth luminous rays. The Spirit of the most High was triumphant over his enemies and all the heavenly inhabitants rejoiced. His countenance was truly illustrious. Their smiling faces greeted him with "Hail to our Glorious Savior " with the celestial music and trumpets intermingled. Again, it was indescribable. The music notes were completely unknown to the human ear and the sweetness and sanctity of it elevated the soul with cheerfulness, that their only desire was to give glory and thanks to the Lord God. In response to the Cherubim the choirs alternated. Then the Most Holy Virgin Mary placed herself at the feet of our Savior. Nearby was St. Michael the Archangel who carried a luminous cross. All were silent as the Archangel raised his voice which came forth like streams of lightning, saying "Christ has Risen" and the millions of souls replied "In Truth (or truly) He has Risen. Alleluia!" Just passing me, I saw a Saint whose appearance reminded me of someone that I had known a long time ago. Trembling with emotion I listened to the multitude of voices repeating and chanting Christ has Risen Alleluia! The Cherubim flew around in jubilance joyously chanting the bliss of eternal life. Still the chanting filled me with ecstatic joy and the Just know that thousands of years in Heaven is likened to a day. The music of harps was heard throughout the Heavenly court, filled with joyous canticles of love and praise. The culmination of the great Feast was the encounter of friends and relatives. It was not like our meeting on earth. These pure spirits have feelings that vibrate to the other soul. Paradise is impregnated with this sacred love and I watched brother meet sister in an atmosphere that was electric with vibrations. There was no need for words, each soul was transparent and had nothing to hide. Whereupon one friend or relative encountered another, their haloes intermingled and became more radiant, not forgetting first to praise the Lord. Then I saw men and women of different nations and cultures meet others who lived long ago and prior to themselves, yet all felt united in the Lord. The whole environment was radiant with luminous rays of the love of the Creator. What other love is compared to this? God is love; He bestowed this great gift which is sacred, elevated and non-terrestrial. Intoning hymns of praise, two souls encountered each other, and then flew off in a state of ecstatic love, and my companion said, "Without love, Heaven would not be Perfect." So it has been said, "Those who have loved on earth will be united after death." I said to him, "You promised to show me my parents on the great Feast Day," and he replied, "How is it that you did not see them? look they are there. " Then I recognized my parents and I felt such emotion and tenderness with an infinite love for them, but suddenly they disappeared. Glancing at everyone I observed hoe happy and intelligent they were. No one had any problems or required any counsel because God has given them light to know His decrees and hence all are content. If God was to offer a beggar a kingdom on earth, he would beg and beg sincerely to remain in Heaven with the celestial joy. Oh, how sweet life is in this hereafter. As the hymns of benediction mounted, Christ spoke to all the elect, and no one approached His Sacred Person.

VII. Intercession of the Blessed Virgin for the Living

At this point the Holy Virgin addressed Her Divine Son with this prayer, "O Lord and Savior, a whole nation of people have fallen under the reign of the cruel enemy, to whom shall they implore for deliverance from these chains. Thou alone, O Christ, Savior, can lift the dark and painful existence for them through Thy Grace and Mercy. Save and protect them, O Lord. Give them light and guide them in their dark days of enslavement. Give clemency to those exiles. Deliver them from their trials. They implore me in their helplessness. Thy great Mercy is greater than their faults." Thus prayed the Holy Mother Mary. Then a Saint adorned in a golden habit, knelt before Christ and stretching out his arms he prayed thus:

"O Lord, recalling Thy victorious Resurrection on this illuminating day, give liberty to the people thou has entrusted to my care. Enliven their faith and guide them to the true faith. Lord be merciful to my people of Russia, who weep. I was there to see how fervently they implore Thy mercy, except for the few impious, O Christ Savior of the world. Thou art all powerful, Help my people."

I was feeling in admiration when I recognized my sovereign Emperor praying before God, and he added, "O Lord, forgive us all, we are thine inheritance." Christ then spoke of the eternal life, and we listen attentively. The words of Our Lord were so elevated and profound, that in my earthly state and limitation, I could not relate it although my soul understand. One cannot listen to Christ's words without being elevated. Such was the mystery on this glorious Feast of Easter. Our Holy Mother, in all Her resplendent glory assumed Her place beside Her Divine Son. My Emperor then said, "Thy Divine Will and Wisdom are greater than I." Then a wave of enthusiasm seized us all and Christ ascended higher. But where? A mystery! This mystery the soul cannot solve, nor can the eye see where God dwells.

Christ mounted higher, yet higher and with Him His Holy Mother. Marvelously splendid in her majesty. They disappeared in this sea of light, and the beatified sang, "Glory to Thee, O infinite Lord, Sun and breath of Paradise. Thy brilliance never obscures the breath of our lives. We see through our spiritual sight the universe of Thy Kingdom. Thy gaze is like an arrow that pierces each soul and directs its destiny, and Thy eternal beauty is reflected in the miracle of each star, designed by God in His infinite Wisdom is the Sacred Order of Heaven."

Such was the hymn sung by the Angelic Choirs as Christ ascended higher and higher until He had disappeared into the Mystery. Then all the beatified flew, one toward another, children towards their parents, friends towards friends, husbands towards wives, and others descended to earth to visit their dear ones. I cannot describe the nature of this ecstatic excitement that took place, some of which must not be made known. Therefore, if men could only know what takes place in Heaven, they would constantly pray for death, because one joy follows another endlessly. I cannot relate more, other than the fact that I was greatly privileged to visit Heaven.



Quite suddenly , I felt a general weakness and I had the sensation of being loaded with a heavy garment. Again, it was a rude awakening to my light and ethereal previous feeling. I moved my head and stretched my arms and felt the sheet was over me. I was confused when I opened my eyes and instead of seeing the beauty of Heaven I saw the white ceiling of the room and the white walls with the bric-a-brac of the hospital. My dreams had truly ended. I awakened after nine days of lethargic sleep.

From Hankow ( China) I had to go to the great city of Shanghai for an urgent operation. On the shores of the river were large and superb buildings that housed the European and Chinese banks. Luxurious hotels built to resemble the Imperial Palace and big business buildings in the main streets. The shop windows were piled high with expensive jewelry to tempt the eye of the beholder. The scintillating gaiety of the night clubs and restaurants, with their popular dancing and rhythm, reached the peak of its sensual pleasures, but for me it was sad and penitential to observe all of this. What a misery! What shabbiness and paltriness! What indescribable nullity after the scenes which I had witnessed. And they certainly await you, also, after your sojourn on this earth. My one regret is that I am so limited in my expression of the beauty and splendor that is Heaven. Nor is it possible to describe that which I experienced in my soul in human language, the sublime beauty and sentiments of the spiritual love. The universe of the Creator is so vast that the greatest conquest of nature achieved by man is comparable to a grain of sand or a drop in the ocean.

And now, arriving at the last page of this writing, I will say "Adieu" to my friends and readers and I recall these Holy words: "Our Father who art in Heaven, Thy Holy Will be eternally sanctified."


"Who is like unto God?"

Created July 16, 1996. Tenth Update July 16, 1997 Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

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