Comment about Prophecies from Mary

Many people have questions about receiving prophecies from the "Virgin Mary." The way I look at it
is, no church has 100% of the truth. The Baptists don't have 100% of the truth, the Pentecostals don't have 100% of the truth, neither do the Roman Catholics or the Methodists. This means that God uses people that teach false doctrine, including Catholics. And if God chooses to speak to Catholics through Mary, he can certainly do so, but that does not mean that all messages from Mary are true messages. Also, it appears that the accuracy of messages equals the percent accurate of an organization's doctrines.

The Bible commands us to judge all prophecies to determine whether they are true or not, we are not supposed to just accept anything that comes forth with "Thus says the Lord." Sadly, many Charismatics do just that, while rejecting the prophetic voices of other churches who are also seeking after God. And so I have read and studied the Catholic prophecies, many of which are certainly genuine, though many are not; which is the same with Protestant prophecies.

The Roman Catholic Church was the only church for 1,500 years, and so if God wanted to speak to his people he had to do so through the Catholic church. Now with the arrival of the Protestants, does God now switch and begin speaking through them exclusively? No, because most of the early Protestants did not even believe in prophecy. It is to the credit of the Catholics that they have not rejected prophecy, while many Protestant denominations have rejected prophecy.

I have discovered many prophecies which go back almost 2,000 years which speak of a period of time in which God will pour out his wrath upon the world. In this time, there will be three days of complete darkness upon the face of the whole planet. There are references to the darkness of the Day of The Lord in the Old Testament, as well as the Sibyls. Perhaps the first reference to it after the N.T. was by Lactantius,
Then the middle of the heaven shall be laid open in the dead and darkness of the night, that the light of the descending God may be manifest in all the world as lightning: of which the Sibyl spoke in these words: "When He shall come, there will be fire and darkness in the midst of the black night." (Divine Institutes, Book VII, chapter 19)
As the years go by the prophecies become more detailed, and the ones in the 20th century are the most complete. It is my belief that most Catholics will not go in the rapture, therefore, it stands to reason that God will give Catholics many warnings about the coming of the Three Days of Darkness during which most of the world's population will die. There will also be many Protestants that will not go in the rapture, so they should also be warned about it. The Great Tribulation and the Three Days of Darkness (TDoD) are the main focus of my new book which will probably be called, Three Days of Darkness.

In addition, Satan does not save people's lives or fight against communism which the Virgin Mary does. For example, a fellow named Josyp Terelya, a Ukrainian, survived 23 years of torture in prison in Russia because of his religious beliefs. One day when he was about to freeze to death, he prayed to the Virgin Mary, then a light filled the room. He says an apparition of the Virgin Mary came to his room to save him (www.crystalinks.com/josyp.html).

In 1910 the Communists came to power in Portugal, a small nation of mostly Roman Catholic people. The Communists greatly persecuted the Catholic church. Then the visions of Fatima occurred. A crowd of 70-100,000 people witnessed the miracle of the Sun on October 13, 1917. The government sent troops to physically try to keep people from the area. The end result of Fatima was an awakening of the people, and the power of the Church in Portugal began to grow once again. The crowds that came to Fatima grew every year. Thirty years later communism was totally dead in Portugal. It was all because of the visions of the Virgin Mary.

It was recently reported on 60 Minutes that it was Communist Russia that arranged for the attempt on the life of Pope John Paul (back in the 1980s). They wanted him dead because he was responsible for Poland becoming free. Supposedly, the Pope told the leader of Russia that if they sent their tanks into Poland that he would be standing in the middle of the road dressed in his Pope outfit and holding his mitre. That is why they tried to kill the Pope. I am in favor of anybody that the Communists want dead.