The Warning
Veronica - It's as though everything has exploded in the sky - the flash! And it's
very hot! It's very warm! Oh! Oh! It feels like a burning. Oh! Now the sky is very white. Colors -blues, purples - it's like a huge explosion. Now this voice, the voice . . . And the voice, Our Lady says, is a voice within you: "Your warning before Chastisement! Flash, fire, and the voice within you. The final Warning before Chastisement!" Our Lady to Mrs. Veronica Lueken New York, Bayside, April 21, 1973

The Warning: The Beginning of Sorrows
"Men of science are ever seeking, but failing and falling far short of the truth."

Our Lady: "I come to earth from Heaven. I have roamed your world in tears. It truly now rains teardrops from Heaven. With the coming of the Warning to mankind, pray and pray much, for it is the beginning of the terrible sorrows. Men of science are ever seeking, but failing and falling far short of the truth." 730715
"When the Warning is sent upon man, there will be no doubt in the minds of man that it descends from
the heavens. However, those who have already committed themselves to satan will see and yet not
believe." 730928


"My child, you speculate much about the coming Warning. I have asked you many times not to speculate on dates, but I give you one indication that the time is ripe. When you see, when you hear, when you feel the revolution in Rome, when you see the Holy Father fleeing, seeking a refuge in another land, know that the time is ripe. But beg and plead that your good Pontiff does not leave Rome, for he will allow the man of dark secrets to capture his throne. " Jesus to Mrs. Veronica Lueken, 760914
(Amos Chapter 1: 18 -Woe to them that desire the day of the Lord: to what end is it for you? The day of the Lord is darkness, and not light.  19 As if a man should flee from the face of a lion, and a bear should meet him: or enter into the house, and lean with his hand upon the wall, and a serpent should bite him.)

Jesus: "The Warning will soon be upon mankind. You ask Me, My child, can it be stopped? Only by prayers and sacrifice shall it be held back, but the time is long overdue. If it was not for My Mother Who steadily holds Her hand upon mine in sorrow, I would let My hand fall and the Warning come upon mankind. It is not to be asked for, because you know it is coming, My children. It is to be prayed against, for there will be those who will die in this Warning." 881001

The exact words of Saint Bernadette

Deep in the bowels of the Vatican Library, amid the many volumes of materials, Father Antoine LaGrande, a researcher on Lourdes came across an iron box. Upon opening it he discovered what he had been looking for and now it can be shared with the world. It is by the Providence of God that it has been found.
There were five prophecies, four have already passed.

The Fifth Prophecy relevant to today:
'Your Holiness, the Virgin has told me that when the 20th century passes away, with it will pass away the Age of Science. A new Age of Faith will dawn around the world. Proof will come at last that it was Our Lord Who created the world and man, (the Great Warning?) and this will be the beginning of the end for the scientists, in whom the people will cease to believe. Millions will return to Christ, and as the numbers of believers swell, the power of the Church will grow as never before. Also causing many to turn their backs on science will be the arrogance of physicians who use their knowledge to create an abomination. These doctors will find the means to combine the essence of a man and the essence of a beast. The people will know in their hearts that this is wrong, but they will be powerless to stop the spawning of such monsters. In the end they will hunt scientists down as ravening wolves are hunted.

On the eve of the year 2000, a final clash between the followers of Mohammed and the Christian nations of the world will take place. A furious battle will be waged in which 5,650,451 soldiers are killed and a bomb of great power will fall on a city in Persia. But in the fullness of time, the Sign of the Cross will prevail  and all of Islam will be forced to convert to Christianity.

There will follow a century of peace and joy as all the nations of the earth lay down their swords and shields. Great prosperity will follow as the Lord showers His blessings down upon the faithful.  No family on earth will know poverty or hunger. One person in ten will be granted by God the power to heal and they will cast out all sicknesses from those who seek their aid. Many will rejoice at these miracles. The 21st Century will  come to be known as the Second Golden Age of Mankind.'



Jesus Speaks to Gladys in San Nicolas, Argentina,  30 December 1989
"In the past, the world was saved by the Ark of Noah.
Today my Mother is the Ark.  It is through Her that souls
will be saved, because She will lead them to Me.
He who rejects my Mother, rejects Me...

I see the huge ball and the sun; it's a ball of fire. And this is another ball of fire. And a piece now is broken off, and it's hitting into the sun. And there - Oh! Oh, it's an explosion. Oh, I can't look! Oh! Oh! Everything seems so still, and I see people now holding onto the chairs in their houses. Everything's rocking. It's like the very foundation is rocking in the houses. And they're all frightened. And many are running into the streets. Veronica, December 24, 1973
. .
"The Father at this time wants it known that the prayers, the sacrifices, of those who love and care, have not gone unnoticed. But the scale is falling heavily. Unbalanced to the left. Therefore unless man makes a major reversal, he can expect the ball of redemption very soon upon him. It will be the manner of cleansing. Fire will claim many. For many will die in the great flame of the ball of redemption. Very soon you will receive another Warning. The world will call it a major disaster. And after that, the world will not call it a major disturbance of natural tendencies,.
but they will call it the Hand of GOD"
Our lady to Mrs. Lueken, December 24, 1972.
(Veronica almost fainted with sheer shock from vision of what is to be.)

"Remember that the heart and the true foundation of Jesus' House is the Eucharist, that you receive in the Holy Communion. Woe unto that day, My child, when this is even denied you!"
Our Lady to Mrs. Veronica Lueken, June 15,1974
"Forged documents are coming out of Rome. The enemies within Holy Church seek to place the papacy and Pope Paul  in a bad light; to place the blame on him, in an attempt to tear down the papacy and set up an international religion and not of Jesus Christ. Many are accepting as sheep going to the slaughter. They neither pray nor try to patch the cracks. Many are in need of awakening to the truth."
Our Lady to Mrs. Veronica Lueken, JUNE 8, 1972.
 . .

 Our Blessed Mother told Father Gobbi about the End of the Times.
December 31, 1992
"The first sign is the spread of errors, which lead to the loss of faith and to apostasy...
"The second sign is the outbreak of wars and fratricidal struggles, which lead to the prevalence of violence and hatred and a general slackening of charity, while natural catastrophes, such as epidemics, famines, floods and earthquakes, become more and more frequent...
"The third sign is the bloody persecution of those who remain faithful to Jesus and to his Gospel and who stand fast in the true faith...
- (Veronica Lueken: Letters are coming out in the sky now. They are large letters: Persecution of the Mystical Body. It's written - Persecution of the Mystical Body of Christ. Demon 6 is being released!  September 7, 1974) -
ST. JOHN 15:18-21 "IF THE WORLD HATE you, know ye, that it hath hated me before you... If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you... But all these things they will do to you for my name's sake: because they know not him that
sent me."
"The fourth sign is the horrible sacrilege, perpetrated by him who sets himself against Christ, that is, the Antichrist. He will enter into the holy temple of God and will sit on his throne, and have himself adored as God... By accepting the protestant doctrine, people will hold that the Mass is not a sacrifice but only a sacred meal, that is to say, a remembrance of that which Jesus did at his last supper. And thus, the celebration of Holy Mass will be suppressed. In this abolition of the daily sacrifice consists the horrible sacrilege accomplished by the Antichrist, which will last about three and a half years, namely, one thousand two hundred and ninety days.
- (DANIEL, Chapter 11:
30 And the galleys and the Romans shall come upon him, and he shall be struck, and shall return, and shall have indignation against the covenant of the sanctuary, and he shall succeed: and he shall return and shall devise against them that have forsaken the covenant of the sanctuary.  31 And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall defile the sanctuary of strength, and shall take away the continual sacrifice, and they shall place there the abomination unto desolation.
MATTHEW, Chapter 24:
15 When therefore you shall see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place: he that readeth let him understand. 16 Then they that are in Judea, let them flee to the mountains:...) -
"The fifth sign consists in extraordinary phenomena, which occur in the skies... The miracle of the sun, which took place at Fatima during my last apparition, is intended to point out to you that you are now entering into the times when these events will take place, events which will prepare for the return of Jesus in glory..."
- (MATTHEW, Chapter 27:
48 And immediately one of them running took a sponge, and filled it with vinegar; and put it on a reed, and gave him to drink. 49 And the others said: Let be, let us see whether Elias will come to deliver him. 50 And Jesus again crying with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost. 51 And behold the veil of the temple was rent in two from the top even to the bottom, and the earth quaked, and the rocks were rent. 54 Now the centurion and they that were with him watching Jesus, having seen the earthquake, and the things that were done, were sore afraid, saying: "Indeed this was the Son of God".) -
Our Lady to Father Gobbi, Oct. 2, 1992
"What will come to pass is something so very great that it will exceed anything that has taken place since the beginning of the world. It will be like a judgment in miniature, and each one will see his own life and all he has done, in the very light of God."

The Life and Doctrine of Saint Catherine of Genoa
    The Soul then turned towards God, and in that clear light spoke thus:
     Soul. O Master! what has moved thee to give such light to this Soul, so blind and so corrupt, thy enemy, who goes astray from thee, ever feeding upon sensual things, and who is so unwilling to be lifted out of that condition, that she always shuns whatever would elevate her? I am stupefied when I consider myself -- a creature so entirely vile!
     And while in this condition it was given her to see where she was, whither she was going, what would have been her end, and what she would have carried with her to that end had she persevered in her course. She saw at a glance all these things as they were, and as they would have been if God had not interposed. At which sight she was beside herself with fear and agitation, and could do nothing but weep, and sigh, and inwardly lament, thus bewailing her sad condition:
     Soul. Oh, wretched and most miserable! had I continued in this course, how many trials and sorrows should I have brought upon myself in this world; and in the next have found myself the enemy of God, and condemned eternally to hell!
     For a time this vision remained with her, and caused her such interior suffering that she could neither think of other things nor perform any cheerful action, but remained in a settled melancholy, and knew not what to do with herself, for she could find no rest; neither in heaven, which had no place for such as she, nor on earth, for she merited that it should swallow her up; nor did she feel that she had a right to appear among men, or to take heed of ought that concerned her comfort or discomfort.
Jesus and Our Lady to Mrs. Lueken
The Elements

Satan has control of the elements
"In My counsels of the past, My children, I have told you many times that satan has control of the elements. There will be accidents that are not accidents, disturbances of nature claiming many lives: floods, tornadoes." 780210

"I want everyone upon earth to know that the great Chastisement and the punishments of droughts, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, are but minor compared to the number of lives that will be lost with the great Chastisement." 850701

The Elements Can Be Brought Down
Jesus - "Nothing is impossible with the Father. The elements can be disturbed. All the elements of Heaven can be changed and brought down upon you, all in the will of the Father. He has created and He can destroy. However, it will lighten your hearts to know that the Father does not plan to destroy your earth, but to cleanse it by trial until it returns to the pure state of its original creation." 730725

"I assure you, My children, you will understand that none can climb onto roofs when the rain is falling upon them. They did not count upon the power of the Father for He truly controls the elements." 740928

"Much has been not recognized in the past as coming from the Father. The Father controls the elements of your atmosphere. My children - the Father, your Most High God in Heaven. Do not credit satan with this. It belongs to your God. God, your Father, sends the sun to shine upon you. God, your Father, can also send the sun to burn you.
"A second sun lies out in your atmosphere, the Ball of Redemption. I repeat, My children, it is not a myth nor a story. It is a fact! The Ball of Redemption nears!" 741231

Satan shall be given power over the elements.
Our Lady - "You see, My child, there is no honor among those who are not with My Son. Exterminatus will rage throughout the world. The Angel of Death shall claim many. There will be accidents that are not accidents. Satan shall be given power over the elements." 760131

The Warning will soon be given to mankind.
Jesus - "My child, listen carefully and repeat after Me. The Warning will soon be given to mankind. It will be a major awakening to many. The rumbling and the shaking of the elements will set fright into many hearts. However, you have been prepared for this time. I do not intend to follow My Mother's message to you with added words of warning and prophecy. No, I am certain that the Message from Heaven, the warnings are being dispersed throughout your world." 760318

"Shall you be given a full scourge of communism and slavery? Shall the elements be used against you to cleanse your world? Shall mankind feel the great heat and burning of the Ball of Redemption? You who laugh and scorn this Message, the day will come when there shall be much gnashing of teeth and woe set upon the earth." 770201

Return to the Commands
"My children, unless you pray more, unless you do penance and acts of atonement now, I cannot hold back the punishment, the Chastisement from mankind any longer. As your days proceed, evil is accelerating and the chastisement, minor and major, shall increase. There will be earthquakes in divers places; there will be floods and pestilence, and there will be the eruption of the elements. My children, My counsel to you shall all come to pass.
"I counsel all leaders of government to return to the commands of his God. I counsel all mothers and fathers, heads of households, to return to the commands of their God. I counsel every man, woman and child who hears My voice and the Message from Heaven to do penance, atonement and sacrifice -if not for yourselves, but to save your priests, your clergy, your cardinals, your bishops who are fast heading into the abyss." 770604

Minor cleansing before the great Chastisement
"The strength of faith, My children, shall be your beacon in a darkened world. Your world, the earth, is fast plunging into deep darkness of spirit. Soon the elements shall be set upon mankind, a form of minor cleansing before the great Chastisement. "770928

"They are performing now prodigies and wonders to confuse and confound mankind. You call one of them UFO's. They are supernatural manifestations from hell. They are created in the minds of some, by the demons who are capable, because of great power upon earth to control now the elements, nature.
"And also these demons shall promote accidents that are not accidents. Your seasons shall turn. Upheavals of nature shall be more prevalent. They will increase in intensity until mankind is brought to his knees." 780201

Man has set himself among the stars
"A gradual cleansing by trial shall be set upon mankind. The elements shall be used to bring great changes upon earth. They will not only be beneficial, My children. Floods shall rage in the fore, My children. The atmosphere shall burn in this near future because man has set himself among the stars and has gone too high in his pursuits." 780318

Many Shall Die Untimely Deaths
"My children, the scepter of death has been set loose upon the world. There will be an increase in accidents that are not accidents. The elements shall spew forth fire, and many shall die untimely deaths. Shall they be prepared to go over the veil for judgment?! O My children, already the Eternal Father knows how many will be lost to Him in the final count." 790526

"My children, are you so blind that you do not recognize a supernatural force now, a diabolical force, upon your earth prevailing among you? Are you so engrossed in your worldly pursuits that you cannot recognize the days you live in, the latter days?
"The catastrophes from the elements and accidents shall increase unto the time of the great Chastisement. Many parents shall shed tears of great sorrow but too late. Prepare your children now, O parents, that you hearts may not be torn in the near future." 790804

The elements coming down in fury
"Disaster is coming upon mankind far greater than what has been experienced in this past year. As you will recognize, the scientists and men of knowledge all comment on this past year being a frightful one. The elements seemed to get loosened and come down in fury upon mankind. Remember, My children and My child, I have always told you that satan can control the elements." 830521

Hidden and Waiting
"I have been at a place that I would call the wilderness. It has been a time of revealing the heart, cleansing and removing. He has said that whatever is in the heart will be manifest.
I have seen my sin like I never saw it before, clearly, unmasked.
I recall standing in my kitchen and the words came from my mouth. "Lord you have brought me here to die". That was the truth , it has been a place of dying to self, all my dreams, desires, hopes, plans, thoughts of what would or could be.  Death !
Where it is just me and the Lord, and at times even He has seemed absent. No one calls anymore, those who I thought  were friends have turned aside.
I am not fun to be with, my mind is on other things, the parties hold no pleasure for me. My desire is to hear from my Lord, to be with Him. It is His voice I long for, only His approval do I require. I believe I have been prepared all my life for "such a time as this".  I have been  blessed with the blessing of rejection. I am at the edge of  the "Red Sea". There is no possible way out, before me is the sea, behind me is bondage... And do you know what... the Lord has Led me here ! This is a place of complete dependency on Him, unless He moves I am here forever.
But, as with the Israelites, He has promised a new land, a land we will possess, flowing with milk and honey (anointing ). This is what we have to look forward to, this is what is before us, let us look past the circumstances and continue to look to our Lord ... for deliverance... but not just for us but also for those who are called by His name, the Name that is above all names... Jesus.
There is a remnant, call it a Davidic Army... that are being prepared to possess the  land, you know who you are... though others do not ... you relate to what I have said  here, I want you to KNOW... God has brought you to this place, He will bring you through. That no man will get the glory for what our Lord is about to do.
Praise be to His Name forever!

In Him Who Matters Most."

Author unknown
(Esdras, Chapter 9:
9 And thou sawest the affliction of our fathers in Egypt: and thou didst hear their cry by the Red Sea.)