Dumitru Duduman, November 7, 1993

On the 6th of November I had a dream, and then as usual I prayed and said, "If this dream is of You Lord, let me dream it one more time." Then, on the night of the 7th, God gave me the dream once again.

In my dream I heard a great commotion, and as I looked, I saw a black cloud coming. From this great darkness a man was riding on the back of a dragon. The man was Lucifer. He was yelling as loud as He could, "We are coming to make war against the holy! We come to be victorious over the holy. We will beat the holy! Victory is ours!"

Then, I saw men, women and children - yelling terrified - and running!

I saw others whom I knew were Christians getting on their knees, praying, "Lord, save us! Lord, give us victory! Send your glory! Save our lives Lord! Don't let us down! This is our last battle, when the devil wants to defeat us!"

As everyone was kneeling, and praying, suddenly I heard the devil yelling, "Grab him!" I then realized that he was referring to me. I tried to run, but I could not because my feet hurt. So I just started walking. But from behind, I heard the voice which continued to yell, "Grab him! Grab him, and let us tie him in chains because he has caused me much destruction!"

When I thought that they would grab me, all the people of God, although scared, began to cry out, "Jesus! Jesus!"

Suddenly I saw the black cloud disappear. Then two men dressed in shining clothes appeared. They were of gigantic size, because I remember I could not see their heads too well. They both spoke with thundering voices; "Do not fear. Christ is the Victor." Each of them had a book in his hands. The books, each the size of a table, were covered with gold thread. Then the two men put the books down on a great table and spoke to me saying, "Open, and read!"

I opened the first book and was told, "This is the Book of Life." The man on my left said, "Whoever finds his name in this book will be saved!" Then He said, "Open the second book!" The words "Book of the Gentiles" was scrawled on it. I opened it and began to turn page after page, upon which I saw all kinds of different names written. When I reached the end of the book, I found that there were one and three quarter pages left blank - unwritten. Then one of the two men said to me, "When the total number of the gentiles is completed, the writing in this book will be finished. At that time, what I have shown you will happen: it is then that the beast will try to do battle against the Holy. Remember what I tell you - be prepared, live a holy life, and do not think that you have much time to live on this earth! Jesus is soon returning!"

Then I began to hear a choir singing, "Jesus is returning! Jesus is returning! Be prepared, and be holy. Be ready, for the victory shall be His!" When I looked, there was a choir of angels. Their voice echoed stronger, and stronger, "Jesus is returning!"

While they were singing, the table with the books was lifted up and the two men spoke: "One of us is the angel of the Gentiles, and one of us is the angel of the people of Israel. Do not be afraid. Seek the Lord now. Time is very short and, as you saw the armies of Satan advancing, this is how it will happen." Then the two men were lifted up. I looked around to see what was happening. Everyone was crying. But they were tears of joy. Victory was ours. Then, another choir of angels appeared which began to sing, "Jesus the Savior, wants to save the people, but not those who have blasphemed, and cursed Him. Only those that have lived a clean life, and have fought for Jesus, without holding on to this life, but giving it all to Christ."

The angels once again began to sing with all sorts of instruments. They sang so beautifully! While the choir of angels sang, a garden of indescribable beauty appeared. It was very big, and in it were all kinds of flowers that gave off a lovely fragrance. The smell of the flowers was so strong it almost made me dizzy. At every corner of the garden there was an angel with a fiery sword that he swung around. I tried to go in and see what was in the garden. When I got there I was stopped and told, "No one, no foot of earthly man is allowed to enter here. Only the holy will enter. It is not your time to enter now. When you are called, that is when you will enter. Now, go back." The angel spun the sword before me, and this frightened me.

Then another choir of angels the size of children appeared. While holding hands they began to sing, "Jesus is returning! Wake up, people; be holy, for your salvation is Jesus. He is victorious!"

Their voices - their song - echoed in glorious splendor, and while they continued to sing I heard a loud noise. Everything disappeared, and I awoke.