Dumitru Duduman
The Hand That Wrote on The Sky
- March 5, 1993 -

In my dream, it was as if my family and I were in a garden and we wanted to pick flowers. We were all looking
around trying to see which flowers were the most beautiful. I looked toward the sky. As I looked at the sky, I saw the head and hand of a man. As I continued to look I saw the hand beginning to write: "Tell the people not to believe that the things I have said are fairy tales and untruths. The day of terror is fast approaching: it is close. I will not let one word that I have said go undone."

As I was reading what the hand had written, two men dressed in white suddenly appeared. They positioned themselves on each side of the head and hand. One of the men began to speak. "Tell the people to prepare, for the day of terror will soon be upon them. I will have mercy on those who today obey me: those that depart from sin and draw closer to me. I will give victory to those that will obey today." The second man spoke, saying the same words. Then everything disappeared, and again I was aware of my surroundings. I was in the garden looking at the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen. Their beauty was beyond words or description. Everything began to fade and I woke up.