Dumitru Duduman
Vision of the Mountain

June 1989 -

While I was in Wisconsin at a pastor's home, during a time of fasting and prayer, a sadness flooded me. I

went into my room and began to pray in tongues. Suddenly, a huge mountain appeared before me. Half of the mountain flourished with green trees, and the other half was barren and desolate. Then I heard a big explosion, and a powerful voice said, "California is burning! California is burning! Climb to the top of the mountain! There you will be safe!"

I was desperate because my family was not with me, but in California. So I began to call for them. I saw California engulfed in flames. I began to climb the mountain, and when I looked back, I saw my wife dragging my three grandsons by the hand. "Get up here faster so you won't burn!" I shouted. Then I saw my daughter helping her husband along, because he was afraid of falling. "Tell them not to look back," the voice called. I yelled his instructions to them, and told them to hurry so they wouldn't catch on fire.

Finally, all of us were on the top of the mountain. "Look down." the voice said. Looking down, I saw fire bursting out of the ground, while trees and houses disintegrated before my eyes. People were screaming in agony and pain. I saw some of them trying to climb up the mountain, but most of them weren't able to. Then, two men dressed in white appeared. One of them said in a loud voice, "Do you see how California is burning? This is how it will happen."

Trembling with fear, I reappeared in the pastor's backyard. Flames were erupting out of the ground, so I began to scream, "Get out of the house and climb up the mountain so you won't burn! America is burning!" Running out of the house, they screamed, "Save us, Jesus!" Confused, I saw the two men dressed in white appearing again. One of them said, "See what I have shown you? This is how it will happen. The mountain that you see before you is Jesus Christ. Those who live a holy life will be saved. When the attack comes and the country burns, only those who's names are written in the Book of Life will be saved. Remember to tell everybody what I have shown you."

When the vision ended, I told the pastor what happened and called my family right away. "Is there any fire? Has anything happened?" I asked. Hearing that nothing happened, I was overjoyed.

By standing on the mountain, we will be saved.