J. Reg King, Late 1940s


In the vision I saw things happening, and understood in my mind, as it was revealed to me, as to the location and who they were. The Russian forces were coming out of the area of the Bathurst Inlet.  I remember how astonished I was, because they were there undetected.  They had a large mobile military attack force, with heavy armour.


Then the scene changed and I saw Russian and U.S. fighter planes in aerial combat over the Alsask, Alberta area, which is near the Saskatchewan border.  The invasion route was in the general area of the Alberta and Saskatchewan border along 110 degrees longitude.  I was very amazed that hostile aircraft could get so near to the U.S. border, and not be detected and intercepted before that time.


Again the scene changed and I realized the enemy land forces to be just north of the 60th parallel, also as yet undetected, and without any resistance from either Canadian or U.S. forces.


The visionary experience was given to me in the late 1940's and I remember my absolute amazement that an enemy could penetrate so far into our beloved Canada and not be detected.  Also, lastly, a date was given to me, but not the year, which was January 26, ????  And the enemy was using bacterial or germ warfare.


Seen by J. Reg King, Box 2159, Wainwright, Alberta, T0B 4P0