Chuck Youngbrandt, 1983


When the Spirit of God took me up ‘In The Spirit’ on September, 1983 and placed me above the earth in outer space [the darkside of the earth] I was looking down on the earth [it was very dark and I could hardly make out land from sea initially] I saw the Russians accidentally fire off 12 ICBM’s [each Russian missile has a minimum of 3 nuclear warheads, some as many as 10]. I also witnessed the frantic efforts of the Russian technicians to destroy the nuclear-tipped missiles roaring skyward. Many exploded in response to the self-destruct commands given by the Russians but some did not respond and continued the roar skyward.


The Lord God had placed me just above the area where the missiles would mirv [warheads break away from the main body and begin to move downtrack to different targets in the U.S.]. I witnessed many nuclear warheads come through and saw two things, the HAND OF GOD destroyed some and at the same time we had some kind of satellite/s in orbit that fired something [whether it was a laser or some kind of missile I don’t know] and now I saw nuclear warheads being exploded to bits, one after another. One warhead was hit by a glancing blow and though it was not destroyed it now wobbled off course — this nuclear bomb was headed for New York City but would now wobble off to the north, hitting and exploding in a valley near a place called “Jones Point, New York.” This in effect spared New York City from being destroyed although it would be heavily damaged.


Following this I witnessed the remaining Russian nuclear bombs re-enter the atmosphere which burned like falling stars. Then all was quiet and the night darkness returned. Suddenly I saw and heard a “whomp” and a brilliant ball of fire exploded over a city [Lexington, Kentucky] then in quick succession three more “whomps” and three brilliant fireballs on the east coast of the U.S.A. [New York, New York; Richmond, Virginia; and Columbia, South Carolina.]


In September of 1983 GOD THE FATHER shewed me the accidental nuclear exchange between Russia and the U.S. and at the end of the vision He showed me the month of “December” as the time of year when this would happen. In 1989 Jesus told me that George Bush would be President at the time of the accidental nuclear attack. At no time did the Lord reveal what year this would happen.