This was originally posted on revivalschool.com by ShiningOne.

"This is not something I willingly share, but I feel it is from the Lord. So I am going to post it. This is what I felt the Lord has shown me. I have been heavy of heart."

"America as a Prizefighter"

[In a vision] I see America as a prizefighter. I see her in a boxing ring fighting a boxing match.She has been egging the opponent on. In reality, the opponent is God. She is egging God on, saying, "I dare ya, I dare ya" She took her first major punches on 9-11, 2001. She was hit hard, but she did not go down. She continued to challenge her opponent. Her greatest sin is PRIDE. Her pride enabled her to "take" the punch, but it did not "do her in". She kept on asking for more. She still wanted to fight. She said, "I will not be defeated"

Then hurricane Katrina came. Katrina was another "hit" from the Lord. It was another punch to the vulnerable areas. This punch has crippled her, but it has not caused her to go down. She still has "fight" in her. She "still can take another hit" she says to herself. Still, she is proud and arrogant.

Sadly, there will be more "punches" from the Lord, stronger and harder hitting. The final "punch" will be the one that "lays her out"- She gets knocked out so hard, that she is finally "flat on her back", unable to get up. She is fully unable to rouse herself. She can do absolutely nothing at this point. All the pride has been "knocked" out of her. This is the place of utter brokeness, utter humility. This is where she will finally cry out to her God, her Lord. This is the place where she will humble herself before her God and surrender in humility, and call on His name. But not until she has been utterly humbled and humiliated.

Other nations will view her humiliation. Other nations will stare, aghast, that this mighty nation has been humiliated. They will watch and view her humiliation and be stunned that this mighty nation has been brought down right before their very eyes. But she will be brought to a place of surrender before the Lord. There she will call out to her God to save her.

The churches place should be to hold steady as America recieves her "punches'". No one should be gloating at seeing her take these punches. They should be praying for her and not giving in to the despair that they see all around them. The church needs to be strong in this hour and in these coming days, just like a good coach would be there to encourage their "prizefighter". The church can't give up on America, even though she seems humiliated. The church needs to stand along side of her and hold her hands, when she is going thru these pains.

*** As a special note, the Lord has been putting a series of numbers on my heart for the last 4 months or so. It a series of "4"s. I haven't been able to figure out why. I am going out on a limb, but maybe the Lord has been showing me that America will be getting a series of "4" hits? The first two have already happened, and maybe two more are to come?  (The End)


It appears that the above vision refers to natural disasters. The next one could be the knockout punch. Could it be an earthquake in St. Lewis? Another prophet predicted shaking in St. Lewis.