Jehonadab, October 13, 2004

I had a vision while returning home from the conference this past weekend.

There was a huge angel, taller than the entire earth standing on top of it. He appeared at first eclipsed by lightnings that emanated from him and surrounded him.  This angel had a hour glass in his hand that also was eclipsed by lightning.  He then appeared as 'flesh' form.  He then straddled his legs across the entire earth in two steps. 

Each step thundered loudly and shook the entire earth. Then while he was still holding the hourglass in one hand, he had a shofar in the other.  He blew the shofar with a very tremendous blast that was very long in duration.  Then I thought he said 'time is no more.'  Immediately the hourglass he was holding was engulfed in flames.  He reared back and cast it into the earth.  The burning hourglass crashed through the earth, shattering it like as if it had been hollow.  End of vision.

I remember getting in my spirit afterwards, that the burning hourglass was some kind of tremendous global judgment.  Of course the shofar was to get attention and to warn. God revealed that that angel was the Angel of Time.