David Eels, 1995

Several years ago I prayed over our children and asked God to give a dream or vision concerning our future. God did this; and He gave Justin, my youngest son, an open vision. He saw a large ship full of people on the sea. The right side of the ship was full of people dressed in white, while on the left they were in black (like the sheep and the goats [Rom. 13:11-14 and Rev. 19:8] ). A jet plane suddenly swooped down and shot a rocket at the ship and sank it. The people in black could not swim and sank. (The water represents the curse of the Word as in Noah's case.) Those in white swam around and built a new, smaller ship with the pieces and a smaller motor. At that time God gave me the interpretation that he through judgment would separate the apostate Christians from among His people (Babylon from among true followers). He that overcometh shall thus be arrayed in white garments and I will in no wise blot his name out of the book of life (Rev.3:4,5). The Lord showed me there were two interpretations to that vision. Both the religious Babylon of apostate religion and the civil or secular Babylon of the U.S. would be like a ship sunk in the ocean! (Rev. 18:21, Jer. 51:64) But those dressed in white (Rev. 19:8, Rom. 13:11-14) will be saved.

Recently (6-96), I had two very vivid dreams. First, I saw military bases in the U.S. being bombed and strafed. In the second dream, I was on one military base and saw a massive desertion of the military. I read the minds of military leaders who were fearful and confused. I saw leaders begging their general for orders saying, "We're being attacked. We must have orders." The general replied very anxiously, "I have received no orders; I don't know what to do." I knew that this was a large-scale invasion of the U.S. I saw a group of deserters with keys in their hands looking for the military vehicles that their individual key fit. I rode with one of them as he frantically tried to get to his family in the South. An invasion front blocked his path; sadly, he had to turn around.

More recently (7-96), I saw the United States stretched out before me; and above and parallel to it, was a veil. Above the veil was a gigantic bomb hanging from a string! The United States was as if it were water teeming with fish. The fish were under the bomb, but they could not see it for the veil. It was then that I noticed a fishing pole in my hand. (Thanks, Lord, for this gift.) Standing where I was, if I caught the fish, they would be able to see the bomb and be out from under it. I live in the U.S. and have no orders to move, but I was out from under the judgment of the bomb (Ps. 91). The Lord is going to preserve through the midst of this judgment the hearers and doers of His Word (Mt. 7:24-27) because righteousness delivereth from death (Pr. 11:4,6). Afterwards God will prepare a table in the wilderness of the U.S. Then God's people will once again learn to receive deliverance, provision, and healing from Him and not from the arm of the flesh (Jer.17:5).

I visited a small church recently (my first time there),and a young Christian stood and testified that he had seen a vision. He said he saw nuclear missiles coming to the U.S. Then he saw the "Welcome to Warrington" sign, and there was nothing but a great huge crater in the area. He saw some Christians getting up off the ground, dusting themselves off, and going on. He saw this small church, which is in Warrington, with Christians inside and out. A foreign military convoy pulled up. The soldiers got out and pointed their weapons at the Christians. White spirit beings (angels) passed between the soldiers and the Christians, and the soldiers tumbled over backwards. A nuclear missile would wipe out Warrington and this church, but obviously God is saying that a "small church" would be preserved through the midst of the catastrophe. After this a lady testified that she had just seen great fireballs falling from the sky. I stood and testified of a dream and a vision of the same type as these. Another woman stood and prophesied that some standing there would be martyred for the cause of Christ. Sadly, the pastor got up the next Sunday and threw all of God's warning out the window, saying the rapture would happen first.

Wishful thinking should not get between us and the truth. In 70 A.D. the Christians who took Jesus' warning in Matthew 24:16-18 seriously were saved, and those who did not were destroyed! When the Turks invaded Armenia, the Christians who believed in the Word, dreams, visions, and prophecies escaped while over two million of those who did not were killed. In Europe before WW II, Christians of all types received dreams and visions of the coming destruction. This was well documented. Throughout Christian history God has done this before judging a country. Now it is happening all across the U.S. Many of these dreams and visions (like the ones in this writing) say clearly that the rapture will not happen before God judges the U.S. I am not talking about whether the rapture comes before or after the tribulation. God will judge the U.S. first (1 Peter 4:17), before the tribulation as an example to the world. After all, the U.S. is the leading exporter of the following evils: pornography, low-life movies, fornication, abortion, weapons of war, backslidden religion, and materialistic love of the world. So do not listen to the wishful thinkers. Listen to God and prepare your soul! Ask God to give you and your family dreams and visions about the future of the U.S. He promised He would in Acts 2:17-18. Pray and cultivate a close relationship with our Lord and learn to hear His voice.

Curt's dream #1: "In my dream I awoke to crying and screaming. Explosions of bombs were everywhere. Everyone was running trying to find a place of safety. There was no safety. No building was left standing. Nothing was recognizable. Black smoke was everywhere. No one was in charge. Everything was chaotic and crazy. Missiles were coming in from submarines off the coasts of the Atlantic and the Pacific. We didn't have a chance. It all happened so suddenly. Destruction seemed to be all over America."

On Ray Brubaker's prophecy news show, it was said that God spoke to their producer that something ominous (sign of something to come) would happen on Dec. 8th. What came to light was that the Russian nuclear missile subs were caught on the East and West Coasts, inside territorial waters, opposite our missile silos; and their attack subs were tailing our nuclear subs.

Curt's dream #2: "In this dream I awoke and was on the top of what seemed to be a lighthouse. I could see nothing but rising water across the far side of the tower. Suddenly I felt the water which had risen to my feet and was rising fast. Off to the left in the distance was a row of hills that seemed to have spotlights on them. There were some people in the tower, and I was talking to them. I don't know who they were. The next thing I knew the water covered everything, including the hills; but we who had been in the tower were on debris afloat on the water." There is a flood of destruction coming, but those abiding in the tower will be saved.

Your servant in Christ,

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