Dream Of Dying Eagle
Richard Keltner


Comment: about 2 months ago I had a dream of a dead bald eagle on the ground, this current dream is related to that dream because a girl in this dream is describing a dream she had that was similar to the dead bald eagle dream I received.

I was looking at the NYC sky line and noticed how lit up it was, as I walked closer I could not help but notice a high rise building laying on its side. As I got closer I now noticed this was not the NYC skyline but some other city, as I looked at the building laying on its side I now noticed I was standing in the middle of many fallen sky scrapers, all laying on their sides. Instantly I was now walking through a model city, like someone had made a memorial of a disaster, models of buildings about waist height, constructed of fine metal, and crafted of the finest detail. The model buildings that were laying on their sides looked as if they were blown down on their sides by some force.

I now looked harder at the model sky scrapers, some fallen and some still standing, they were not all blown down. As I looked up, I now realized I was standing in the CNN studio where they were broadcasting a show live called "what could happen." I couldn't help but notice the setup of the show was like a current show on CNN called "talkback live." What also came to mind is that all the people in the show were unsaved and were sharing dreams and visions. The model city was around the people in the studio and as I watched a girl about 14-15 years old was explaining her dream about how she saw buildings blown down and a bald eagle that was wounded and laying on the ground. I was now aware that I was with a few of my friends I preach with on the streets here in NYC, and I said to one of them, this is very similar to a dream I had where I saw a bald eagle laying on the ground dead.

As I continued to watch I was now seeing everything on a video monitor that was broadcasting LIVE on CNN. As she explained her dream a bald eagle was shown on the video monitor laying on the ground with a wound on its neck, blood was coming from the wound and the eagle was trying to get up off the ground. At this point I became sick in the dream and started to weep and felt like becoming sick because I was so tormented watching this great bird suffer, even though it had a fatal wound it still had very powerful wings and I watched and was amazed how wide it could spread its wings, they were very strong and the eagle lifted its body up to the point that it was almost standing, as I saw this I wept so much because I love animals so much and this was really hurting me so bad to watch.

I knew that the eagle did not know how fatal this wound was on its neck and its white gorgeous feathers were now becoming red with blood, even though it was so hurt it still knew it must get back into flight because it knew the longer it stayed on the ground the more danger it was in. As I watched my stomach was in pain, and I tried to stop weeping, as I looked on I thought to myself what a mighty bird this is and how powerful this bird is, this is not normal to see a bird of such power like this laying on its side. How did this happen? I asked myself. as I looked on the eagle slowly let down its wing it had stood itself up on in its last effort to stand. It fought for its life to the last minute but became too weak to stand anymore from loss of blood and fell on its side.

This dream does not need much interpretation. I will say that I am still feeling sick from this dream. I was ripped apart inside watching this mighty eagle suffer a slow death. The bald eagle is United States and the wound very well might be an attack that will bring this country to its knees. And when this happens we will all have this gut wrenching feeling like I had watching this bird of prey in its effort to stay alive. I'm sure many of you will get added interpretation after reading this dream. I will also like to point out that the name of the show in the dream was called "what could happen," so this would indicate that this type terror can be prevented if this nation will humble itself.

The fact that I was watching the eagle die broadcasting LIVE from a CNN show reveals that the entire world will witness this destruction and be amazed and shocked that this mighty bird of prey was down for the count. Please pray for our president, and please pray for our leaders to call this nation to repentance. If the church will rise up now when the warning signs are before us and take a stand, most importantly I feel is to join together in an effort to call a solemn assembly this type terror can be avoided. I believe America is in trouble and we are drawing nearer to a calamity that is going to come suddenly, when I do not know. Please pray about this dream and ask the Lord for direction in helping prevent such a calamity from coming to our land.

The day I had this dream I slipped in my audio Bible CD in my car and listened as I drove, I was instantly quickened to Isaiah 47 and God showed me that this chapter relates to America, I was quickened to it because I also recently had a dream of explosions taking place over NYC city with two f-15 fighters. In the dream I watched this happen from my back yard; after the explosion I saw astrologers and psychics running for their lives holding their display signs with their fees. These were astrologers and psychics I normally see on 42nd street because we witness in that area often in Manhattan; this is where they solicit people to do their witchcrafts on for a fee. They were running for their lives in the dream and God showed me in (Isaiah 47) what was going on now. God is going to shake up all the nonsense that we (the church) allowed to build up: witchcrafts, abortions, militant homosexually, pride etc., allowing organizations like the "ACLU" rip God from our school systems and our lives. The damage is done, we just have to figure out a way out of this real soon.

ISAIAH 47:9 But these two things shall come to thee in a moment in one day, the loss of children, and widowhood: they shall come upon thee in their perfection for the multitude of thy sorceries, and for the great abundance of thine enchantments.

I am nothing more than a street minister, I really do not know why God is showing me things like this, maybe He is showing me that I have to work faster in the streets to bring in more souls? I am not happy about what I have seen coming to America, and I beg of you to pray and seek God for direction, it seems He has to shake us because we have gone too far. Maybe we can bargain with HIM to delay this? if we take action now to raise our voices against the sins of this nation, also inspire more of us to go out to the highways and byways to win souls. I have also noticed that God is really reaching out to the unsaved on His own! I have heard or 2 unsaved people this week that received end-time dreams, because of the dream they are now considering seeking God. So God has started an evanglizing program of His own it seems! Praise HIM. Revival will come one way or the other, it will come while America is on her knees as a Third world country or if the church right now does something radical real fast because the clock is ticking for these things to be loosed on our land. The church needs to join together in a massive effort now.

Your brother in Christ, Richard Keltner www.nextcrusade.com