Nita Johnson, July 28, 1998

While in prayer on July 28, I saw a vision. I saw a great beast with huge jaws, and sharp teeth, such as a great dragon would have. Its fingers were bony with long talons or claws. It looked like a monstrous dark cloud and was moving at a moderate pace to engulf all of Russia. It was coming up from the south and moving upon the north fully intending to take complete dominion over all of Russia.

I was at length given to see its heart, and motivation. It was on a path of conquering to destroy. Its heart was one of steal hatred for the Russian people. Through lust, pride, anger and hate it would cause the Russian people to once again rise up against the Christians and Jews to persecute and murder them. Its hope was to utterly wipe out anything that had anything to do with God and the Light. So, his plan was to incite in the heart of the people a venomous heart of murder to accomplish his goal of obliterating both. His hatred however, for the Russian people at large was as great as it was for the church for instance, it was just different.

I also saw the hearts of the government leaders. They had absolutely no care for the people. Power was the driving motivation of their activities. The more this evil power overtakes Russia, the more this will be true. I would only know how to equate what I saw to someone like Hitter. It was fearful to see this national possession take place. The Russian Christians and Jews are already going through so much, it seems incomprehensible that they could go through more. Admittedly, the knowledge of this approaching great persecution is not new. But, I now have a little clearer insight into it, and see that it is now eminent.

The Lord called it: "the horror of great darkness." As this evil presence continued to move over the nation, I saw famine and great hunger, until the nation looked like an emaciated child that was dying of hunger.

As my heart filled with mercy for the Christians, Jews, and those who would be evoked into being the persecutors alike, Jesus strongly impressed me, to call the people into His hiding place and protection. Further, I prayed that as many as could would leave the nation. I was overwhelmed with the Lord's sadness and compassion for the people as I wept with Him. Needless to say, Russia needs our prayers and heartfelt tears before God. Please remember that God's hand of mercy is still extended to the Russian people and there are yet many to be saved.

Isaiah 5:8-24