Sub Attack Dream

William Haak

Dream/vision Sub Attack On Coast Of CA.

On the onset I would just like to go on record as saying I don’t tend to read much of other peoples righting or listen to other peoples tapes and so forth because having been a Pastor and Therapist in LA. I found that it colored my judgments about others. So this is a practice I tend to maintain just as a force of habit. However the reason for righting this is because God is speaking a message to us. It’s not my job to choose what he reveals or why just to speak what he is revealing if and when he wants it revealed. I have heard that others have spoken visions like this. When this happens to you then you are confronted by it and have to respond.

On June 18th I had a dream in a series of dreams; however I awoke from this one yelling, "It will come by submarines." I have never had this happen to me before. My wife woke up and said, "What are you yelling about?" And I said it again; "It will come by submarines." "And really won’t be good"... in a quieter crying voice… I repeated this several times as the waves of horror crashed over me from witnessing complete annihilation from missiles. It was not possible to convey the feeling of this. The best I could do was repeat the something over and over.

In the dream I remember being in a submarine and heading to what seemed to be to the coast of California. Then as land was spotted missiles were deployed to some metropolitan city. It sort of felt like LA. And as a result of a judgment on LA. The fire was incomprehensible as it flew like waves of the ocean consuming anything and everything.

The feeling of futility as fire flew in all directions. Fire licked clean anything in it’s reach instantly. Running to save yourself was futile you ran into more fire. The feeling of horror was so tremendous that I somehow sat up in bed yelling. As I said before this has never happened to me. However there has been a steady increase of dreams. Almost daily and most of them have had a spiritual direction or application. I have been told that other people also have witnessed things like this. Both in the past and more frequently in the present. Obviously this is warning of what is to come. Unless repentance and purging on hardened heart’s tip’s the scale of judgment and abates much disaster.

William T. Haak