Surprise Attack

Marcus Simpson

I wanted to share a dream I had last night. It may be a warning, it may be nothing at all. However, I do not want to be found disobedient by not sharing a dream with others. I am a faithful Christian, American citizen, husband and father and totally committed to Jesus Christ.

In the dream, I was near a large city. I don't know what city, but I knew I was in the United States and I remember tall skyscrapers and a hazy blue clear sky. I also remember tall blue smoked window skyscrapers, a bridge and a lake or a body of water. I was in a shopping center when I heard a loud blast coming from downtown. I turned to see what it was, and saw a small white cloud rising from one of the buildings. The building was still standing as I watched the white cloud slowly shift in the breeze. It was quite a distance away, but I remember thinking it was terrorism related. Then all of a sudden, a blinding light flashed from the middle of the city.

It lit up the whole sky. As the light faded, my fears were realized when I saw an orange-gray mushroom shaped cloud rise up out of the city. I watched in horror as entire skyscrapers literally disappeared in the huge fireball explosion. I watched frightened, stunned, speechless and amazed. I witnessed its wave of destruction coming toward me at a high rate of speed even though I was many miles away from the blast. I knew I only had seconds to find shelter, so I turned to run and saw a landry mat close by and ran full speed toward it. As I ran, I saw others looking at the blast, but not realizing that the shock wave was on its way. I entered the laundry mat and heard this unexplainable loud roaring noise. That's when I woke up. Visually, this dream was extremely disturbing, and I didn't go back to sleep.

I realize that some believe that America is not mentioned in Bible prophecy. I realize that some believe that America may be the whore riding the beast in Revelation. Either way, one thing is clear. We must pray for our nation, our President and our leaders for divine protection. Our might, our power cannot protect us. Only the Spirit of God can direct us in the right path. It's evident from the 2000 Presidential election that America is being weighed in the balances and I pray that what happened on September 11, 2001 IS NOT a type and shadow of what's to come. I know that these tribulation-like events are happening when the church is still here, but know that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but power, love and a sound mind, and He is perfecting us (the church) everyday. Even though iniquity does abound, make sure your love does not wax cold. Peace.

Marcus Simpson