Ed W., March 1998


The Lord is speaking.  Heaven waits for this quake.  It will signal His judgment.

I was praying in 1998 and the Lord gave me a vision of a white wagon wheel that was halfway embedded in the earth, and standing at an angle to the ground. The wheel was located in such a position that in the area where it touched the surface of the ground, 5 states were "cut" by the edge of the wheel.

The shape that the area made on the ground was an ellipse that was about 100 miles wide and 300 miles long. The top part of the area was located in the Missouri boot-heel and the bottom part in the top part of Mississippi.

The states of Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi were being touched by the edge of the wheel.

The wheel had white spokes and some of them looked broken or very worn, on the part that was visible. I knew that the other part was hidden below the ground and I never saw it. The angle was about 20 degrees slanted on the wheel.

There is something going on under the ground that we cannot see that will produce this quake. Old things above the ground have been visible for a long time and have been neglected, but the other part of the wheel are still there.

As I looked at the wheel and the area that it touched, I knew there would be an earthquake that would affect the areas mentioned, but I did not know when. The earthquake will be severe and affect many states.


Later, the Lord gave me a vision of Springfield, Missouri. I saw Springfield, or the area near that location in southwest Missouri from above, and it looked like an area of concentric rings moving out from Springfield. The Lord drew me closer and I saw the ground rolling like waves of the ocean, and on top of one of the waves was a clock, with the hands at 6:00 and then again at 12:00 and then at 6:00 and again at 12:00, indicating a 6 hour time difference between a warning quake and the major quake. The waves went on for some time and I saw that a wide area was affected by the quake. I know nothing of the geological status of Springfield. I am simply relating what God gave me. I do not know if any fault lines run through the area or if it even matters.

The Lord then said 3 things would identify this quake
  - It will be called the Springfield quake
  - It will be said audibly or in the newspapers, "The ground was like the waves of the ocean."
  - There will be 6 hours between the first quake and second quakes, and concentric rings will mark the spot on maps, like an atomic bomb.


While visiting in Northeast Arkansas in 2000, we had the opportunity to pick up my granddaughter at her new school. As we pulled into the parking lot, I saw a WHEEL buried one half into the ground at a 20 degree angle! I said to my wife, "Look at that!" She said, "Wow!" I asked her if she remembered the wagon wheel vision and she said "Yes."  Then as we pulled further into the playground area, off to our left was a wheel lying flat on the ground. I said, "Do you believe this?"  I got out of the car, and positioned myself at the "southern" end of the wheel that was slanted into the ground and looked to find the wheel lying flat on the ground. If the wheel standing at an angle was the reference, the round wheel lying flat on the ground was at the same location as Springfield, Missouri.

The Springfield quake may trigger the New Madrid quake or visa versa, but they are connected.

Ed W.