Cindy Jacobs - A Warning to America

Friday, July 27, 2001

"For the Lord would say, 'I have brought you here at a pivotal hinge of history, and I would say to you, My people in the United States do not realize how much they need mercy. For even this nation stands upon a precipice,' says the Lord, 'and there is a time that I will either give this nation wings like eagles or they will plummet. For there is judgment at the gate that you do not even fully realize. For there is only so long that I, the God of justice, can wink at injustice. And I would say, you must fill the cup of justice and empty the injustice.

For this is a season where there is a divine trade going on in the heavens - justice for injustice. Do not think that I will allow the economy of this nation to remain as it is if My people do not understand that there must be liberty for those whom there is no liberty. And I would say to you , you do not know how to cry out because My people do not know and feel the brunt of it until many times it is almost too late. But I have called you here tonight to begin to fill the cup of mercy and the cup of justice.'

And the Lord says, 'Over the next 30 days there is a deciding moment... a moment of decision as to what I will do with this nation,' says the Lord. 'Do not take lightly what I have brought you here to do. Cry out not only for yourselves, but for you children and grandchildren. Cry out! For you have not seen in this generation a great depression,' says the Lord, 'you do not know what it is like to find work and not to be able to feed your children, but I say to you,' says the Lord, 'you are at a pivotal time in history where either there will be great revival in this nation or a great depression, 'says the Lord."