Recently, I had a very strange dream, and prayed for interpretation, this is what I received:

I was in two story house, on the ground floor in an easy chair reading a newspaper. I heard on the radio that a tornado warning was in effect, and several tornadoes had been sighted in the area. I thought to myself, "There are always tornado warnings and sightings in these parts, but I've never actually seen one myself..." and ignored it.

Suddenly, the wind outside whipped up, and I went to the front porch. The house was on a great plain, and I could that several miles away an enormous tornado was devastating the town. There was a small boy about six years old in the house (odd as I don't have any children) and I shouted to him, "Get in the basement, NOW! It's the only place that is safe!" Instead, he immediately ran out in the front yard shouting, "You can't tell me what to do, you can't tell me what to do, I am going to do what I want!" He ran off, and as I about to give chase, a tornado came directly into the front yard and the thought came to me, "If I chase him, we will both die!" Suddenly realizing the child had disappeared from sight, I ran to the basement.

For a great while the storm lashed the house and several times the noise was so great I was sure the house would collapse and I would perish. Suddenly, there was a great calm. When the calm came, I looked out a window, and saw an automobile high in a tree. There was a man behind the wheel frantically gesturing, and all I could think was that if the vehicle fell, he'd fall with it and be seriously injured. As I wondered how I could help him, I realized that he had no choice but to abandon the car to reach safety.

Suddenly the wind roared again, and the automobile and it's driver were swept away. To my amazement, the tree the car had been in was completely unharmed; not a twig broken. All I could think was that the man's refusal to abandon the car cost him his life.

Again the winds raged, and again I retired to the basement, again worried the entire house would collapse, and I would perish in the end. Eventually, the storm was over. Several family members and I spent days cleaning up fallen branches and debris strewn in the yard. The house's fascia was damaged, but the house suffered nothing serious.

The police came to investigate the disappearance of the boy, and his body was discovered in a rain drain. Several days had passed, and the corpse was quite decomposed, but the police identified the boy by his teeth.

Investigators concluded he suffered a severe blow to the left side of the head, then ran immediately to the drain, curled into a fetal position, then died.

Lastly, I saw myself before a judge, being investigated for the boy's death. I began by telling the judge the boy was incorrigible, and utterly refused to listen. I greatly feared she would prosecute me for not doing more to save the child, but to my amazement, she just nodded her head and listened. No charges were filed.

This is the interpretation:

God's judgment is falling upon the land (the church in America in particular.) The warnings on the radio were the decades of warnings God has sent America through prophets and Bible teachers. I ignored them thinking there have always been warnings because it is written, "In the last days many will say, Where is the sign of Christ's appearing? All things continue the same since our forefather's day." America has been hearing warnings for so long, we just don't take them seriously anymore. We yawn and go about our business thinking, "I've heard this all before, but nothing comes of it..."

The tornadoes represent God's Judgments, they have come to America, and they will come again (see the part about the sudden stillness, and then the winds begin to rage a second time...)

The house represented being found in Christ. If the boy had stayed in the house, he would have been unharmed as the house suffered only superficial damage. The boy represented the average American Christian (I am persuaded this dream was for America, and American Christians in particular.) Their attitude is quite plain, "No one is going to tell us what to do; we shall do as we please!" Open defiance against an authoritative word is their normal behavior. I am persuaded the word to "get in the basement" represents prophets and teachers God has sent into churches, and they've been wholly mocked, scorned, and ignored. The days are coming that people who ignore the prophets will suffer great hardships, even losing their lives. God speaks to us to show us how to avoid disaster, not to lord or dictate over us ruthlessly.

The blow to the left side of the head was significant, it occurred to me that the Born Again Believer sits on His RIGHT hand, thus the left side of the head is facing Christ (see Ephesians chapters 1 and 3.) It also occurred to me that portion of the skull is where the speech centers are, and I was impressed judgment does indeed fall from God when we won't listen to His Words.

The man in the car represented those that attempt to flee the Wrath to come in their own strength. I was impressed the car represented religious works, churches, church organization, and religious institutions. Many people believe regular church attendance and religious observation will save them. Nothing can be further from the truth. They believe the church (organized religion) has the power to save them. Remember, I could only think that the man would have been saved had he just forsaken the car! But he was determined he would not! I am impressed organized religion in America is a "sinking ship" and those that won't abandon ship are going down with her! Depart from her (don't trust in her to save you, she won't, and can't, even if she wanted to) for only Christ's Blood shed at Calvary can save! Trust in Him and Him alone.

The final part was a personal message to me. I often fear that I will stand before Him and be blamed for not doing more to help such persons, but God knows that NO ONE can help the disobedient and rebellious. Only they can choose to repent, and that is a matter of free will.

13 Oct 2004
From: "Millington, Doyle H