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28 Aug 2002

"Coming Street Revival in America" -Lynn Ridenhour (Kansas City, USA).

I am 59 years old, have walked with the Lord now since I was sixteen. I had a recent vision and the Lord wants me to share it with you.

I don't have many visions. I've had one or two my entire life. Once I saw (and heard!) a choir of angels singing. It was the most indescribable melodious sound I had ever heard. No earthy sound even comes close. The angels were dressed in white robes, suspended in mid air about five feet off the ground. They were in a semi circle, in five rows. Out of the blue they began singing to me and I immediately began weeping. The room filled with melody. I could actually feel the melody - it was heavenly sounds these ears had never, ever heard before. I stood there weeping uncontrollably as I was serenaded by heaven's best. It happened at work one night while I was working the graveyard shift.

On August 18th, 2002, I had my third vision.

Dennis Betz, friend of mine, asked my family and me to worship with his family. They attend Cornerstone Church in Blue Springs, MO, a wonderful praise & worship fellowship, the majority of its members in their teens and twenties. These young people don't stand around during worship service, inattentive, waiting impatiently for the service to end. They're in to it. Hands & hearts are raised to heaven, expecting. The service is actually led by young people. It was a sight to see.

I had my hands raised, my eyes lifted toward heaven, and my heart was wide open. Then it happened. My eyes were no longer seeing the ceiling. The ceiling disappeared. It was like-I had turned on a huge big video and was watching it. With these eyes I saw John Bayley playing his electric guitar on stage in an outdoor amphitheater surrounded by hundreds of young people standing in an wide open field holding their instruments. Waiting for instructions. As if to join in with John when he gave the command. The scene was electrifying. Charged with God.

I saw an army of young people being commissioned by the Holy Spirit to take their instruments to the streets. God was sending a street revival with young people leading the way. They would march through the streets of cities, playing their instruments under the direct command of God, anointed with the Spirit of Praise & Worship. The power of God would fall in cities and miracles would happen. In the streets. It was God's way... They will play "melody unto the Lord" as they sing and dance in the streets. And the power of God will fall.


This vision agrees with what Andrew Strom has been predicting. I recommed his book, "The Coming Street Revival."