Future Prophecies Revealed.

"The soul fortunately, has an interpreter - often an unconscious, but still a truthful interpreter - in the eye." Charlotte Brontė

St. Methodius, ( 385)

: Rise of a Great European Monarch who "... will crush the foes of Christianity."...."A time will come when the enemies of Christ will boast; "We have sujected the earth and all its inhabitants, and the Christians cannot escape our hands." Then a Roman emperor will rise in fury against them...Drawing his sword he will fall on the foes of Christianity and crush them. Then peace and quiet will reign on earth, and the priests will be relieved of their anxieties.In the last period Christians will not appreciate the great grace of God who provided a Great Monarch, a long duration of peace, a splendid fertility of the earth. They will be very ungrateful, lead a sinful life, in pride, vanity, unchastity, frivolity, hatred, avarice, gluttony and many other vices the the sins of men will stink more than a pestilence before God. Many men will doubt whether the Catholic faith is the true and only saving one and whether the Jews are perhaps correct when they still expect the Messias. Many will be the false teachings and bewilderment. The just God will in consequence give Lucifer and all his devils power to come on earth and tempt his godless creatures"

Mohammed (570?-632)

: Prophet and founder of Islam, declared by the Angel Gabriel to be the only Prophet of the living God. It is said that while in a trance, he dictated the message of the Islamic holy book the Qu'ran.. The foundation of the Islamic chronological system was established when he was forced to flee Mecca and travel to the city of Medina after pagan factions threatened to assassinate him. Later, he made Mecca his holy city, destroying pagan images, giving amnesty to his enemies, and dedicating the Kaaba to Allah, the God of Islam.

The Koran, 82:1" When the sky is rent asunder, when the stars scatter and the oceans roll together, when the graves are hurled about, each soul shall know what it has done and what it has failed to do. "

"Signs of Qiyamah" "Qiyamah will come... * When it will be regarded as a shame to act on Quranic injunctions. * When untrustworthy people will be regarded as trustworthy and the trustworthy will be regarded as untrustworthy. * When it will be hot in winter (and vice versa). * When the length of days is stretched, i.e. a journey of a few days is covered in a matter of hours. * When orators and lecturers lie openly. * When people dispute over petty issues. * When women with children come displeased on account of them bearing offspring, and barren women remain happy on account of having no responsibility of offspring. * When oppression, jealousy, and greed become the order of the day. * When people blatantly follow their passions and whims. * When lies prevail over the truth. * When violence, bloodshed and anarchy become common. * When immorality overtakes shamelessness and is perpetrated publicly. * When legislation matters pertaining to Deen is handed over to the worst elements of the Ummat, and if people accept them and are satisfied with their findings, then such persons will not smell the fragrance of Jannat. * When the offspring become a cause of grief and anger (for their parents).* Music and musical instruments will be found in every home. * People will indulge in homosexuality. *

There will be an abundance of illegitimate children. * There will be an abundance of critics, tale-carriers, back- biters and taunters in society. * People will establish ties with strangers and sever relations with their near and dear ones. * Hypocrites will be in control of the affairs of the community and evil, immoral people will be at the helm of business establishments. * The Masjid will be decorated, but the hearts of the people will be devoid of guidance. * The courtyards of Masjids will be built beautifully and high mimbars (pulpits) will be erected.* Gangsters and evil people will prevail. * Various wines will be consumed excessively.

Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) "Count six things before the advent of Qiyamah:

1 My death -2 The conquest of Jerusalem -3 Mass deaths amongst you people, just as when sheep die in large numbers during an epidemic -4 Abundance of wealth to such an extent that if a person were to be given a hundred Dinars he will still not be satisfied -5 General anarchy and bloodshed, that no Arab household will be spared from it -6 Then a life of peace as a result of a peace agreement between you and the Banil Asfaar (Romans) which they will break and attack you with a force consisting of eighty flags and under each flag will be an army of twelve thousand men." (Hadith: Sahih Bukhari)."Islam will spread far and wide, across the seas. Horses will cross the land and seas in the cause of Jihaad. Then a time will come wherein a group of people will emerge which recites the Quraan. They will claim, 'We have recited

the Quraan and is there anyone who understands the Quraan better than us? There is NO ONE more proficient than us in the study of the Quraan.'


Merlin (5th Century)

: England's most famous prophet, known for his ability to foresee the future. According to the sixth- century chronicler, Nennius, Merlin was born from the union of a nun and a spirit lover. He was brought up as a fatherless child in a priestly family, his abilities allowing him to save his mother from execution because of her union with the spirit lover (or demon.) Merlin represents the quintessential wizard mythically empowered and immortalized in the legend of King Arthur's court, a bridge between pagan and Celtic ways.

"Merlin saith that in England shall be seen strange things, as preaching of traitors, great rain and wind, great hunger among the common people, great oppression of blood, great imprisonment of many men and great battle; so that there shall be few or no quiet place to abide in; the Prince shall forsake men of the church, Lords shall forsake righteousness, counsel of the aged shall not be set by; religious men and women shall be thrust out of their houses; the common people for fear shall not know

which way to turn; parents shall be hated by their children, men of worship shall have no reverence of others; adultery shall abound among all; with more ill than I can tell of, from which God us defend." [From Sunday Prophecies of Merlin, Becket, and Others, Author Unknown, published in London in 1652.]

"Luxury shall overspread the land, and fornication shall not cease to debauch mankind. Famine shall then return, and the inhabitants shall grieve for the destruction of their cities. In those days the oaks of the forests shall burn, and acorns grow upon lime trees! The Severn sea shall discharge itself through seven mouths, and the river Usk burn for seven months! Fishes shall die in the heat thereof, and from them serpents will be born."

"The baths of Badon [hot springs of Bath] shall grow cold, and their salubrious waters engender death! London shall mourn for the death of twenty thousand, and the river Thames shall be turned to blood! The monks in the cowls shall be forced to marry, and their cry shall be heard upon the mountains of the Alps."

"The seas shall rise up in the twinkling of an eye, and the dust of the ancients shall be restored." [From The History of the Kings of Britain, The Prophecies of Merlin by Geoffrey of Monmouth.]

The cult of religion shall be destroyed completely, and the ruin of the churches shall be clear for all to see. The race that is oppressed shall prevail in the end, for it will resist the savagery of the invaders. The Boar of Cornwall shall bring relief from these invaders, for it will trample the necks beneath its feet. The islands of the Ocean shall be given into the power of the Boar, and it shall lord it over the forests of Gaul. The House of Romulus shall dread the Boar's savagery, and the end of the Boar will be shrouded in mystery. The Boar shall be extolled in the mouths of its peoples, and its deeds will be as meat and drink to those who tell tales.

Six of the Boar's descendants shall hold the sceptre after it, and next after them will rise up the German Worm. The Sea-wolf shall exalt the Worm, and the forests of Africa shall be committed to its care. Religion shall be destroyed a second time and the sees of the primates will be moved to other places. London's high dignity shall adorn Durobernia, and the seventh pastor of York will be visited in the realm of Armorica. Menevia shall be dressed in the pall of the City of the Legions, and thepreacher from Ireland shall be struck dumb by a child still growing in the womb.

A shower of blood shall fall, and a dire famine shall afflict mankind. The Red One will grieve for what has happened, but after an immense effort it will regain its strength. Calamity will next pursue the White One, and the buildings in its little garden will be torn down. Seven who hold the sceptre shall perish, one of them being canonised. The bellies of mothers shall be cut open, and babies will be born prematurely. Men will suffer most grievously, in order that those born in the country may regain power. He who will achieve these things shall appear as the Man of Bronze, and for long years he shall guard the gates of London upon a brazen horse. Then the Red Dragon will revert to its true habits and struggle to tear itself to pieces. Next will come the revenge of the Thunderer, and every one of the farmer's fields will be a disappointment. Death will lay hold of the people and destroy all the nations.

Those who are left alive will abandon their native soil and will sow their seeds in the fields of others. A king who is blessed will fit out a navy and will be reckoned the twelfth in the court among the saints. The realm shall be deserted in the most pitiful way, and the harvest threshing floors will be overgrown once more by forests rich in fruit. Once again the White Dragon shall rise up and will invite over a daughter of Germany. Our little garden will be stocked again with foreign seed, and the Red Dragon will pine away at the far end of the pool. After that the German Worm shall be crowned, and the Prince of brass will be buried. A limit was set for him, beyond which he was powerless to pass. For a hundred and fifty years he shall remain in anguish and subjection, and then for three hundred more he shall sit enthroned. The North Wind will rise against him, snatching away the flowers which the West Wind has caused to bloom. There will be gilding in the temples, but the sword's cutting edge will not cease its work. The German Dragon will find it hard to escape to its cavernous lairs, for vengeance for its treason will overtake it. In the end it will become strong again just for a short time, but the decimation of Normandy will be a sorry blow. There shall come people dressed in wood and in iron corselets who will take vengeance on it for its wickedness. This people shall give their dwelling back to the earlier inhabitants, and the destruction of foreigners will be clear for all to see.

The seed of the White Dragon shall be rooted up from our little gardens and what is left of its progeny shall be decimated. They shall bear the yoke of perpetual slavery, and they will wound their own mother with their spades and ploughshares. Two more Dragons shall follow, one of which shall be killed by the sting of envy, but the second will return under the cover of authority. The Lion of Justice shall come next, and at its roar the towers of Gaul shall shake and the island Dragons tremble. In the days of this Lion, gold shall be squeezed from the lily-Bower and the nettle, and silver shall flow from the hooves of lowing cattle. They who have had their hair waved shall dress in woolen stuffs of many colours, and the outer garment shall be an index of the thoughts within. The feet of they that bark shall be cut. Wild animals shall enjoy peace, but mankind will bewail the way in which it is being punished. The balance of trade shall be tom in half; and the half that is left shall be rounded off. Kites will lose their ravenous hunger, and the teeth of wolves will be blunted. The Lion's cubs shall be transformed into salt-water fishes, and the Eagle of Mount Aravia shall nest upon a summit. Venedotia shall be red with the blood of mothers, and the house of Corineus will slaughter six brothers. The island will lie sodden with the tears of the night-time, and everyone will be encouraged to try to do everything. Those who are born later shall strive to fly over even the most lofty things, but the favour givento the newcomers will be loftier even than that. Piety will frown upon the man who has inherited goods from the impious; that is, until he takes his style of dress from his own father. Girded around with a wild boar's teeth, he shall climb over the mountain summits and higher than the shadow of the Helmeted Man. Albany will be angry: calling her near neighbours to her, she shall give herself entirely to bloodshed. Between her jaws there will be found a bit which was forged in the Bay ofArmorica.

The eagle of the Broken Covenant shall paint it with gold and will rejoice in her third nesting. The cubs shall roar as they keep watch; they will forsake the forest groves and come hunting inside the walls of cities. They will cause great slaughter among any who oppose them, and the tongues of bulls shall they slice off. They shall load with chains the necks of the roaring ones and live again the days of their forefathers. Thereafter, from the first to the fourth, from the fourth to the third, from the third to the second shall the thumb be rolled in oil.

The sixth shall throw down the walls of Ireland and transmute its forests into a level plain. The sixth shall unite the different parts into one whole, and he shall be crowned with the head of a lion. His beginning will yield to his own unstable disposition, but his end shall soar up towards those on high. He shall restore the dwellings of the saints throughout the lands and settle the pastors in places which befit them. Two towns shall he cover with funeral palls and to virgins he will present virgin gifts. By doing this he will earn the favour of the Thunderer, and he will be placed among the blessed. From him there will emerge a She-lynx, and this will nose its way into all things and strive for the downfall of its own race. Because of the She-lynx Normandy will lose both its isles and be deprived of its former dignity. Then the island's inhabitants shall return to it, for a great dissension will arise among the foreigners. A hoary old man upon a mow-white horse shall divert the River Periron, and above the stream he will measure out a mill with his white rod. Cadwallader shall summon Conanus and shall make an alliance with Albany. Then the foreigners shall be slaughtered, and the rivers will run with blood.

The mountains of Armorica shall erupt, and Armorica itself shall be crowned with Brutus' diadem. Kambria shall be filled with joy, and the Cornish oaks shall flourish. The island shall be called by the name of Brutus, and the title given to it by the foreigners shall be done away with. From Conanus there shall descend a fierce Boar,

which will try the sharpness of its tusks in the forests of Gaul, for it will lop down all the larger oak trees, taking care to protect the smaller ones. The Arabs shall dread this Boar and so shall the Africans, for the impetus of its onslaught will carry it into the remotest parts of Spain. Next after the Boar shall come the Ram of the Castle of Venus, with golden horns and a beard of silver. It will breathe such a fog from its nostrils that the entire surface of the island will be overshadowed by it. In the days of the Ram there shall be peace, and the harvests will be plentiful because of the richness of the soil. Women shall become snake-like in their gait, and every step they take will be full arrogance. The Castle of Venus will be restored, and Cupid's arrows will continue to wound. The source of the River Amne shall turn into blood, and two kings will fight each other at the Ford of the Staff for the sake of a Lioness. All the soil will be fruitful beyond man's need; and human beings will fornicate unceasingly.

Three generations will witness all that I have mentioned, and then the kings buried in the town of London will be disinterred. Famine will return, and death, and citizens will grieve for their townships. The Boar of Commerce shall come and call back the scattered flocks to the feeding ground which they have forsaken. Its breast will be as food to the hungry, and its tongue will assuage the thirst of those who are dry.

From its mouth shall flow forth rivers which will water the parched gullets of men. Then a Tree shall spring up on the top of the Tower of London. It will be content with only three branches, and yet it will overshadow the whole length and breadth of the island with the spread of its leaves. The North Wind will come as the Tree's enemy, and with its noxious breath it will tear away the third of the branches. The two branches which are left will occupy the place of the one ripped off: this until one of them destroys the other by the very abundance of its leaves. This last branch will fill the place of the other two, and it will offer a roosting place to birds come from foreign parts. To birds native to the country it will seem harmful, for through their dread of its shadow they will lose their power of free flight.

The Ass of Wickedness will come next, swift against the goldsmiths, but slow against the wolves' ravenous appetites. In these days the oaks shall burn in the forest glades, and acorns shall burgeon on the lime trees' boughs. The Severn Sea shall flow forth through seven mouths, and the River Usk shall be boiling hot for seven months. Its fish will die because of the heat, and from them serpents will be born. The baths shall grow cold at Bath, and its health-giving waters shall breed death. London shall mourn the death of twenty thousand, and the Thames will be turned into blood. Monks in their cowls shall be forced into marriage, and their lamentation will be heard on the mountain peaks of the Alps. Three springs shall burst forth in the town of Winchester, and the streams which run from them will divide the island into three parts.

Whoever will drink from the first will enjoy long life and will never be afflicted by the onslaught of illness.

Whoever will drink from the second shall perish from insatiable hunger: pallor and dread will be clear to see on his face. Whoever will drink from the third shall die a sudden death. And it will not be possible for his body to be buried. In their effort to avoid so voracious a death, fit men will do their best to cover it over from layers of different materials, but whatever structure is placed on top will immediately take on the form of another substance. As soon as they are placed there, earth will be turned to stones, stones to liquid, wood into ashes, ashes into water. However from a town in Canute's forest, a girl shall be sent to remedy these matters by her healing art.

Once she has consulted all the oracles, she shall dry up the noxious springs simply by breathing on them. Next, when she has restored her own strength by some invigorating drink, she shall carry the Forest of Caledon in her right hand, and in her left the buttressed forts of the walls of London. Wherever she passes she shall leave sulphurous footprints which will reek with a double flame. The smoke from them will stir up the Ruteni and will provide food for the creatures who live in the sea.

Tears of compassion shall flow from her eyes and will fill the island with her dreadful cries. He that will kill her shall be a stag of ten tines, four of which will bear golden coronets; the other six will be turned into the horns of oxen, and these horns will rouse the three islands of Britain with their accursed bellowing. The Daneian Forest shall be wakened from its sleep and, burst into human speech, it shall shout, "Kambria, come here; bring Cornwall at your side! Say to Winchester, 'The earth will swallow you up. Move the see of your shepherd to where the ships come in to harbour. Then make sure that the limbs which remain follow the head! The day approaches when your citizens will perish for their crime of perjury. The whiteness of your wool done you harm, and so too has the variety of their dye. Woe to the perjured people, for their famous city shall come toppling down because of them! The ships shall rejoice at such a great increase, and each one of them will be constructed out of the material of two.' A Hedgehog loaded with apples shall rebuild the town and, attracted by the smell of these apples, birds will flock there from many different forests. The hedgehog shall build a huge palace and then wall it round with six hundred towers. London will view this with envy and will increase her own fortifications threefold.

The River Thames will surround London on all sides, and the report of that engineering feat will cross the Alps. The Hedgehog will hide its apples inside Winchester and will construct hidden passages under the earth. In that time the stones shall speak. The sea over which men sail to Gaul shall be contracted into a narrow channel. A man on any one of the two shores will be audible to a man on the other, and the land mass of the island will grow greater. The secrets of the creatures who live under the sea shall be revealed, and Gaul will tremble for fear. Next a Heron shall emerge from the Forest of Calaterium and fly around the island for two whole years. By its cry in the night it will call all winged creatures together and assemble in its company every genus of bird.

They will swoop down on to the fields which men have cultivated and devour every kind of harvest. A famine will attack the people, and an appalling death rate will follow the famine. As soon as this terrible calamity has come to an end, the accursed Bird will transfer its attention to the Calabes Valley and rise it up into a lofty mountain. On its highest peak the heron will plant in an oak, and on the branches of the oak it shall build its nest; three eggs shall be laid in the nest, and from them will emerge a Fox, a Wolf, and a Bear. The Fox will devour its mother and then put on an Ass's head. Once it has assumed this monstrous guise, it will terrify its brothers and drive them away to Normandy.

In that country they will in their turn stir up the tusky Boar. Back they will come in a boat, and in that way they will meet the Fox once more. As it begins the contest, the Fox will pretend that it is dead and will move the Boar to pity. Soon the Boar will go up to the Fox's corpse. and, standing over it, will breathe into its eyes and face. The Fox, not unmindful of its ancient

cunning, will bite the Boar's left hoof and sever it completely from the Boar's body. Then the Fox will leap at the Boar and tear off its right ear and its tail and slink off to hide in the mountain caves. The deluded Boar will then ask the Wolf and the Bear to restore to it the parts which it has lost. Once they have agreed to support the Boar, they will promise it two feet, two ears and one tail, from which they will manufacture a truly porcine member.

The Boar will agree to this and will stand waiting for the promised return of its parts. Meanwhile the Fox will come down from the mountains and will metamorphose itself into a Wolf. Under the pretense of holding a conference with the Bear, it will approach that animal craftily and eat it up. Then the Fox will change itself into a Boar and stand waiting for its brothers, pretending that it, too, has lost some of its members. As soon as they come, it will kill them with its tusk without a moment's delay and then have itself crowned with a Lion's head. In the days of the Fox, a Snake shall be born, and this will bring death to human beings. It will encircle London with its long tail and devour all there who pass by. A Mountain Ox will put on a Wolf's head and grind its teeth white in the Severn's workshop. The Ox will collect round itself the flocks of Albany and those of Wales, and their company will drain the Thames dry as it drinks. An Ass shall call to itself a long-bearded Goat and then willchange shapes with it.

As a result the Mountain Bull will lose its temper: it will summon the Wolf and then transfix the Ass and the Goat with its horn. Once it hasindulged its savage rage upon them, it will eat up their flesh and their bones, but the Ox itself will be burned up on the summit of Urianus. The ashes of its funeral pyre shall be transmuted into swans, which will swim away upon dry land as though in water.

These Swans will eat up fish inside fish and they will swallow men insidemen. When they grow old they will take the shape of sea-wolves and continue their treacherous behaviour beneath the sea. They will sink ships and gather together quite a treasure house of silver. Then the Thames shall begin to flow again. It will gather together its tributaries and overflow the confines of its bed. It will submerge nearby towns and overturn the mountains in its course. It will join to itself to the Springs of Calabes, filled as they are to the very brim with wickedness and deceit. As a result, a number of mutinies will occur, and these will encourage the Venedoti to make war. The oaks of the forest shall band together and come into conflict with the rocks of the Gewissei.

A Raven will fly down with the Kites and eat up the bodies of the dead. An Owl will nest on the walls of Gloucester, and in its nest will be hatched anAss. The Snake of Malvern will nurture this Ass and teach it many deceitful tricks. The Ass will put on a crown and then clamber above all that is most lofty and terrify the people with its hideous braying. In the days of the Ass the Pacaian Mountains shall totter, and the country districts shall be deprived of their forest lands, for there shall come a Worm which will puff forth fire, and this Worm will burn up the trees with the breath which it exhales.

Out of the Worm shall come seven lions malformed with goats' heads. With the fetid breath from their nostrils, they will corrupt married women and cause wives so far faithful to one husband to become common prostitutes. The father shall not know his own son, for human beings will copulate wantonly as cattle do. Then indeed shall come a very Giant of wickedness who will terrify everyone with the piercing glance of his eyes. Against him will arise the dragon of Worcester, which will do its best to destroy him; but when they come to grips, the Dragon will be worsted and overwhelmed by its conqueror's wickedness, which will terrify everyone. The Giant will climb on the Dragon, throw off all his clothes, and then ride upon it naked.

The Dragon will rear the Giant up in the air and lash his naked body with its erected tail, but the Giant will recover his strength and cut the Dragon's throat with his sword. Finally, the Dragon will become entangled in its own tail and die of poison. The boar of Totnes shall succeed the Giant and will oppress the people with grievous tyranny. Gloucester shall send a lion which will harass the raging Boar in a series of battles.

This Lion will trample the Boar under foot and terrify it with its open maw. Finally the Lion will be at odds with all in the kingdom and climb up on the backs of the nobles. A Bull will pursue the Lion through all the narrow byways of the kingdom, but in the end it will break its horns against the walls of Oxford. The Fox of Caerdubalum will wreak vengeance on the Lion and tear it up with its teeth. Then the Adder of Lincoln will coil round the Fox and announce its presence to the assembled Dragon with a terrifying hiss.

The Dragons will attack each other and tear each other to pieces. A Dragon with wings will overwhelm the Dragon without wings, driving its venomous claws into the other's muzzle. Two more Dragons will join the battle, and the one will kill the other. A fifth Dragon will replace the two dead ones and will destroy the two left alive by various stratagems. It will climb on the back of one, holding a sword in its claws, and hack its head away from its body.

Then it will cast its slough and climb on the second one with its opponent's tail in its right and left claws. Naked, it will overwhelm the other; when fully covered, it will achieve nothing. It will torment other Dragons by climbing on their backs and will drive them round the kingdom. Then a roaring Lion will intervene, terrifying in its monstrous cruelty. This Lion will reduce fifteen portions to a single entity, and by itself it will hold the people in its power. A Giant, snow-white in colour and gleaming bright, will beget a radiant people.

Soft living will enervate the leaders, and those under their command will be changed into beasts. In their number will arise a Lion, fat with human blood. A Man with a Sickle will act as the Lion's helper in the harvest, but when the man is perplexed in his mind, the Lion will destroy him. The Charioteer of York will soothe the people. He will throw his master out and climb up into the chariot which he is driving. He will draw his sword and threaten the East, and he will fill with blood the ruts made by his wheels. Next he will turn himself into a Sea-fish and mate with a Snake which has attracted him by its hissing. As a result, there shall be born three Bulls, which will glitter like lightning. They will eat up their pasture lands and then be turned into trees.

The first Bull will carry a whip made of vipers, and it will turn its back on the one born second. The second Bull will struggle to snatch the whip from the first, but the whip will be seized by the third. They will avert their gaze from each other until they have thrown away the poison cup. A Farmer from Albany shall take their place, and down his back a Snake shall hang. He will spend his time ploughing the earth, so that the harvests of his homeland may grow white, but the Snake will busy itself in scatteringpoison to prevent the green corn from ever coming to harvest. The population shall decrease through some deadly calamity, and the walls of the towns will come tumbling down.

The City of Claudius will be proposed as a source of remedy, and this city will put forward the Foster-daughter of the Scourger. She shall come bearing a saucer of medicine, and in next to no time the island will be restored. Two men shall hold the sceptre, one after the other, and a Horned Dragon will serve them both.

The first man will come clad in iron and riding upon a flying Serpent. He will sit astride its back, with his body naked, and he will grasp its tail in his right hand. The seas will be made turbulent by his cry, and he will strike terror into the second man. As a result, the second man will make an alliance with a Lion, but a quarrel will ensue, and they will fight. Each of the two will suffer greatly from the other's blows, but the animal's ferocity will enable it to win. A man shall come with a drum and a lute, and he will soothe the Lion's savageness.

The various peoples in the kingdom will be pacified as a result, and they will encourage the Lion to take the saucer of medicine. As it sits in the dwelling allocated to it, it will examine the dose, but it will stretch out its hand toward Albany. The regions of the north will be saddened bythis, and they will throw open the gates of their temples. A Wolf will act as standard bearer, and it will coil its tail round Cornwall. A soldier in a chariot will resist the Wolf and transform the Cornish people into a Boar. As a result the Boar will devastate the provinces, but it will hide its head in the depths of the Severn. A man shall wrestle with a drunken Lion, and the gleam of gold will blind the eyes of the onlookers. Silver will shine white in the open space, causing trouble to a number of wine presses.

Men will become drunk with the wine which is offered to them; they will turn their backs on Heaven and fix their eyes on the earth. The stars will avert their gaze from these men and alter their accustomed course. The harvests will dry up through the star's anger, and all moisture from the sky will cease. Roots and branches shall change their places, and the oddness of this will pass for a miracle. Before the amber glow of Mercury the bright light of the Sun shall grow dim, and this will strike horror into those who witness it.

The planet Mercury, born in Arcady, shall change its shield, and the Helmet of Mars shall call to Venus. The Helmet of Mars shall cast a shadow, and in rage Mercury shall overrun its orbit. Iron Orion shall bare its sword. The watery Sun shall torment the clouds. Jupiter shall abandon its preordained paths, and Venus desert its appointed circuits. The malice of the planet Saturn will pour down like rain, killing mortal men as though with a curved sickle.

The twelve mansions of the stars will weep to see their inmates transgress so. The Gemini will cease their wanton embraces and will dispatch Aquarius to the fountains. The scales of Libra will hang awry until Aries props them up with its curving horns. The tail of Scorpio shall generate lightning, and Cancer will fight with the Sun. Virgo shall climb on back of Sagittarius and so let droop its maiden blossoms. The Moon's chariot shall run amok in the Zodiac; the Pleiades will burst into tears. None of these will return to the duty expected of it. Ariadne will shut its door and be hidden within its enclosing cloud banks.

In the twinkling of an eye the seas shall rise up, and the arena of the winds shall be opened once again. The winds shall do battle together with a blast of ill-omen, making their din reverberate from one constellation to another. [From The History of the Kings of Britain, The Prophecies of Merlin by Geoffrey of Monmouth.]©1997-99 Morgana's Observatory.

Blessed Rabanus Maurus (d. 856)

: "After having most happily governed his kingdom, he will go to Jerusalem, and depose on Mount Olivet his scepter and crown. This shall be the end and conclusion of the Roman and Christian Empire."

Malachy (1094-1148)

: Born in Ireland, also known as Mael Maedoc Ua Morgain, he was considered to be a holy man, having performed miracles, including healing the sick, levitating and making prophecies When he died in 1184, in St. Barnard of Clairvaux, left behind short, enigmatic statements foretelling the identity of the popes, in sequence, until the end of the twentieth century. Malachy's timeline agrees with the prophecy of Nostradamus, that the end of the papacy will occur around the Millennium year 2000.


167 Celstine II (1143-1144) 1 Ex castro Tyberis. (from a castle on the Tiber) Hist.: Celestin II was born in Citta di Castello, Toscany, on the shores of the Tiber

168 Lucius II (1144-1145) 2 Inimicus expulsus.

169 Eugene III (1145-1153) 3 Ex magnitudine montis. (Of the greatness of the mount) Hist.: Born in the castle of Grammont (latin: mons magnus), his family name was Montemagno

170 Anastasius IV (1153-1154) 4 Abbas Suburranus.

171 Adrian IV (1154-1159) 5 De rure albo. (field of Albe) Hist.: Born in the town of Saint-Alban

* Victor IV (1159-1164) 6 Ex tetro carcere.

* Paschal III (1164-1168) 7 Via trans-Tyberina.

* Calistus III (1168-1178) 8 De Pannonia Tusciae.

??? Innocent III (1179-1180) -- this antipope does not seem to be accounted for in Malachy's list. Neither D. Reju nor de Fontbrune include this antipope in their interpretations.

172 Alexander III (1159-1181) 9 Ex ansere custode.

173 Lucius III (1181-1185) 10 Lux in ostio.

174 Urban III (1185-1187) 11 Sus in cribo.

175 Gregory VIII (1187) 12 Ensis Laurentii.

176 Clement III (1187-1191) 13 De schola exiet.

177 Celestine III (1191-1198) 14 De rure bovensi.

178 Innocent III (1198-1216) 15 Comes signatus. (signed Count) Hist.: descendant of the noble Signy, later called Segni family

179 Honorius III (1216-1227) 16 Canonicus de latere.

180 Gregory IX (1227-1241) 17 Avis Ostiensis. (Bird of Ostia) Hist.: before his election he was Cardinal of Ostia

181 Celestine IV (1241) 18 Leo Sabinus. 182 Innocent IV (1243-1254) 19 Comes Laurentius. 183 Alexander IV (1254-1261) 20 Signum Ostiense.

184 Urban IV (1261-1264) 21 Hierusalem Campaniae. (Jerusalem of Champagne) Hist.: native of Troyes, Champagne, later patriarch of Jerusalem

185 Clement IV (1265-1268) 22 Draca depressus.

186 Gregory X (1271-1276) 23 Anguinus vir.

187 Innocent V (1276) 24 Concionatur Gallus.

188 Adrian V (1276) 25 Bonus Comes.

189 John XXI (1276-1277) 26 Piscator Tuscus.

190 Nicholas III (1277-1280) 27 Rosa composita.

191 Martin IV (1281-1285) 28 Ex teloneo liliacei Martini.

192 Honorius IV (1285-1287) 29 Ex rosa leonina.

193 Nicholas IV (1288-1292) 30 Picus inter escas.

194 Nicholas IV (1288-1292) 31 Ex eremo celsus. (elevated from a hermit) Hist.: prior to his election he was a hermit in the monastery of Pouilles

195 Boniface VIII (1294-1303) 32 Ex undarum benedictione. 196 Benedict XI (1303-1304) 33 Concionator patereus.

197 Clement V (1305-1314) 34 De fessis Aquitanicis. (ribbon of Aquitaine) Hist.: was archbishop of Bordeaux in Aquitaine

198 John XXII (1316-1334) 35 De sutore osseo. (of the cobbler of Osseo) Hist.: Family name Ossa, son of a shoe-maker

* Nicholas V (1328-1330) 36 Corvus schismaticus. (the schismatic crow) Note the reference to the schism, the only antipope at this period

199 Benedict XII (1334-1342) 37 Frigidus Abbas. (cold friar) Hist.: he was a priest in the monastery of Frontfroid (coldfront)

200 Clement VI (1342-1352) 38 De rosa Attrebatensi.

201 Innocent VI (1352-1362) 39 De montibus Pammachii. (of the mount of Pammachius) Hist: born in Mont, Limousin, not much else here

202 Urban V (1362-1370) 40 Gallus Vice-comes.

203 Gregory XI (1370-1378) 41 Novus de Virgine forti. (novel of the virgin fort) Hist.: count of Beaufort, later Cardinal of Ste-Marie La Neuve

* Clement VII (1378-1394) 42 De cruce Apostilica.

* Benedict XIII (1394-1423) 43 Luna Cosmedina.

* Clement VIII (1423-1429) 44 Schisma Barcinonicum.

??? Benedict XIV (1425-?) --????????????????????????!

204 Urban VI (1378-1389) 45 De Inferno praegnanti.

205 Boniface IX (1389-1404) 46 Cubus de mixtione.

206 Innocent VII (1404-1406) 47 De meliore sydere.

207 Gregory XII (1406-1415) 48 Nauta de ponte nigro.

* Alexander V (1409-1410) 49 Flagellum Solis.

* John XIII (1410-1415) 50 Cervus Sirenae.

208 Martin V (1417-1431) 51 Corona veli aurei.

209 Eugene IV (1431-1447) 52 Lupa caelestina.

* Felix V (1439-1449) 53 Amator crucis.

210 Nicholas V (1447-1455) 54 De modicitate lunae.

211 Callistus III (1455-1458) 55 Bos pascens. (grazing ox) Hist.: Alphonse Borgia's arms sported a golden grazing ox

212 Pius II (1458-1464) 56 De capra et Albergo.

213 Paul II (1464-1471) 57 De cervo et Leone.

214 Sixtus IV (1471-1484) 58 Piscator Minorita.

215 Innocent VIII (1484-1492) 59 Praecursor Siciliae.

216 Alexander VI (1492-1503) 60 Bos Albanus in portu.

217 Pius III (1503) 61 De parvo homine. (from a little man) reigned for only 26 days in 1503, . His family name was Piccolomini, Italian for "little man."

218 Julius II (1503-1513) 62 Fructus jovis juvabit.

219 Leo X (1513-1521) 63 De craticula Politiana.

220 Adrian VI (1522-1523) 64 Leo Florentius.

221 Clement VII (1523-1534) 65 Flos pilaei aegri.

222 Paul III (1534-1549) 66 Hiacynthus medicorum.

223 Julius III (1550-1555) 67 De corona Montana.

224 Marcellus II (1555) 68 Frumentum floccidum.

225 Paul IV (1555-1559) 69 De fide Petri.

226 Pius IV (1559-1565) 70 Aesculapii pharmacum.

227 St. Pius V (1566-1572) 71 Angelus nemorosus.

228 Gregory XIII (1572-1585) 72 Medium corpus pilarum.

229 Sixtus V (1585-1590) 73 Axis in medietate signi.

230 Urban VII (1590) 74 De rore caeli.

231 Gregory XIV (1590-1591) 75 De antiquitate Urbis.

232 Innocent IX (1591) 76 Pia civitas in bello.

233 Clement VIII (1592-1605) 77 Crux Romulea.

234 Leo XI (1605) 78 Undosus Vir.

235 Paul V (1605-1621) 79 Gens perversa.

236 Gregory XV (1621-1623) 80 In tribulatione pacis.

237 Urban VIII (1623-1644) 81 Lilium et rosa.

238 Innocent X (1644-1655) 82 Jucunditas crucis.

239 Alexander VII (1655-1667) 83 Montium custos.

240 Clement IX (1667-1669) 84 Sydus Olorum. (constellation of swans) Hist.: upon his election, he was apparently the occupant of the Chamber of Swans in the Vatican.

241 Clement X (1670-1676) 85 De flumine magno.

242 Innocent XI (1676-1689) 86 Bellua insatiabilis

243 Alexander VIII (1689-1691) 87 Poenitentia gloriosa.

244 Innocent XII (1691-1700) 88 Rastrum in porta.

245 Clement XI (1700-1721) 89 Flores circumdati.

246 Innocent XIII (1721-1724) 90 De bona Religione.

247 Benedict XIII (1724-1730) 91 Miles in bello.

248 Clement XII (1730-1740) 92 Columna excelsa.

249 Benedict XIV (1740-1758) 93 Animal rurale.

250 Clement XIII (1758-1769) 94 Rosa Umbriae.

251 Clement XIV (1769-1774) 95 Ursus velox.

252 Pius VI (1775-1799) 96 Peregrinus Apostolicus

253 Pius VII (1800-1823) 97 Aquila rapax.

254 Leo XII (1823-1829) 98 Canis et coluber.

255 Pius VIII (1829-1830) 99 Vir religiosus.

256 Gregory XVI (1831-1846) 100 De balneis hetruriae. (bath of Etruria) Hist.: prior to his election he was member of an order founded by Saint Romuald, at Balneo, in Etruria, present day Toscany.

257 Pius IX (1846-1878) 101 Crux de cruce.

258 Leo XIII (1878-1903) 102 Lumen in caelo.

259 St. Pius X (1903-1914) 103 Ignis ardent. (ardent fire) Hist.: his death coincided with the beginning of the fires of WWI

260 Benedict XV (1914-1922) 104 Religio depopulata.

261 Pius XI (1922-1939) 105 Fides intrepida.

262 Pius XII (1939-1958) 106 Pastor angelicus.

263 John XXIII (1958-1963) 107 Pastor et Nauta. (pastor and marine) Hist.: prior to his election he was patriarch of Venise, a marine city, home of the gondolas (led his flock to a modernization of the Church through the Ecumenical Council. John chose two symbols for this Council -- a cross and a ship)

264 Paul VI (1963-1978) 108 Flos florum. (flower of flowers) Hist.: his arms displayed three lilies.

265 John Paul I (1978) 109 De medietate Lunae. (of the half of the moon) Hist.: Albino Luciani, born in Canale d'Ogardo, diocese of Belluno, (beautiful moon) Elected pope on august 26, on the first day of the last quarter of the moon which appeared as a perfect half-disk in the sky... The lunar eclipse of the 17th of september was to be the apogee of his reign. His reign lasted about a month, from half a moon to the next half... He died (according to some, assassinated) on september 28 on a night of the last quarter, with again only half of the silver disk visible in the night sky...

266 John Paul II (1978-) 110 De labore Solis. (of the eclipse of the sun) OR ... From the Toil of the Sun [Labore could also be Effort, Distress, Suffering, Trouble, leading to quite a few variations. The preceding is the usual translation.]: John Paul II was born during the solar eclipse of May 18, 1920.

267 ??? 111 Gloria olivae.

268 ??? In psecutione extre- ma S.R.E. sedebit Petrus Romanus, qui pascet oues in mul- tis tribulationibus : quibus transactis ci- uitas septicollis di- ruetur, & Iudex tre m*dus iudicabit po pulum suum. Finis. And thus ends the prophecy. The following is an approximate translation of the last motto: - 'In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed (lead) the sheep through many tribulations, at the term of which the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the formidable Judge will judge his people. The End.'.

The motto was written exactly as shown above. There is no number 112 in front of the last motto, leaving the reader to wonder if 'Gloria Olivae' IS Peter the Roman, or they are two separate entities. Some authors have speculated that the omission of the number 112 may indicate that Peter the Roman will not acceed to office through orthodox means. The city of seven hills refers to Rome. (Vatican?) Some, including Encyc. Brit., assert that the prophecy was not written by Malachy at all.

Others further theorize that Nostradamus conjured up the list, who, not willing to be persecuted for having foretold the end of the Catholic church, 'gave the credit' to Malachy.

In support of this theory, it must be said that the prophecy was not known to exist prior to 1595. This could explain the accuracy of some the mottoes prior to that date.

Last note: The way it stands, according to this prophecy, and according to the few fitting interpretations, (correct or not), so far we had 110 legitimate popes with 2 more to come. (prophetic.simplenet.com/ malachy.txt)

Muehlhiasl from Apoig (1753 -?)

: "The faith will become so small that one takes it to fit under the hat. They will teardown God from the wall and lock up into the box. However a time comes again, when they will take him out of the box, but it will be to late, because the thing has already begun to start. Because nobody thinks that the scourge of God comes. And so the misery will be large."

"Everything starts, when a large bird or a fish flies over the forest - then the war comes, and a further one and then the last one will come - when does it come? Your children will not experience it, but your grandchildren for sure." "The red-dressed will come on the new roads. But they do not come across the Danube."

"A large war will come. A small one begins it, and a big one comes across the water and makes an end to it. The war will come from the east and will end in the west - the last war will be the total destroyer. When you do not understand the people you meet, it is not far to the terrible end at all."

"So many fires and iron humans have never seen before. Everything will be in disorder. Those who survive, must have an iron heading. But it will not last long.

Nothing will help, even if the people become believing again and pray to God. They become ill, and no humans can help them. In the whole forest no light will burn anymore, and this will last a long time."

"He will not last for a long period of time. It will all happen so rapidly that no humans can believe it, but there is much blood and corpses - it will happen so rapidly that one, which has two loaves of bread under his arm and looses one of them, does not need to bend down to pick it up, because one loaf will be enough."

"The war will not be over untill no more death bird is flying."

"When one still finds another cow beside the Danube, the cow should be given a golden bell"

"Those who begin anew, will built a church and praise God - Those who survived, will say to each other "Brother, you are still living?" and will greet eacht other with "Jesus Christ is praised"."

"This will not exclusively be only with us, but all over the whole world, and right will become right again, and the peace will govern a thousand years. But - and this is far away - one will not be able to distinguish any longer summer and winter, and the sun will not shine any more - everything does have an end, so does the world."

Prophecy of Marienthal (1749)

: "And for the coming events of the 20th century... a war will break out, and will make all the precedent wars disappear. Rivers of fire will fall from the clouds, where there are no clouds. All the capitals in the two sides of the ocean will be destroyed"

Alois Simon Maass, the old Fliesser parson (1758-1846)

: "When the world will be embraced (spanned) with wire and iron, then there will be small people. ...When one can travel around the whole world without any horse, then it comes to the end of the world."......"When the children are dressed like apes, the Luthertum (protestants) will draw into Tirol. ...When the luxury will have become so large that one is no more able to differentiate between men and women due to the clothes, and when the stable farm servants will be dressed like waitresses in the pub, then watch out, since the last time will come then."

Mentz, (19th Century)

: European Monarch? "He shall be in command of seven kinds of soldiers against three in the region of the Birch-trees. "...." He shall count his victories by his enterprises; he shall drive the enemy out of France. "

Ruth Montgomery

 : Ruth Montgomery Wrote "Herald of the New Age" which predicts the earth will flip on its side,causing massive tidal waves.

Prediction made in 1966 (Arthur Ford) "In the last decade of this century will occur a great shift in the axis and the weather will change so drastically that it will be difficult to recognize old vegetations in many points of the globe. Many people will not survive to this change, but others will, because, after a period of excited seas and incredible speed of wind, the turbulence will cease, and the people in the North will live in a tropical weather and the people in the south in a cold weather. This will happen before the year 2000."

... and from an interview ...Nancy: Do you believe that our lives our guided from another level, that we are here to serve a specific purpose?

Ruth: Absolutely! I think that we all volunteered to come to do certain things, and if we open ourselves to guidance and listen to it, absolutely we are being guided, but they are not interfering with our own free will. It's up to us. They don't interfere unless we ask.

Steve: Let's talk about some of the predictions given by the Guides concerning the Earth changes that are supposed to be taking place now and near the end of the century. In your books, they said there will be a major shifting of poles?

Ruth: A shift of the Earth on its axis is the way they say that. They say it will slope to its side, but they don't say how far. That is why it is so important to say, 'a shift of the Earth on its axis.' I used to say 'a shift of the poles' until certain scientists pointed out to me that that was pretty impossible. So it is a shift of the Earth on its axis.

The axis itself doesn't shift.

Nancy: What kind of changes have The Guides predicted?

Ruth: It will be a real upheaval, and temperatures will change. Some areas will be in a warmer climate, and some will be in a colder climate. They say that the new south pole will be in the southern part of South America, the North pole will be somewhere in the Pacific. They can't locate it because there will be such a shift in the way the Earth looks from outer space.I can tell you that not too long ago in one of my books, The Guides said that a Walk-In President would come in to alert people as to where they should go and will give enough warning so that some businesses could become established in these safer areas.

Drunvalo Melchizedek (20th Century)

: "When we actually move into the Fourth Dimension, I'm not even sure. That's just a wave of energy. But as far as moving into higher levels beyond Earth consciousness, we only have until the end of 2012."

Sean David Morton and Vance Davis Gulf Breeze Six Prophecies (1990)

: [1.] War between the U.S. and Iraq--1990. This will last 100 days if the state of Israel does not get involved. (occurred.)...... [2.] Los Angeles earthquake in late 1993--8.3 or higher...... [3.] Riots in Los Angeles in 1992. (occurred) ...... [4.] An earthquake in Seattle, Washington in the magnitude of 5.4 or higher will lead to the eruption of Mount Rainier. ...... [5.] Mount Rainier will blow and destroy a large portion of Seattle in late 1993 or the spring of 1994. ...... [6.] The U.S. stock market will crash in 1994. ......

[7.] A huge explosion in New York 1993. (occurred) {The world trade center bomb could be the first huge explosion this year. Another explosion caused by a gas line rupture will take out a large portion of Manhattan. This will be caused by a 6.0 quake outside of New York City that will rupture the aging gas mains. This will actually be caused by a continental flux after the 8.3 quake in Los Angeles.} ......

[8.] Destruction of New York City and Manhattan by manydisasters, natural and manmade between 1996 to 1998. ......

[9.] Race riots in all major cities---1993 to 1994. ......

[10.] Martial law enacted in major cities---1994/1995. ......

[11.] Russian earthquake which will kill 1,000. (occurred.) ......

[12.] Government will lose AWOL military intelligence soldiers in Atlanta, Georgia.--1990. (occurred.) ......

[13.] European economic community will be in power by 1992. (occurred.) ......

[14.] Borders dropped in all of Europe.--1992.(occurred.) ......

[15.] Military troops will be controlling Chicago--1996. ......

[16.] Terrorist activity in the United States increases--1993 to 1995. ......

[17.] All U.S. air space will be restricted by martial law--1995. ...... [18.]The constitution will be suspended for 90 days--1994/1995. ...... [19.] A house will be destroyed in Massachusetts with 140 people killed. ......

[20.] Major universities will be shut down. ......

[21.] 50 of the worlds top scientists will disappear. ......

[22.] An explosion at a supermarket in 1994 will injure 50 persons with no deaths. ......

[23.] Gun laws passed in 1994. ......

[24.] Explosion in space in 1993. (occurred--satellite explodes.) ...... [25.] Terrorism increases in Israel--1993 (occurring) ......

[26.] Homeless and social undesirables rounded-up--1994. ......

[27.] Systematic marking of government employees and all general military personnel takes place--1994/1995. ......

[28.] The Rapture occurs--1995/1996.

Sister Marianne de Jesus Torres (17th Century)

: "The most Holy Trinity confirmed the desire of my Queen, assuring that God will bless all those who, by their support and help, contribute in the making of the Holy Statue, as well as all those who help spread this devotion (to Our Lady of Good Success) throughout the centuries, making known its origin and these apparitions in the 20th century. This will be a time of great corruption of customs. The sacred sacrament of Holy Orders will be ridiculed, oppressed and despised, for in doing this, one scorns and defiles the Church of God, and even God Himself, represented by His priests. The Demon will try to persecute the Ministers of the Lord in every possible way."

Marie of Brotteaux, visions of 1811 to 1832.

: Such as i saw the Revolution beginning, such as one will see it finishing. One will see at the end the same things and the same evils as at the beginning. But all will go more quickly and will end by a bright wonder, which will astonish all the universe, and in a great event where the malicious ones will be punished in a terrible way...

The year which will precede that by the great event will be very bad. The year on the contrary where it will take place will offer a splendid harvest, but it will not remain enough of world to consume abundance of it. With the approach of this great event, extraordinary phenomena will appear in the sky. A large character will convert in Paris.

One moment ago of alarming anarchy during which one will see renewing all the disorders of the worst times. The crime without repression will be with its roof. But this time of desolation will be of short duration.The Holy Church will be attacked for the third time with a fury and a rage inou•es, but it will suffer very Little from it, while all its enemies will be destroyed. (the first time it was under Pie VI, the second time under Pie IX, the third time it will be under Pie XII or its successor).

Paris will be tiny room like Sodome and Gomorrhe and what will remain of its inhabitants will take refuge mainly in Lyon. When their escape is seen, the great event will be close. Brotteaux of Lyon, hearth of abomninations and revolutions, will be absorbed under water... The foreigners will penetrate in France and will advance until in the surroundings of Lyon.

A large combat will take place close to Lyon, in the plain of Saint-Fons and all the extent of the suburb and the bridge of Guilloti*re, until in the street of the Bar. This combat, to which will take share a considerable number of national guards, will be dreadful; blood will run with floods on the ground; there will be a terrible carnage and a massacre. On both sides, one will fight desperately. But the foreigners will be crushed and will not enter to Lyon...

At the time when God started to exert his justice, I heard a thunder clap so terrible that the ground was shaken by it. It will be the signal to which the good ones will recognize that the hour has arrived for the Great Blow. I heard a terrible voice which shouted: " All is lost! " . At this moment, the beautiful child who led me pointed out to me that at the level of the houses and above there was a battle between demons. They were going to strike the windows of those who believed not in prophecy and who scorned the warnings.

At the same time was delivered a large combat;the carnage was terrible, blood streamed in the plain, in Guilloti*re, on the bridge, in the street of the Bar; the combat was terrible and came like dying out at the entry of the Bellecourt place. Almost all the malicious ones perished. A little later I heard a soft and pleasant voice which said: " All is saved "...

At the time when France will be punished in a terrible way, all the Universe will be it too. It was announced to me that there would be an alarming event, that those which would not have been prevented by it would believe touch in their last hour and will think of being at the end of the world.

But suddenly, the revolution will finish by a great miracle which will astonish the universe. The few malicious ones which will remain, will convert. The things which must arrive are an image of those of the end of the world; they will be so terrible that there will be great fright.

It was told to to me: " All those which are for Me will not perish, will not perish, will not perish " But, I retorted, it is impossible that there are not some good ones which perish. It was answered to me: " Yes, there could be some victims, but they will not be lost for me " . After the Large Combat, legitimacy will be recognized and all will be embraced without resentment. Religion will reflower and the people will return to the happiness of the first centuries: the Christians will live like brothers.

Cloister of Mariental, in Magonza, Germany,(19th Century)

: "They will be only eighteen days. But they will be eighteen thorns for the whole world. They will enter in the men's flesh, in a time that not too far from the 2000 ...

And for the coming events of the 20th century... a war will break out, and will make all the precedent wars disappear. Rivers of fire will fall from the clouds, where there are no clouds ... All the capitals in the two sides of the ocean will be destroyed"


Sister Mary of Jesus Crucified (19th Century)

: "All states will be shaken by war and civil conflict. During a darkness lasting three days the people given to evil ways will perish so that only one-fourth of mankind will survive."

Book of Liber Mirabilis(16th Century)

Refering to a future 'God-chosen King'. "There will rise in Gaul a King of the Greeks, the Franks and the Romans." ..."He shall wrestle the Kingdom of the Christians from Ishmael, and conquer it from the Saracens. None of the Saracens shall be able to prevail."

Teresa Musco (1943-1976)

: "the Father will send a great chastisement to humankind in the second half of this century".