Future Prophecies Revealed.


a remarkable collection of obscure prophecies.....



Unknown monk. seventeenth century, the book of Louis Emrich " Die Zukunft der Welt ".

: As strange as could be one at the other century, the twentieth century will be however strangest. It will come a time filled of terrors and miseries for all the men on this earth.All one can imagine of bad and of unpleasant will arrive in this century. With its beginning, in much of country, the princes will rise against their father, the citizens against the authorities, the children against their parents, the pagan ones against God and of the very whole people against the established command. And it will burst a war where balls will fall from the sky. And then will burst one second war during which almost, all creation will be upset. Great disasters of fortune and goods will occur and much tears will be spent.The men will be without heart and pity. Poisoned clouds and burning rays, more extreme than the most incandescent sun in Ecuador, of the travelling iron fortresses and the flying vessels filled with terrible balls and arrows, of shooting stars mortals and sulfurous fire will destroy large cities.

This century will be strangest of every century; because the men will be insane themselves and world and will destroy the ones the others.